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This is the neighborhood that came before Tierra De Legado.

So the question is, why am I even bothering with this? The last time I tried this, it was a short challenge thread on TSR. I was stressed out of my mind because of a huge medical bill that was hanging over my head, and I needed a release. Writing has always been my release. It just helps that I now have sims to play to help put my mind at ease. ^__^

I don't really know how I will be going about this yet. I just need a place to put down my thoughts and my stories. I also need a way to keep track of my sims. Right now, everything is completely mental, except for notes I take in notepad and pictures, of which I have a semi-complicated filing system. By that I mean, I have a lot of sub-folders, but everything is labeled so even an idiot (read:me) can figure it out and know where to look for pics of whoever they're looking for (so long as they know who they're looking for and the generation.).

A short tour of the Neighborhood

Legacy Proper Overview

In the Main Hood, which we can call "Legacy Proper" for lack of a better name, we can see two distinct areas if we look hard enough. There is "The Valley," the low part where the Legacy House is situated and "Stratton Hill." Each of the homes on the Hill have been lived in by the Stratton family, at least while Christy lived and the children were small.

Highway 0 (zero) Out of Legacy into Legacy Village

Legacy Village is supposed to be the business district for Legacy Proper. And for a while, it did start growing that way. Both Legacy Proper and Legacy Village are connected by a Highway 0, the only highway in or out. A large strip of businesses began to grow along the Highway 0 exit, and it has continued to expand as new businesses appear.

Close up of The Strip off of Highway 0 exit

Towards the ocean is pretty much open space, with some forest. A strange conifer forest grows right next to the beach with a little make shift home that appears to be made from all natural materials. Going further east is the residential area with one of the most expensive homes in the neighborhood.

Ocean View with strange Conifer forest

There is also a small downtown area full of cheap housing. The land was bought as a package deal. Sims can move in with only a security deposit down, but they must pay rent to the owner every three days. On this same strip is the bar known as The Lucky Fox. It's a rather seedy bar, but it's right down the street so it serves as a nice place for sims who live in this downtown area to hang out and meet other sims.

Legacy Village Downtown

All other subhoods are very bland as I just attached already created sub hoods such as Downtown, the three vacation lots, and two Universities (Le Tour and Simstate). My character files are at a whopping 750 or so. Most likely it has to do with the fact that I was playing this hood since the base game, before I knew about character files or the harm they could do.

I've also been having issues with a flattened neighborhood view in the main hood during summer and spring. (it was rather annoying, and I even considered always leaving my main hood in winter so that I wouldn't suffer the lag and the horrible view. So the Main hood didn't have any decorations for a while because I took them all out thinking it might help with the flattened view. Just after installing BV, the flattened hood stopped, miraculously. But more testing is required. Should the flattened hood return... well I've been planning to start over "fresh" so to speak.

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Amberle Silverring Chapter 1

>> Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Amberle Silverring surveyed her small little hut.

Although she had done poorly in magic when she was in Elven school, she had managed to create the perfect little space for herself. But the hut hadn't been complete until the plants had bloomed. Then it began to feel more like a home. It wasn't her real home, but she'd do her best to make it as close to home as she could. Her real home was far away from here, and the thought still made her horribly sad. But she had been left without a choice.

She shook her head, her long hair shimmering behind her. When such thoughts invaded her mind, it was best to push them out and carry on with whatever she was doing. Amberle grabbed her watering can and began to water her little tomato plants which lived out in the open beside her house. Since she couldn't craft a glass and steel greenhouse out of magic, she'd have to hire someone to do it, and that she didn't have the money for. So instead, her plants sat out in the open under the stars which Amberle hoped was better for them.

Next to the growing tomatoes was Amberle's tent for those colder nights when she wanted to sleep outside. She had already found that the house was a bit stiffling for her at times. Her parents had always been the types to sleep out under the protection of the trees, and so she'd grown used to it. Why she'd made the house, she wasn't quite sure. It had seemed the proper thing to do when she had decided to do it. But she found she didn't spend much time indoors when she could avoid it.

