Android Prototypes

>> Monday, April 28, 2008

Aurora Stratton, Legacy's resident genius has done it again. She has created the first Android prototypes in their entire Sim World. For an extra 30,000 (depending on the amount of customization) your servo can have its own SynthSim body.

This is Inge Stratton, Aurora's first customer. Now servos have a reason to keep in shape and not eat. Her new and improved body will get fat should she consume food that she doesn't need. The semi-living cells in her new body store the fat from the food as energy. As time goes on she will need less recharging and will be able to actually sleep to recharge.

Will she dream?

Each Android is completely customizable. The facial structure will not change, but hair color, make up, hair style may be selected. The gray outfit both android proto-types wear are to give sims warning that these are androids. Though it is not law, it is something that Aurora does voluntarily for everyone's benefit, including the Servos.

I wanted my servos to move forward into the next century. Since it seems there are no hacks that can be used safely to do this and allow me control over their looks, I decided I would just use SimPE.

To do that though, I needed a sim to clone. So I created The Prototypes, and stuck them in downtown. Using Simlogical's prisoner token, I make sure they stay put. Since I keep them alive and in lock down, I can change their looks as needed for "orders."

Both male and female faces are based off of the Type 1 Maxian face structure. The modifications were minimal. I basically slanted the eyes, enlarged them, and messed with the mouths a bit. The idea was to make the changes subtle so that they would be eerie, but perfectly beautiful (Frankly, the Type 1 Maxian face scares me, and I hate that EVERYONE claims that's the only beautiful Maxian face type.)

Here's Aurora's super secret technique:

It´s always important to backup, if you make mess, you don´t lose anything.

1. Download this skin and add to your game at downloads folder
2. Open the game, go to CAS screen and create a sim using that skin and the eyes you most like - I downloaded some alien eyes to match the robot
3. Save that sim
4. Close the game
5. Open SIMPE, there is a tab called tools -> neighborhood where you browse to open your hood
6. The same tab called tools -> neighborhood there is an options called Sims Surgery, click there and wait, it take some time
7. Select the servo as the patient sim and the droid sim you just made at CAS screen as archetype sim. Click in surgery and wait.
8. It will open a tab showing the servo with its new appearance, click commit and save
9. Save the hood

Close SIMPE. Open the game. Go to the house where lives the servo you just modified. The servo suppose to have the new appearance. Save that house.

If the servo don´t have the correct appearance but have the correct thumbnail, send it to change clothes at a wardrobe and the new appearance should appear. No sims harmed, works perfectly.

That´s it, have fun.

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Profile Ashley Stratton

>> Sunday, April 27, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

I love watching children grow.

Ashley had her birthday yesterday and became a lovely teen. She went out right away and bought herself a new outfit (a tradition with the teens in my hood.)

Now that she's a teen, she has a bit more say in her style. For one, she's stopped straightening her hair. Two, no more pink room deco. And three, she's a messy little teen. But I enjoy playing her house a lot.

Now that Ashley's a teen, her mother had a talk with her and suggested she give Green a call. Green and Ashley hit it off very well on their first phone call. So the next weekend, they went out on their first date (with Kimberly's permission of course.)

Things went really well, and ended with Ashley getting her very first kiss! Now Green comes over and calls her constantly. He hung out with Ashley and her little brother, Aaron, this past weekend, playing video games. (Ashley kicked his butt-- see Aaron's face?)

Ashley also redecorated her room to match her newer more mature outlook on life, while paying homage to her childhood. The flowers are from Green of course.

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Aging up

>> Friday, April 25, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

Gabriel grew up yesterday. He's got the thin eyebrows of his mother and the lower face of his father. (Hopefully that means he'll grow into a looker too!)

Amberle was there of course to cheer him on. School is going to start the next time I play her, so she felt she should be there and get to know her future students.

Gabe is an adorable, typical, rambunctious little boy. Here they are over their first formal family dinner together where he's explaining about a fire breaking out at school. (Since he goes to Amber's school, I'm not surprised.)

Gabe is an okay student. His best friend is his teacher, but that doesn't mean she gives him special treatment.

Of course Gabe also spent his early years with Amberle. It seems a bit of her luck has rubbed off on him.

The little dog, Mimsy, also grew up. She seems to have taken a shine to Gabe, as he has to her. As far as the family is concerned, she is Gabe's dog.

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Welcome to Legacy Living!

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

Moving on to another family...

