Tax season!

>> Friday, June 26, 2009

It's tax season in my game. I do try to run my neighborhood like an integrated 'hood, I just focus on the story aspect of it because I'm not too great with details.

Tax season is a great time for me to catch up on all the other families in my game. I really do enjoy playing them all, but rotation playing is not for me. Mostly because I don't play on any sort of schedule. I pretty much play once a week, sometimes less. (And even while playing Sims 3, I get hankerings to play my hand crafted neighborhood.)

Since I've been visiting all the families, I figured I'd share the stories of some of those sims who are not part of the main story, but who I love all the same. I sort of hesitated to throw out characters that I might not write about regularly, but why not? These characters often appear in background shots, or they might become a part of the story. The war idea is brewing, and I'm thinking about how to build up an army of playables. *rubs hands evilly together*

Let me start with Ariana Mellon (17)...

Ariana is the daughter of Lucy Hanby, and the niece of Ann Mellon (my crazy witch who's now in hiding).

She lives on the Mellon farm in the outskirts of town. A large chunk of her day is spent trying to get her lazy twin brother Adam (also 17) to help her take care of the animals and the small crops. The rest of her day is usually spent at their little shop with her mother selling pies and fresh produce to the town. The last part of her day is spent preparing pies for sale the next day.

You must see the problem already, can't you? She has NO life. From time to time, she'll get out of the house on a weekend and go hang out with the normal kids in town, but even then she feels out of place. Everyone knows her story, even if they don't know her. Mention her name and the automatic association is "Lucy Hanby, service NPC" which then leads to the rumor "they got kicked out of the Legacy House."

Ariana is the third girl in line snickering at the fallout from a Kate fart.

Sims have asked her before about it. It annoys her to no end. For the record-- they did NOT get kicked out. Her father, Walter Mellon, moved out to the country with Lucy. And then they had like seven kids (six living currently). Walter moved the family to the farm because he enjoys the life and the time they spend together.

Ariana's parents-- aren't all couples in love just like this?

Though it has to be tough for Ariana. Since the day she became a teen, she wanted to fall in love. Growing up with lovely dovey parents like Walter and Lucy has to have some sort of effect on her view of romance. Perhaps she thinks that people literally (and I really do mean literally not figuratively literally) just fall into love. They stumble across it like they find a good TV program. He'll just be there, and she'll be interested, and after having a wonderful conversation over some coffee they'll just know. After a few babies, they'll grow old together and make out on the front porch just like her mom and dad.


I thought I had more pictures of her, but I was surprised to find out that I really don't. Ariana is one I'm always watching. Nothing much has happened in her in her young life (no first kisses or boyfriends), but there's something about her... I suppose it's that I see her as a slightly sad sim waiting for the type of impossible sim love her parents have.

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>> Wednesday, June 24, 2009

She fit in his arms perfectly.

Hot water bubbled in the spaces between their bodies so that there was no space; the water connected their bodies as if they were already pressed against each other and Rich dared himself to pull Ily close and squeeze the water from the spaces between them.

Ily didn't fight him. She didn't suddenly rise claiming that she had to head home as he expected she would do. Gently, she lifted an arm to wrap around him as she softly caressed his back with her thumb. Her lips kissed along his scruffy jaw to his ear lobe which she gently and playfully nipped-- catching his lobe between her soft lips and grazing them with her teeth.

Rich closed his eyes and pressed his face into her silky, peach-scented hair as her kisses began working their way down his neck to his shoulder oh so slowly. His arms squeezed her tightly. The always in control Ily was in his arms and nipping at his ear. If rumors were true, there weren't many men who could say Ily Stratton had nipped at their ears.

Richard was very aware that just next door was his room. In the large house it was like being alone. No one would expect him up for breakfast. His parents would leave early for work.

There had only been one other girl in his bed. But at the time he had been so young and inexperienced that any noise he heard broke his concentration. Not much had happened that night. Now he was close to being an adult. He would be leaving to college soon. So would Ily.

