Autumn Extra- Haphazard

>> Monday, August 31, 2009

"How did I let you talk me into this again?"

Ily let her new adult woman laugh bubble up from her throat softly as she handed him the hanger with the outfit she wanted him to try. "I said it would be fun."

"Right... clothes shopping." Rich looked at the outfit dubiously. "I get to pick out an outfit for you too, right?"

"Of course." She shone her most charming smile at him, making silent promises that swore it would all be worth it later. Maybe.

"Ily, you can't be serious. I look like a teacher."

"Or a future mayor."

"I'll definitely be outlawing outfits like this not wearing them."

When it was Ily's turn, she took her time in the fitting room slowly peeling off her dress. The one he picked out was something she wouldn't be caught dead wearing, but she was sure he didn't really pick it out for her to try on. She'd been working all her charms on him all morning until she was sure she'd driven him mad enough that he'd do anything to get her.

She was right. Rich wasn't horrible, but he wasn't the best lover. Not that she had anyone to compare him to. He was her first after all and her only so far. People could call her anything they wanted, but slut was definitely not one that they could use against her.

It was only their second week of college. So technically, she'd only been not a virgin for about a month. Right before they left for school, Rich had invited her over one last time.

Ily had been the one to make the first move for once. Well, physically anyway. Rich had been the one to call her and he had been the one prepared.

What ever experience he had was all high school girls who were also inexperienced. Ily would honestly have preferred someone older and wiser with more experience than her, but she needed some experience of her own first. She would not play the helpless maiden in bed.

Maybe her charms worked too well. Sometimes she felt like a tool Rich used for his own pleasure. His hands worked so haphazardly running along her curves and her breasts that she sometimes has to stop him to explain what she would like.

But mmm... it is a nice fantasy that older man who's had a few woman who would touch her in ways she can only dream about right now.


Time line wise, this was of course towards the beginning of Autumn, but I just played them last night. These two are actually WAY more fun to play than the other three students I have who are a year ahead of them.

Right before they were to leave for college, Rich made a booty call. It was a very clear, "Why the hell not?"

As for the last picture, it's been a while since I've seen someone reject the make out interaction. But he's in love with her, she's not in love with him at the moment because they had recently aged up. I thought it was fitting and totally confirmed the voice I heard in my head.

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End of Autum 3: Bastard

>> Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The last time we saw Sofia (Quite a while ago!)

"You bastard!" Sofia stood tense before him, ready to spring. She wanted to rip his throat out, to feel his stolen blood gushing out and pouring onto her own body. But something kept her back. Her body refused to move towards him despite her wishes.

He stood calmly before the fire. "That is no way to speak to the one who gave you second life. In fact, you shouldn't be able to speak that way. You are stronger than I gave you credit for."

"I'm pregnant. How the hell am I pregnant?"

He didn't seem shocked. Sofia took another step closer in her desire to rip out his throat. "Are you sure?"

"I know when I'm pregnant, asshole. How the hell am I pregnant?"

Henry barely looked up as if a thought had occurred to him. "Is it mine?"

Sofia growled as she tried to take another step towards him. Her body refused to step forward. Since she had turned, her body had been like a stranger to her. Her reflexes were better, faster, and she could run all night without getting tired. But as she had found out the night she tried to kill him, her body would not let her harm him.

"It has to be yours." Her strange body tensed and her arms became glued to her side with a tightened fist at the end. Were she still able to feel pain, she would have felt her nails cutting into her hands.

She had last seen him at the beginning of summer. They would spend time teaching her how to live her new life and deal with her new body.

Like a fool, she assumed that being a living dead creature meant she could let go of all the precautions she had learned early in her life. She had been an utter fool. It was another mistake she would never make again.

"I'm not keeping it."

Henry laughed at her. "Are you going to go into the doctor with your condition? Do you think a normal doctor can get rid of a full vampire child?"

"I will kill it."