Genesis Mellon, wife of the mayor, started Legacy Living, the town's first magazine!

Here is a glimpse of the upstairs offices. You can see Genesis working away in the back.

This is Genesis' office. It's made to be comfortable and inviting. The writers are free to gather in her office to hang out and watch a game after they get some work done.

Down stairs there are comfy chairs, a buffet, and a small shop that sells... what else? Magazines, including Legacy Living. Right now, Genesis is working hard to earn notoriety and respect. Right now she has very few employees and they make only about $2,000 a day.

How is this all possible? With Monique's hacked computer of course. ^___^

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More play time!

>> Wednesday, April 23, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

Since Sofia is out of college, I'm back to my regular playing rotation per family of 4 or 5 days. So I have done quite a bit of experimentation with Sofia and her future business.

The original idea was a brothel. But there are issues with doing brothels at home. Specifically,
I can't force employees to sleep with the clientel unless the employees are part of the household, and last thing I want is to take care of more Townies.

So Sofia volunteered. But Mr. Big was VERY unhappy with that. (Even though I have Pescado's romance mod.)

So we've turned their home into a venue. Free entry is granted to Mr. Big's henchmen, Toby, Peter, and Armando who stand in the back making the counterfeit money.

The fun part of playing Sofia is that there are NO rules. Sofia will do what she wants, and earn money however she likes. The poor guys in the backroom are locked in. So when a fire breaks out, the automatic sprinklers go off, and then the guys are forced back into making more money. Sometimes, I force them to clean up the mess, send them home (by ending the meeting and clearing just those three off) then I call them back.

Don't think Sofia has suddenly become tame though. Sure, Mr. Big is good for now, but Sofia is learning the ins and outs of business and she won't need Mr. Big for long. Having a man hanging on her arm kind of cramps her style.

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I said to watch out for Sofia

>> Thursday, April 17, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

Sofia's mother, Lydia Stratton, the movie idol, passed away today of natural causes.

Sofia was granted $4,500 through her mother's insurance company who agreed that it was definitely natural causes not anything else that killed her mother.

Sofia was comforted by her mother's boyfriend who is known only as Mr. Big. Sofia moved out of her little house downtown to join Mr. Big at his
lovelier, more expensive home.

Mr. Big made sure to make her new room nice and comfortable for her. It is a little bare right now, but the money they will make from future business prospects promises to fill the room with lots of... stuff.

If you look closely, you might be able to see an extra edging around the dresser. That's the door to the backroom.

Yes, the backroom. It is filled with counterfeit money making machines. Mr. Big calls in his thugs (all of them poor enslaved NPCs) and locks them in while they work at turning out money. Mr. Big hasn't been caught yet, but then Legacy doesn't have a proper police station, yet.

Welcome to the life, Sofia. I'm sure you'll make a lovely partner in crime! Here Mr. Big warns her of the danger of the two of them in cahoots.

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Portrait of a family

>> Sunday, April 13, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

In the process of getting my school system together, I caught this pic. Here's Aurora writing a check to get her kids into the new high school that is opening up. All of a sudden, Ethan grabs his sister Ily in a headlock and gives her a noogie!

In other news, my elf, Amberle Silverring, was very nervous about her first day of school. She knows she will get to see Gabriel again as well as a whole bunch of other students she doesn't know yet.

So Amberle went out and got herself a new outfit and a make over! She even cut her hair, a complete first for her. But she has finally gotten used to the idea that she has a new life, and it's time that she give herself a chance.

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Sims aging beautifully

>> Saturday, April 12, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

In Kimberly Stratton's household we celebrated two birthdays, Aaron Stratton, her son with her husband, George, and Kimberly's.

Kimberly as an elder

Aaron Stratton as a child

Kimberly is certainly old to have a child, but she waited a long time. Aaron's father is also an elder. What effect, if any, will this have on him? Certainly he won't get as much time with his parents as other sim children do.

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Inside the farm

>> Friday, April 11, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

With the family farm house, I wanted to make a gift for a family of sims that I have come to enjoy. So I wanted a house that I would also enjoy.

I know it is silly to give a token to a sim family like that, but they are my pets since I can't have a true pet.

So I started with the kitchen. I scoured web sites with sim content to find the perfect start to Lucy's kitchen. In the old house, the family seemed to spend a lot of time together in the kitchen. And not always eating. The kitchen was right by the front door, so if guests called on the family, everyone would end up in the kitchen chatting, kids dancing, and Lucy and Walter taking turns serenading each other.

