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>> Sunday, February 7, 2010

Some you've seen and some you haven't. Inspired by Laura's awesome post and encouraged by Carla's comments on that post, I figured I would bring you my favorite couples through the past couple of years.

Since I am not nearly as organize as other players, I don't have any stats. All I have is the memory of some awesome sims that were too fun to play.

Couples you've probably never seen (But you know their children and grandchildren)

Precious and Thomas Mellon

How you might know them: They're the parents of the City Mayor Richard Mellon, Jr.. Precious was instrumental to pulling the town together and making it what it would later on become. Always by her side was her husband Thomas, who understood the importance of her job and would take care of duties at home while she was out building up the commercial district of the original neighborhood.

Unfortunately, Precious died from overuse of Rally Forth leaving her family with a great big gaping hole. But not before she had passed everything she knew onto her son, expecting him to become the first city mayor.

Thomas and Cherry Smith

Cherry wooed Thomas after his wife had passed on. She lived as an NPC, perpetually blinking in and out of life, and she was one of the first to realize that she needed more than that. Thomas was already old by the time he finally agreed to marry her, bringing her fully to life. She gave him one child, Jason Smith, an adorable freckle faced boy who is pretty much spoiled rotten.

Thomas passed away when they reached the new hood unfortunately. And The City Mayor Richard wants nothing to do with Cherry, a woman he hadn't approved of in the first place.

Juan and Lydia Stratton

How you'd know them: They're the parents of Sofia and Tristin (leader of the cult) Stratton. (In this picture, Juan in the surprised sim in the back. The man in the front in his brother, Isaac.)

These two were my dramalicious couple. Oh did we have fun. And this was all before ACR. On again and off again, they couldn't stay away from each other and they couldn't just be friends.

The breaking point was Isaac, who wandered in one day uninvited, got down on one knee and serenaded Lydia just as Juan was heading out the door to get the morning newspaper.

Isaac and Angie

How you know them: These two are Ily and Kate's grandparents.

Isaac happened to be a true romance sim. That got derailed by Angie. It was while he was out on a date with a hot college student that he realized he wanted to marry her. Their wedding was one of the worst weddings I have ever had, which you might think was an indicator of their future together. Surprisingly, it wasn't.

Despite the random flirting with people like Lydia, his brother's wife, he remained more than faithful to her. In their old age, he enjoyed following her around, and they very often ended up in her garden by the side of the house just talking for hours. When she finally passed away, he passed away only moments after her.

Couples you know

Richard and Genesis Mellon

These two were childhood friends and first loves. He's never quite sure what she's doing with him, but he's not going to argue. He is the Mayor of course (he requires that I tell you that every time I mention his name) and she is the owner of the local magazine, Legacy Living. Together, these two have three children naturally (Richard the 3rd, Gracie, and David), and have adopted one, Gabriel.

Water Mellon and Demi Love

Of course these two! Game chemistry wise, they've only got one bolt between them. Demi was the cop who picked Water up when he was initiated into the Secret Society. Soon as he saw her, he knew he had to find her. Of course the search involved him calling the police out to his house until they fined him and refused to come out to his house any more. Oops. But it was well worth it.

Gabe Mellon and Alberta Fergueson

You saw them coming. One of my favorites. He's a shy romance sim who manages to pull it off as laid back and mysterious to the ladies and she's a shy, timid girl all around who is slowly stepping up and learning to have more confidence. (Oh is she ever. She'll get there one of these days.) Of course Gabe is due to go off to college in the fall, and he won't come back for a visit for a full year.

Henry And Sofia Stratton

These two are all ACR's doing. I know that if they show up together on a lot, they are going to have a go at it where ever they can. Sofia seems to bring out the worst and darkest parts of Henry because he always looks a little evil when he's with her (or maybe it's all in my head). And if you remember, (which you might not) she is already carrying his love child who is due next season according to my mental records which are notoriously fallible.

Henry and Amberle

An elf who loves life, plants, the color green, and the forest in love with a vampire that needs to suck life to live. No, she still hasn't asked him what he eats, and he's not telling her until she asks. Does he really love her or is he just using her?

The More Unique Couples

Tristin Stratton and Jan Tellerman AND Marylena Hamilton

From the Church for Wayward NPCs. Love in any form is perfectly acceptable even if it happens on one of the pews in the church. Of course, when there are three, there is always the possibility that one might be overlooked more often than the other, especially if one hasn't had a baby yet.

Water Mellon, Samantha Kerr, and Lore Aristaeus

Yeah, you're probably going, "WHAT?" If you aren't, you should be. Even Samantha Bradshaw didn't get this story out of Sam.

Remember that awkward dinner right before Samantha B. left? Yeah, Sam had a few things on her mind. I'll be sure to get to that sooner or later.

Couple that will never be...

...especially if her boyfriend is, like, right behind her. I swear it's not because everyone is in love with Alberta, though she is kinda sweet. But Hobart was totally nervous his first day in high school and she was one of the first people to actually talk to him. Uhm, well one of the only people really. Still, dude, be careful. Gabe is one of my meaner sims!

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