Ily's sigh tickled his ear. "I have to go," she whispered.


She smiled as if she knew exactly what he had been thinking only moments before. "Because it's almost 2am."

As Ily put her clothes on over her swim suit, Rich wished he could be the sort of man who could grab her and plant an unforgettable kiss on her before casually dismissing her with a "See ya."

Rich repressed a sigh. Ily was a trap that he had fallen for and now he was wrapped around her little finger.


I am so falling in love with these two. I left them alone for a minute and found them in the hot tub together.

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Alberta's home

>> Monday, June 22, 2009

The front of Alberta's apartment complex was much too dark for Gabe's liking. He and she stood under the street lamp in front of the car to say good night when the door to her apartment building opened and a shady guy walked past with a wave and a greeting of, "'ey, Alberta."

Gabe glanced down at the top of Alberta's head as she waved back swiftly. He had to resist the urge to grab her and pull her close. Her surroundings did not match her at all. What had happened in her life that would leave her in a place like this?

Then Alberta surprised him by turning around and asking, "Would you like to come up?"


"So who was that?" Gabe asked when Alberta had shut the door. He didn't want to sound like a complete douche, but he needed to know.

Alberta stood before him with her head slightly down. She brought a finger to her lips as Gabe glanced around the room. The door to the bedroom was open and Gabe could see two twin beds. Both were empty, as was the living room and kitchen.

"Alberta, where's your grandmother?"

It seemed to him that she purposely answered the question he was begining to care the least about. "That was just one of the neighbors. He usually leaves late to head out to the bar."

"Alberta, what about your grandmother? Where is she?"

She stood quietly for a moment, hesitantly poking her soft bottom lip before she answered him. "She passed away a few months ago."

"What? Alberta, why didn't you tell us?"

"Please don't tell Kate!" Alberta looked him in the eyes pitifully as she pleaded. "I don't want her to worry too. But, I just couldn't keep it from you anymore. You kept asking-- more than Kate ever does, and and..."

"Oh, Alberta," Gabe wanted to scoop her into his arms and squeeze her tightly, but he knew enough to know she wouldn't let him. She wouldn't sit still for it. He could never tell if it was simply because he made her nervous or it was just because it was him. (He still wondered what Kate had told Alberta before the dance.)

Alberta glanced at him shyly from the corner of her eye. "Would you stay and watch some TV with me? Just for a little?"

Gabe could only nod, and they both sat on the old couch together. A house with no adult was generally meant to be a good thing to people their age, and Gabe and friends had often taken advantage of such situations. But Alberta... There was always that sadness to her eyes, even when she smiled or scruntched her face in confusion. It was a part of her he wished he could reach so that he could somehow extract it from her and finally allow her to be a normal girl with normal worries.

Gabe's hand found Alberta's and wrapped itself around hers. He was so removed from her living on the hill in that big cold house. But he promised to himself that he would do whatever he could to help her.

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After Dinner

>> Friday, June 19, 2009

"I'll put the dishes away, man." Gabe put a hand on Rich's arm to stop him from grabbing the plate in front of him. "It's only fair since you cooked."

Ily looked at Gabe quickly. "I'll help."

Alberta glanced at Rich in her own surprise to see his reaction. Rich only glanced from Gabe to Ily before he suggested, "Fine. Alberta and I'll be in the game room then."

The darts weighed heavily in Alberta's hands. She'd played the game before with Gabe, but playing with Rich was different. Rich had never spoken much to her at school, as if the years difference between them were a massive chasim that couldn't be bridged.

Now the older boy stood watching her with a smile as she tried her best to aim.

Rich cringed at the dart in the wall. "Uh, Alberta, maybe we shouldn't have you throwing sharp objects at the wall," Rich gently removed the darts from her hands.

Alberta stood back to watch to watch Rich expertly toss the darts. Rich would be heading off to college soon. The next time she saw him, he'd be a proper adult. It was amazing what just a few years between them could do.