I found the perfect set for Lucy's kitchen. This basic set at MTS2 by buggybooz was perfect. I didn't want a country kitchen again, I wanted something different, something basic but natural.

For the family table, I use MsBarrow's country buffet table so that everyone can sit down comfortably together. Family meals are an important tradition in my hood.

The wall paper is from Tamalfra at TSR, and is the only country kitch I let Lucy get away with. The rest of the house is done in basic colors (except for the children's rooms, they get little murals for fun.)

Here's the living room, complete with a family photo!

Living room

Everyone gets their own room. Upstairs we have four rooms and a bathroom. Each room is fitted for each child with a bureau, a side table, bed, desk and chair and each in different styles that are appropriate for the sim who will be using it. This is something else that I felt was important for the family. Before, in the cobled together home, everyone was two to a room with a spare bedroom downstairs and behind the house.

Children's rooms

Here are pictures of the little old stable where they keep their animals. (The blocky thing there is a fish packing station from Paladin's Place. This family also sells fish by the carton on the strip.)

Here is Ariana feeding the cows. The cows were a great success. They reproduce quickly, so quickly that the family has to take them for meat, after taking their milk of course. Then everything is sold at The Fishmarket which should be renamed "The Farmer's Market" now and placed closer to the highway.

Most importantly, the family is now next door to Daniel. They can help him with his farm and he can come over for meals.

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Ugly kids, but an adorable family

>> Wednesday, April 9, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

Walter Mellon, Ann Mellon's twin brother, married the maid. It was not the most ideal situation, and most of the other sim in the community did not make much of an effort to hide their contempt. So Walter and his wife, Lucy (née Hanby) moved out to the country to raise their children.

All the kids started out cute, but once they reached teen years, it was clear their faces were doomed to be horribly misshapen!

Poor Stephan was their first child. Here he is as a teen showing the beginnings of the facial deformity that would affect the entire family. Stephan, knowing that no sim would truly love that face, fed himself to a cowplant.

Do not worry. I am not just killing their children off willy-nilly, although I had considered it, I must admit. But their family grew on me. Because Walter and Lucy are so much in love (three bolters, so if I leave them alone for a minute he's singing to her or they're slow dancing), I allowed them to have quite a few children before the oldest became old enough to highlight the deformity. By then it was simply too late. The twins had been born.

Family picture! Left to right: Aden, Lucy,Walter,Daniel Next row: Adam, Ariana, Phillip

I took a family picture of the family today so that I can make them a family portrait to put in their brand new living room!

I built them a new home to live in. It was silly for them to have to "commute" over to Daniel every day to help him with his farm. So now they live right next door to him! Thanks to Phillip's influence (he's our future entrepreneur) the family will now focus on live stock, including fishing.

For fun:

Hard to tell, but the puppy is watching TV. XDD

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New computer, but sim life carries on

>> Tuesday, April 8, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

Well, my mother gave me a new computer, so my entire neighborhood was moved over to this shiny new computer with the 22" monitor! Just in time too, my poor laptop which I had been playing on died yesterday. (I am certain it is fixable, but I have no money at the moment.)

So to celebrate with my sims, I have not only gone on a downloading spree and not only worked on renovating the Legacy home, but I bought pets too. I never really needed it, and since I worried about my old computer being able to handle it, I just haven't bothered. But I must say I am glad I did. I had a lot of fun playing the Mayor's family tonight. The mother is probably a bit harried between cooking dinner, feeding little Gabe, and making sure to remember to take the doggy outside when it's time for potty, but it was all quite adorable.

Ann recently completed her travelogue about Twiki Island. It sold for a nice penny.

Here is Green meeting Ann's old friend, Kimberly. The history between Kimberly and Ann is slightly awkward, but the two women have worked it out. Ann has this plan in her head that her youngest son, and the heir, Green would be a good match for Kimberly's second daughter, Ashley. Why? I'm not sure, but it is kind of wrong considering who the father of Kimberly's oldest daughter is. (Which is not the same father as Ashley's.)

Here the two are bonding, but as you can see, Ashley is still a bit away from getting past the boys being yucki stage. They had an awful conversation, then sat down to some blueberry pie.

Here is Aurora Stratton and her youngest, Katherine. Right now Katherine is still a toddler in my game, but she has lived multiple lives and been a model for me. Her life is already planned out, but will she follow the path I have set for her? I never know. I just love how much like her mother she looks. <3

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