"You will not." Henry gazed into her eyes as he issued the comand which buzzed around in her head. "If you do not want it, there will be alternatives."

"Ah, but you won't be the one taking it, I see." Just like a man. Personal experience had taught her enough to know to never count on anyone else and never believe a word said.

"I have my own part to play."


The plot thickens! lol, I'm seriously making a lot of this up as I go along. It's really a lot of fun. I generally have an idea of where I want to go ahead of time, but until I get to the point I can see I my head, I don't know what's going to happen.

Mostly, what I want to tell you is that this storyline is sort of a ground work for possible upcoming stories. I've tried to hide a few clues, but it's hard to gauge just how effective they are right now. Mostly because I am not well practiced at these sort of things.

At some point, I will point back to some of these entries and go, "See, that's why he--".

As for the how, I am going with the idea that once a sim is turned into a vampire, females still have eggs that get turned as well. Sofia assumed that once she was turned she became barren. But she still has eggs to work through. Once those are gone though, she won't be able to have children.

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>> Saturday, August 22, 2009

Alberta watched Gabe order for the both of them.

There was definitely something different about him tonight. Maybe it was the fact that he was only a year away from joining his brother and Ily at college. Or maybe it was that Alberta felt so out of place in a place as fancy as this. Night clubs, even if they had a restaurant attached, were still night clubs.

The air sat heavily with the stream from dance floor. Alberta could feel the air on her nose and cheek bones settling. She resisted the urge to wipe her face since she wasn't sure she'd be able to make it across the dance floor comfortably to the rest room to check her make up.

"Uhm, Gabe, am I even old enough to be here?"

He smiled at her as the server put their plates in front of them. "You are; you just can't drink."

He had a point, and it wasn't like she was going to order a drink any way even if she could. "So, why are we here? This seems a little fancy for us." She was quick to add, "I mean, not that it isn't nice once in a while." There were plenty of girls who would kill to have their loved one take them out to a fancy dinner. She didn't want Gabe to think she didn't appreciate it.

There was a quick movement from the corner of Alberta's eye as someone in a tight dress passed. Gabe watched the woman walk past with little expression on his face.

Alberta glanced over her shoulder quickly. The entire transaction took only a second, and in that second her heart faltered. The woman was beautiful, older, and in a tight dress. She was the sort of woman Gabe would most likely meet when he was in college. She was probably the sort of woman that Gabe should be having dinner with.

Alberta turned back quickly to take a bite of her futo-maki and swallow that horrible feeling bubbling up from her chest.

"I've been thinking," Gabe said as he slid an envelope across the table to her.

She put her sushi down and wiped her hands on the napkin under the table. "What's this?" Carefully, she opened the envelope frightened at what she would find.

She looked at him imploringly. "I can't take this!"

Alberta tried to push the envelope full of simoleans back to Gabe, but he crossed his arms and smiled at her in a way that wasn't entirely joyful. "Think of it as a promise. Some day we will live together, and I'll be able to take care of you properly. But until then, will you let me do this?"

"But where'd you get this from?"

"It doesn't matter. Will you let me do this?"

Alberta wanted to say no, but the look on his face told her that saying no to this would be the same as rejecting him out right. She would agree to it if it would make him happy, but she wouldn't use it. She'd save it instead for when they were together, and if for some reason it didn't work out, and he wanted it back, she would hand him all the money and any interest she had earned on it.

"All right."


Seems I keep having issues posting. XD This time, my number #1 issue was that I noticed just how bad the compression has gotten for some of my pics when I upload them to blogger/picasa. So I did some finagling to get the pics to be small in the way I want not in the arbitrary way that blogger will do automatically.

My other issue was while playing to get pictures. The kittens (who have both grown a good bit in the past month) decided to do some wresling near the power strip and turned the computer off. Oooh! Were they in trouble, LOL. But I hold a grude as well as they do. (Which is not at all. Seriously, for cats they're both very forgiving and forgetful thankfully.)