Gabe would be leaving for college next year. He'd become an adult and she wouldn't see him until he came back on his break.* She had never dared think about it before, and at the thought her chest painfully pressed against her heart. Gabe would be gone next year, and she would be completely alone.

Well except for Kate. But it wasn't the same with Kate. Kate wouldn't gently pat Alberta's hand if she happened to notice Alberta was uncomfortable. Kate's skinny arms wrapped around her in a hug weren't nearly as comforting as Gabe's muscular forearms wrapping around her shoulders and drawing her near enough to smell the warmth from his chest.

Gabe returned from washing the dishes with Ily following close behind him. His eyes fell on Alberta with a small smile as he put a hand on her hip. "It's getting late. I should take you home so your Grandmother will let you out again."


*A sim goes to college for only two years (I play through two college years in one neighborhood year). The deal is that they can't return home and family can't visit them. Only once in those two years do they get a break where they can come home. It's okay to call and write emails and letters, but the college sims are meant to experience life on their own with no support.

I call the college Vision Quest after the Native American passage into adulthood. It sounded like a good idea for stories. I already have some ideas going on for when Gabe leaves. A two year leave-- will his relationship with Alberta last?

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The dinner

>> Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Alberta, it's nice to see you here."

Alberta nodded and thanked Mayor Mellon politely. She sat in front of a very apetizing looking salmon which seemed to only make her even more nauseous. If anyone knew of her situation, Mayor Mellon would. After her grandmother passed away, Alberta had to register the cemetary as hers. She had made no contact with Mayor Mellon himself, but she was sure he had to know.

Fortunately, he didn't say anything.

His wife sat down at the table close behind Gabe and turned a warm smile on Alberta that almost cured her stomach enough to take a bite of her salmon. "I'm glad you could come. Please feel free to come visit us any time."

Did she know? If Mayor Mellon knew, then it could be possibly that he had told Gabe's mother as well. "Th--thank you."

Gabe gently patted her hand which sat on her thigh. Alberta glanced around the table to be sure no one had noticed his pat, but everyone was already paying attention to Ily who also hadn't realized that Rich was such a good cook. "I want to have one of the biggest parties on campus when I graduate. Like maybe fifty sims. You could be the chef for it!"

Rich looked shocked at her audacity. Alberta could see Gabe's mother trying not to laugh. "First off, fifty sims? Are there even that many students? And second off, I wouldn't be invited?"

Ily's smile dropped suddenly, and for a moment, Alberta wondered if Ily was being serious. "What? Of course you'd be invited!"

"To cook, right?"

Alberta was thankful to both of them for providing the entertainment for the rest of the dinner. It took any attention away from her. Gabe's parents didn't ask her any awkward questions.

At some point during the dinner, everyone became quiet and focused closely on their food. Alberta took her time with her bites, chewing slowly and letting the flavors bloom in her mouth. Something in the air had changed it seemed, but it was hard to tell what it was with her face in her plate.

Gabe's mother was the first to stand. "Well, girls, it had been a pleasure having some ladies around the house for a change. I hope we can do this again before you leave Ily."

Mayor Mellon also stood with a nod. "Please excuse us."

Gabe and Rich began snickering once their parents were out of sight, and even Ily had to cover her mouth.

"They do this pretty much every night," Gabe explained.

"Best thing to do is stay downstairs," Rich said with another snigger.

Alberta's cheeks burned when her thoughts caught up with their snickers.


Oh ACR. Genesis and Richard are as bad as Lucy and Walter. But they actually get things done. (Like little Doug here-- who I couldn't work into the story.)

Richard is, of course, the mayor, and I'm pretty sure he is aware of Alberta's situation. But there isn't anything he can do unless she asks for help, and she hasn't asked.

Genesis owns the local magazine Legacy Living which I explain in detail here. I actually haven't visited it in a while because I've mostly been caught up in the boys' stories. But it's a pretty good business venture. It can make about 2,000 to 3,000 every time she visits.

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>> Monday, June 15, 2009

"I'm going to marry Gabe!" Gracie proudly proclaimed as she shoved more food into her mouth with her spoon. Gabe rubbed his forehead with the back of his hand as his eyebrows lifted helplessly.

Ily laughed, "Sweety, you can't marry your brother. You marry someone you love."

"But I DO love Gabe. And I'm going to marry him."

"Gracie..." Gabe started, but Ily's laugh cut him off.

"Poor Alberta. You have competition!" Ily laughed again.

Alberta raised her eyebrows and glanced over at Gabe who shrugged with a small smile.

"Gracie, are you done?" Gabe stood to pick her up. "It's almost time for the grown ups to have dinner."

"All done!" She raised her hands in the air in a practiced move so that Gabe could put his hands under her arms and lift her out. Once Gabe had her partly up with both his hands, Gracie reached out and grabbed his nose. "Got your nose!"

Ily moved from the head chair to a chair across from Alberta. The flash of movement and Ily's small smile caught Alberta's attention before she glanced away again pretending to peek over at the kitchen.

She could hear Rich, in the kitchen, grabbing dinner plates which clacked against each other. Another surprise for Alberta was to find that Rich could also cook.

Gabe's parents would be home soon. They would sit at this table soon. They'd see Alberta sitting at their table soon.

Alberta closed her eyes and gathered her strength.


Sorry about there not being a lot of pics of Gracie. When I took the pictures, Gracie was not my focus-- the older kids were. But when I wrote it, it sort of came out this way. (I wondered why Alberta and Gabe looked so uncomfortable.) I imagine that Gracie is about 4 years old. She's almost ready to go to school, and I'm contemplating sending her off to school in the fall.

The whole "going to marry my brother" thing is a tribute to my niece, who once insisted that she was going to marry her older brother. For like a month. Even after we explained to her how it works.

But in this case, even though to Gabe she's a little sister, they aren't actually related. Poor Gabe. I thought it would be too cruel (and unrealistic) for Gracie to understand that he was adopted and what that means. She just really loves him because he dotes on her more than Rich.

It's still kind of a cruel reminder though, if you think about it.

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By the poolside

>> Friday, June 12, 2009

Ages: Alberta - 15 Gabe - 17 Rich - 18 Ily - 19

Alberta sat back in the chair letting the sun hit her pale legs and arms. Normally, she wouldn't feel comfortable sitting so exposed, even in a one piece, but she was determined to relax and have fun-- and bond with Ily if she could. The older girl, Kate's sister, had pulled Alberta over in one of those girl moves that Alberta was only familiar with from watching other girls. She had suggested that they sit in the sun and relax while "the boys" played. Although Alberta really wanted to play, she felt it was a good opportunity to thank Ily for helping her get ready for the dance which had brought Gabe and her together.

Ily sat quietly taking in the sun each time Alberta glanced at her, trying to find something to say. Ily looked more comfortable in her two piece than Alberta did wearing clothes. The confidence simply oozed off of her in a way that made Alberta completely understand what annoyed Kate the most about Ily.

"She's freaking Ms. Perfect!" Kate had confided. "She knows it too. She is so annoying."

Rich climbed out of the pool, and Alberta watched as Ily turned her head in his direction. Rich noticed too, and with a wicked smile flicked water at her. "You should get in the pool. We can play a game of Marco Polo."

"Are you serious? That's a kid's game." Ily sounded serious. Alberta worried that she really wouldn't play a game as childish as Marco Polo. Was it childish that Alberta wanted to play?

Rich flicked more water at her. "I don't joke about games. And you're going to play later." He winked at Alberta as if he knew that she wanted to play right before he jumped back into the pool. Alberta seriously hoped that he wasn't insisting on playing the game because Alberta was so young. At the thought, she cringed.

"Boys," Ily said to Alberta with a smile that betrayed her snide tone. "They're like children. Always."