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>> Saturday, August 15, 2009

Approximate ages: Water- 34, Samantha- 36

"Water, what're you doing here?"

She hadn't seen him since the old days when they lived in the land across the sea. It felt as if she had been so young then, and so much more foolish.

"I didn't want to be alone." His voice and breath came quickly, almost gruffly, in a manner not at all usual for the calm and collected lover she knew.

She could still remember what he said that last day she saw him. "I can't do this anymore to Demi-- or Mel," he had said as he stood on her doorstep. Then he left with not even a last kiss. It had been like losing someone unexpectedly. Since that day, eating food had become a chore like cleaning the house. Food in particular reminded her of him, but she could find his absence in almost anything if she looked hard enough.

"I don't want to talk."

"What then did you come here for?"


"Demi left me."

"What?" Samantha turned to him, but it was clear he was not going to say more. Did Samantha really need to know any more than that? She sighed and leaned back on her pillow.

"And I just found out I have a son."

"Gabe Mellon?"

"How did you know?"

Only half her mouth could muster the engery for a smile. "I'm his teacher."


Words had never been a barrier between the two of them before. Their attraction had been so basic that words were never needed. He would strut in and carry her to the bed where they would do anything that came to mind without fear or judgment.

Perhaps it had simply been unrealistic. The two had been free to play because their lives at the time were so set in rituals and responsibilities that when they met, it was an unspoken agreement that they would allow each other the freedom they couldn't have in normal life.

Had she loved him or just that feeling of freedom? Had he loved her or had he only wanted that feeling of being a teenager, again, doing something he knew he shouldn't do?

Samantha looked at him and a resolve formed. "I won't do this again, Water. I want something serious. I want someone who will really be there for me, not someone who'll just show up to cart me off to the bedroom when his wife is out of town."

Water looked surprised. "I'm not ready for anything serious, Sam. Not right now."

"Then I'm not ready to get back into this. I think it would be best if you left now."


One for the bloopers:

In the middle of her hookup, Alberta called. Doesn't Sam look thrilled? (In case you can't tell, she's yawning, LOL.) Alberta is either really lonely or cares about her grades more than I suspected, because she calls Sam a lot. It's kinda cute.

Also-- PHEW. This entry was a long time coming. I had this horrible "DEBUG- Super Duper Hug" thing that I decided I needed to get rid of, so for the past two days, I was going through my hacks to find out the culprit. Finally, after I became suspicious, I took everything out and still had the DEBUG options! Turns out that it might possibly have had something to do with the Control This Sim hack by Dolphin over at MTS. It was making random debug options show and multiply, and even once taken out, the options still showed.

Either way, the way to fix it is to installed the updated version, then visit infected houses and save. The DEBUG options will disappear.

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>> Monday, August 10, 2009

It was kind of disgusting when Gabe thought about it. Childbirth was one of those things that people didn't think about because everyone was born the same way. There was really no other way to be born unless someone came up with some new technology that allowed for Servos to carry sims to term.

To think that he, already old enough to stick his own dick into a girl's vagina, came out of some other woman's vagina. Gabe, as a baby, had passed through the same canal that his father had stuck his own dick into. It really was a disgusting cycle.

Especially considering whose vagina it had been. It all seemed to make some sense now. He had never been an over acheiver. It just wasn't in his blood. But he had tried very hard to be good. It had always felt like he was fighting his own nature trying not to embarrass his upstanding adopted parents.

It also finally made sense why he was dropped off on Amberle's door step. She was a complete stranger. He had always wondered the reasoning behind it. How could his mother leave him with a complete stranger? There had always been a possibility that she had simply had no time. Maybe she had been in trouble and had to act quickly and selected the one sim that seemed the nicest?

Now he knew the truth. The truth was that he hadn't been wanted. Perhaps he should simply be happy to be here at all. She could have simply aborted him and he wouldn't be here to think these thoughts.