Alberta tried her best to not seem like the child she was, but she didn't really know how to make herself seem older. Gabe's playful side was what she loved most about him, and she could match him for immaturity. Most surprising was to see the usually studious Rich, future mayor, flicking water playfully at Ily, then cannonballing into the pool.

"So Gabe really likes you."

Alberta didn't know what to say with Gabe only feet away wrestling to give his brother a noogie in the pool.

"I knew it! You like him too." Ily leaned in, "Here's my tip to you though. Don't let him have his way-- it's all part of the game."


"Oh my god, you're so cute and naive. No wonder Gabe's so smitten. You know, guys really want one thing from us girls, and it's our mission to make them want it more, but make them wait while not being a total tease. That's the game."

Alberta made sure to blink while trying to take in Ily's advice. She could see right away this was not a game for her. Maybe it was an older person's game? Ily did have quite a few years on her as did Rich. But then Gabe was closer to Rich and Ily's age. He had never said so or done more than kissing her, but what if he did want more? How could she ever satisfy him?

At Alberta's silence, and possible look of confusion, Ily pried farther. "Oh, c'mon. Surely he's tried something-- a hand down your blouse? Undoing your bra? I mean, it's Gabe."

Alberta shook her head. She wondered what Ily would know about it. What did she mean by "it's Gabe." Had he ever made a move on her? Or maybe he made a move on someone she knew, and that was how Ily would know how Gabe should behave around a girl.

"Oh, Alberta! You're so cute... and weird. Somehow that works for you."

Rich called from the pool, "C'mon, let's play before it gets too late.


Rich was it.

Alberta thought she was SO sneaky. But she slipped and fell into the pool with a big splash. (Actually she did a cannon ball-- which is a silly thing to do after trying to be so sneaky so I'll pretend she slipped.)

Rich was on to her. Ily pretty much stayed back and out of the way, and Gabe clearly had other things on his mind so only Rich and Alberta seemed to take the game seriously.

For all her sneakiness, she still ended up being it next.

Alberta was the last person I expected to cheat.

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Gabe's House

>> Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alberta took one look at the house as she walked towards Gabe. "This is your house?"

Gabe shrugged. "Well, Dad's idea. Being the mayor and all, he figures he should have a house that shows it."

He ran a hand through his hair, shoving it back from his face before changing the subject suddenly. "So you brought your suit this time?"

Alberta's hand flew to her cheeks. "Umm, yes."

"Darn." A different smile spread across Gabe's face; it was wider than his normal friendly smile and made Alberta think he was thinking dirty things. "Well, let's go."


Alberta let her eyes wander around Gabe's room. To match the house, it was also needlessly huge. Alberta was sure that Gabe's room alone was the size of her apartment in the slums. The thought hit her and immediately she felt out of place. What was she doing here? And with him? She had no right to any of it.

She let her eyes wander around the room, examining it for some sort of clue into Gabe's inner mind. Something about the room stuck her as odd, but she was unable to put her finger on it. Was it the matching furniture set? It didn't seem the sort of style Gabe would pick out for his own room. The black sheets did, but that was about it.

One wall was covered in various music posters. That also struck Aberta as odd. When Kate talked music with Gabe and Alberta, Gabe had always been rather indifferent. Yet there was an entire wall covered in music posters.

Gabe entered the bedroom wearing his swimsuit just as Alberta stepped to examine one piece of very distinctive art. Alberta made her best serious pose. "Hmmm... I like the use of the dark colors in this one, surrounded by bright colors. Surely a comment on life if I've ever seen one."

Gabe laughed. "I'll let Gracie know. If you compliment her art, she'll be your friend for life. She's taking her nap right now, but you'll get to meet her before dinner."

"Oh, the baby sister!" Alberta stepped around Gabe to the eisle near the foot of the large bed she tried to ignore. "And what about this one? Is this yours?"

His hand ran through his hair again, "Ah, well yeah. But it's nothing. Gracie just likes it when she has someone to paint with, and you know, Rich has a lot of extracurricular activities. So I usually have to paint with her." Gabe shrugged, throwing a hand in the air. "Well, let's go to the pool." He took he hand and lead her away.


So I have a to do list for Sims 2 that is at least half a page long. They're moving from Summer into Fall, and I have some plans for next season that have to be built up now.

I played last night for a couple of hours trying to get one of the farms ready for fall. So good news (maybe)-- it is possible to play both Sims 3 and Sims 2 at the same time. XD

I do have to show you this picture. My most lovey dovey couple ever. They usually like to hang out on the porch at night dancing and kissing the night away.

(Meanwhile their poor children do all the work in the garden!) This is Lucy Hanby, now Mellon who married the grandson of her lover (which is mentioned in this post.

I just love those two and the way they lose all sense of time when in each other's arms. Making them the outcasts for their love has worked out rather well for them! (Though not necessarily well for their children.)

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>> Monday, June 8, 2009

"He wants you to meet his parents? That's good, isn't it?"

"I guess. But, Kate, what do I do?"

There was clearly some snark in Kate's voice when she told Alberta, "Say 'Hello?'"

"No, I mean, I'm sure they know where I live and who I am and stuff. What if they don't approve?"

"Then I'll beat them up if Gabe doesn't." Kate grumbled into the phone. Alberta began to worry that she was being a bother.


"I'm SO not kidding. Besides, I don't think Gabe would take you to his house if he didn't think you'd be accepted. He knows better. And..." Kate hesitated before she said the words slowly, "Alberta he really cares for you. I doubt he'd do anything that would lead to your being hurt. Most likely, his mother is the one who wants to meet you."

Alberta gulped as quietly as she could. Meeting the mayor was bad enough; Alberta hadn't thought about meeting Gabe's mother!

But Kate was right. Alberta knew she would have to learn to trust Gabe. He did like her, for reasons she couldn't see. And he would not let someone, even his family, hurt her.

"Thanks, Kate." Alberta's tone clearly carried along her silent apology for being a bother.

"Hey, I'm just glad you're actually using the phone. I was starting to think you didn't know how after a while."

"Well, my grades were good, so my grandmother loosed up the rules." Alberta could only hope that she was lying successfully for once.

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In the Dark

>> Friday, June 5, 2009

Amberle sat alone (at least she hoped) in the forest far enough away from the clearing and the campfire that she was only bathed in moonlight. The only sound in her ears was the gentle whisper of the trees overhead as a breeze reached down to caress Amberle's cheek as if to comfort her.

Her father's people were out here. Possibly keeping an eye on her. She hadn't had time or energy to turn her fury on him and begin to ask him about her mother. Was her mother actually still alive? Had she ran off to be with him and left Amberle behind?

There was a slight rustle of the leaves behind her as if someone who normally walked quietly through the forest were trying to make noise so as not to startle her.

"Leave me alone!" She called out in greeting.

Amberle saw Leander's green eyes before he even stepped out from the trees. Even in the pale moonlight, his large bright eyes shone.

"Would you please talk to me?"


Leander didn't listen. He sat down on the grass near her. "We call your father's people 'the nameless ones.' They are a group of elves that live in the forest." Leander sat quietly for a moment biting on his lip as he seemed to turn over thoughts. She was almost ready to tell him to spit it out when he started talking again. "The problem is that there is bad blood between our people. They've killed elves, Amberle. Our kind of elves. The kind of elf your mother was."

Leander paused again, and this time Amberle let him sit until he was ready to speak. "That's why we told everyone who didn't know that you were half sim. The stigma would still be bad, but it could have been worse." He turned his head so that he was looking her in the eyes. "The council wanted to train you to be a soldier due to your 'heritage'. They foresaw that there could be a war on our hands and they hoped to use you as one of the foot soldiers that rushes in first.