Gabe took a large gulp from his glass. The burning ball of liquid pressed against the sides of his esophogus on its way down to his stomach. It was a sensation he could easily focus his thoughts on, and so he took another gulp. Alberta sprang to his mind for a moment before he quickly pushed her out of his thoughts. He couldn't go to her with this information. He needed time, first off, to let it sink in. And second off, he couldn't burden her with his stupid "adopted rich boy" problem when she was trying to deal with actual problems herself.

Water hadn't known of his existence. He was as surprised as anyone. But he had known right away who Gabe's mother was.

"Hey, kid," The bartender hardly turned his head towards the spot Gabe sat. Gabe had noticed the bartender watching him for a while even though the bartender seemed to have done his best not to make it obvious. "You look like you're having a hell of a night."

Gabe glanced up from his drink at the bartender with the dark glasses. He was always at this bar serving drinks. Did he ever take a day off?

"Listen, I got a proposition for you. You seem like a bright kid. I've seen you a couple'a times come through. Maybe you could do me a favor." The bartender glanced over at one of the poker tables. "We're running a game on that Townie there. But we're short one man."

Gabe kept a hard glare on the bartender. "What would I have to do?"

"Just win. We'll give you the chips. Anything you win, we'll give you 10%. Even if you don't win, you'll get something."


I need the bar to earn some good money. Armando, the bartender, is technically the owner, but being a crime syndicate, there is, of course, someone above him who he has to pay his dues to.

But bars don't make too much money. So, I'm using Squinge's higher stakes poker table. Armando has some "employees" that work for him (actually, they live with him, so he doesn't pay them and he's sure to get their winnings). Two workers can sit down and play to up the chances of the house winning. And that's basically all they do each night. Since they mostly play townies, no one would notice that they're there every night. This is what we call a racket!

Another thing going on the side is that there will be a bookie. The bookie just hangs around waiting for someone to greet him or her. Once greeted, that means that someone is placing a bet. The bookie has to talk to the sim long enough to gift him the special key to the betting room. (Here, I'd have to take control of the sim and direct him into the betting room.) In the room, there is one of Monique's computers. Sims can put up a bet (haven't yet decided how much a bet will be or how to determine how much they're betting). Since this is a racket, no one ever wins, of course. Except for sims they've pre-selected. Every so often, a townie will have to win of course. I think this is where Hook's ROS program would help me. I can set it to have it heavily weighted for certain sims to win. That way there is a small chance a townie might win.

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>> Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Richard, you know I wouldn't bother you without reason. She has my kids at that creepy cult place. I haven't seen them since she left."

Water was clearly agitated. When it came to Water's daughters-- well there were few things that Water Melon cared about more than his daughters. It would take a calm from deep within Richard to explain to Water the predicament that Richard was currently in. And it would be a miracle if Water didn't reach over Richard's desk and grab him by the collar (or worse, his ribbon that was always so neatly pinned on his suit).

"Water, listen, I understand--"

"Has Genesis run off with your kids?"

Richard sighed. "There is not much that I can do. Tristin lives outside of town. We have no jurisdiction there. Even if we did, the police force is going through some, uh, growing pains at the moment."

Water crossed his arms. "Meaning you won't help me. Your political hands are tied. You know, my mother has gone missing too, and nothing has been done about that either."

Richard cleared his throat, trying to find the words to explain, when there was a soft knock he recognized right away. "Not now," he thought. The timing couldn't be worse. This was not how he had intended to explain things to Water.

"Dad, Mom wanted me to--" Gabriel walked in too quickly. He was halfway to the desk when he realized there was company. The greeting smile quickly dropped at the sight of Water.

Richard cleared his throat nervously. Backed between a rock and a hard place, he could preform. It was what made him a great politician.

Water sat with his jaw partially open in surprise. There was no way to deny it. The two did look alike, even with Gabriel's awful haircut.

"Uh, Water, I would like you to meet Gabriel."

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