"But I couldn't let them do that. So I convinced them you were bad luck and would bring our ruin if they taught you magic and put you on the battlefield."

His words brought to mind the day Leander, acting on the council's decision, sent her away. That day he had been so strongly insistent that she leave; it was as if he had sliced her chest open with a silver sword. The wound had festered at the thought that her one friend-- the one person who seemed at all on her side-- had wanted her to leave to badly.

Amberle brought her hand to her chest and pressed her cotton shirt against her skin. "You told me in town that the council feared for the elves' safety with me around."

"That's not what I said exactly. I only said that the council feared for our safety. They knew a war was coming. You were sent away in case one of the enemies got their hands on you." Leander glanced over at her. She was sure he was thinking of Henry. "Actually, there is something else I have to talk to you about. To explain." Leander's green eyes flashed in concern, though Amberle wondered if there wasn't also a little bit of guilt. "You know that some elves have special abilities that make them stronger in one area than in others? Like the way some elves can talk to animals? Well, you have that ability too. But you... ah... 'talk' to fire."

Amberle had nothing to say. There were no words. Fire was NOT her friend. If anything, she had spent more time on fire than any other elf. She wouldn't consider that a power.

"Amberle? I can't completely explain it, and it wasn't something we could be sure of until you became older. And by the time we were sure, you were sent away." Leander quietly watched her for a moment. "Will you say something?"

"NO. WAY."

"Was that you saying you're not going to say something?"

"That was me denying everything in two words. NO. WAY."

"Listen, would you be serious? It is a very rare gift among the elves. It is another reason why no one could teach you. There simply was no one else who could. But it doesn't make you immune to fire. You can still die, so it's a very danger--"



"WAY." Amberle stood up. "That's it. I'm ready to head back now. Good bye. I'll see you around."


For the longest time, I have had a story in my head about a girl who could control the wind but was afraid of flying.

Well, sparked by a certain event ("sparked" ahaha-- see what I did there?), I combined the older story with this story.

And Leander is so darn cute! He's always either scowling or looking concerned in game.

Also, sorry for two night time/photoshopped posts in a row. I suppose it's fitting in a way to have the two styles of these last two posts be similar. But with the extra shopping, the dark pictures are so much easier to see!

The tutorial is by Mao and can be found here.

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7. Fight

>> Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I stand before him ready to die to buy the others time to get to the top of the mountain. He must not get to them or he will ruin everything. Lord Henry has followed us from one kingdom to another all because of me.

"No." The sword pulls on my arm as I lift it into a defensive position the way Joan taught me. How long do I have? How long can I hold him off?

He takes a step towards me and I tighten my grip on the sword handle. "Anna," my name falls softly from his lips. His deep voice brings back the memories of sitting on his lap and curling up in his arms. I am ashamed that I was ever so naive. My grip tightens on the sword so that the leather squeaks in protest.

Although he hesitates, he does not stop. Another step towards me, and I shout, "Stop!" There is a warmth that floods me. My own magical defenses, natural and innate, warm my muscles, traveling down my limbs. When he is within the swing of my sword, I follow through.

The weight of the sword disappears once it has begun its swing. I put my body behind it so that I feel the aftershock of my attack in my shoulders. I open my eyes to see that I have managed to hit him in the shoulder. The wound is deep; the blood flows down his tunic, but he will heal in minutes.

He stands still long enough for me to see the damage I have caused before he swoops in, wrapping his arms around me and pressing the sword, still clutched in my hands, against my body. "No!" It is a guttural sound that comes from deep within me. The denial is so strong, it almost feels as if I can break away. But my mind knows better despite my thrashing.

I can feel his breath upon my neck, and I know the end must be near. The only thing to do is to stop fighting and hope that I have given the others enough time.

"Anna," his voice is soft in my ear. His arms are still wrapped tightly around me in an embrace that is impossible to break.

I still live, and though I do not fight him physically any longer, I still hear myself saying, "Come sun rise, the vampires turn to dust and the werewolves will become human. It's over. You can kill me now if you wish."

Softly, he kisses my forehead as he hasn't done since I was a little girl. He moves away from me, and the sword drops to the ground, my muscles are too drained to lift it again. The cold night air rushes in, chilling all the parts of me that had been pressed to his warm body. He is gone and I am alone in the moonlight.


Since this is the last post for the past part of the story line, feel free to ask me anything you want. Basically, if it isn't clear, Anna is buying time for Joan and "others" to get to a spot where they can cast a curse. The curse will make it so that the supernaturals can only come out at night. (But oddly, it does not affect the mermaids. I have some reasoning for that, but I am reserving it for possible future storylines.)

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Uh oh!

>> Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First off: A new Living Sims is out. I love this magazine. Usually takes me a while to read through it because after reading a few pages, I want to redecorate homes.

Secondly: I visited my mother, and she got me Sims 3! I expected she would. So I get $10 for the store. I'm thinking I'll pick up some new sims clothes and hair styles. Definitely going to try out the new 'hood.

I'll post up my Sims 3 stuff over here to keep it separate from my Sims 2 stuff. I will not quit playing Sims 2. (Since I cheated and got a sneak peek I can tell you that for sure.)

Plus, I still have quite a few updates planned as I played over the weekend. But I am thinking I will have to slow down my posting pace. I think three times a week is just too much for a casual reader. (If you miss a week or two, that's a lot of catching up to do.) So I might go down to only once or twice a week.

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Heart of the Matter

>> Monday, June 1, 2009

Where we left off
Time: Present day

"What're you doing? Leander asked angrily. "He can't speak. He probably can't even understand you!"

The hulking creature turned only his head towards Leander as he growed a retort. "I can speak. Best for you if you don't right now."

Amberle still sat on the ground in utter confusion of the scene before her. The creature tried to take a step towards her, but Henry stepped between them again. "You are going to frighten her. She didn't know. They never told her."

Amberle stood up slowly, brushing the dirt that stuck to her pants.

"Then why am I not here if not for her?" He glowered at Henry. Amberle only had to catch a glimpse of his red eyes to see how they burned like embers of a dying campfire.

Henry stood his ground. "I have come to ask for your help-- for her as well as those who have accepted and adopted her."

"Those sims are in trouble?" Amberle couldn't help noting the tone in his voice. She could almost think he sounded concerned, but she knew nothing of the man and decided she must be reading too much into it.

"A war is brewing. Just as I have woken up, so have others. They want the world of old when we ruled the world."

"'We?' Who's 'we?'" Amberle looked at Henry.

It was Leander who answered her. "The supernaturals-- like him." Amberle could sense that Leander crossing his arms and scowling unattractively. "The civilized elves already have their eye on it. Why do you think I'm here?"

"Wait a minute," Amberle thought back to their last meeting as she turned to face him. "You said you were here to check out the sim settlement for the council."

Leander dropped his scowl when he glanced at her with his large green eyes. "I just figured war with supernatural creatures would be worse than simply getting kicked out again."

Amberle felt she could hit him. "And you!" She said as she turned on Henry. "Why didn't you mention this to me before instead of carting me around and plopping me down in the forest? How can we even trust you? You're a vampire; why would you want to even stop something like that from happening?"

He looked at her steadily, but there was a flicker of sadness that only she would catch. "I have my reasons."


I've been cleaning through my downloads folder recently. The other day, I spent time downloading new and old hacks for my game. SO I think that is what prompted my Henry and Amberle dream.

It was very odd, but it matched my color scheme of these darker pictures. And all I can remember thinking at the end was, "Aw! Don't be a bad guy, Henry!" He must've done something very bad. O_O

Wednesday, another piece to the puzzle.

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I'm a proudly nerdy girl who knows too much about X-Men and has stories running through her head when walking. This is really my first real attempt to share just a few of the stories that not only play in my head when walking, but play out when I'm playing my sims. I hope you enjoy. ^___^

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