Behind the house was a tiny wishing well that had been there when she decided to call up her house. It added a mystical feeling to the air which had seemed to help out her magic and bring life to the forest.

Towards the front of the house was Amberle's hammock for those nights that weren't too cold. For the most part she spent her time relaxing and sleeping in that rather than the simple pine bed she had bought from the local furniture shop.

Inside the house she had only a couple of items to keep herself occupied. A chess table (more ornate than anything she had ever bought before) and a pine book case sat in the large main room. In one corner of the room was her kitchenette. When she bought the fridge from the furniture store, free food came with it. Since she hadn't established her garden, she was quite thankful for the free food. Unfortunately, it was mostly heavily processed food that tasted bland to her sensative tongue.

Right away she had set out to plant her tomatoes. Surprisingly, especially to her family, plants, like magic, had never been her strong suit in school either. The only vegtable she could handle was tomatoes, and she feared that it wasn't the right season for it. Luckily winter was a bit away, but much of summer had already passed.

Amberle sighed. So quiet... she thought. Certainly the normal sounds of the forest were present, the rustling of trees in the wind, the singing of birds, and the buzzing of insects, but the sound of talking, laughter, and the crackling of a fire were missing. A piece of her heart was missing, and it hurt her more than she expected.

Once again she went back to watering her tomato plants, humming a soft melody to fill up the silence.

Notes on custom content: This house contains the most custom content I have ever used on one lot. Even my "Movie Theater" doesn't have as much CC as this house.

Most all of the things in this house came from MTS2 (actually, I'm pretty sure EVERYTHING in this house comes from MTS2). The Amberle's hair, dress, make up (Bruno and HystericalParoxysm), skin (a paler version of HP's Idolotry of Flesh skin tones) and the elven walls and floors. All the plants (excluding the tomatoes and anything from maxis) are created by Macarossi.

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The Family Tree-- in text form

I started out using photo shop to create a family tree of images, but that's just too much work and I quickly ran out of room! So here's a version in text.

Gen 1 (deceased)

Pao Mellon(missing) + Maria Rodriguez = Robert (older) and Richard Mellon

Gen 2 (deceased)

Robert Mellon + Christy Stratton = Issac, Juan, and Kimberly(adopted) Stratton
2nd Marriage Christy Stratton + BJ Ryan = no children

Richard Mellon + Ivy Copur (adult not teen) = Precious, Ann and Walter(twins) Mellon

Gen 3

Issac Stratton (deceased) + Angie Mazza (deceased) = Aurora Stratton

Juan Stratton(old pic) + Lydia Stratton = Sofia and Tristin Stratton
2nd Marriage Juan Stratton + Jeanie(as young girl) (as adult) = Glenda and Maxen Stratton

Kimberly Stratton + Alec Mellon = Bonnie Stratton
Kimberly Stratton + Abjeheet Depriesse = Ashley Stratton
Kimberly Stratton + George (1st Marriage) = Aaron Stratton

Precious Mellon (deceased)+ Thomas (deceased) = Richard, Jr. Mellon
2nd Marriage Thoms Mellon + Cherry Smith = Jason Smith

Ann Mellon (gone mad?) + Alec (deceased)= Water and Green Mellon

Walter Mellon + Lucy Hanby = Stephan (deceased), Daniel, Aden, Phillip, Ariana and Adam (twins) Mellon
Stephen, Aden and Phillip all suffer from the First Born Syndrome, so they all look or will look like this as a teen.

Gen 4

Aurora Stratton + Ash = Ethan, ILY, Katherine Stratton

Richard, Jr. Mellon + Genesis Midlocke = Richard III and Gracie Mellon

? + ? = Gabriel
(Later adopted by Richard, Jr. and Genesis

Water Mellon + Demi Love (never married) = Melanie and Shannen Love

Green Mellon + Amanda Carlson = Pierce, Russel, and Lyrisa Ann (deceased) Mellon (triplets)

Bonnie Stratton + Orlando Centowski = Amália Centowski

Daniel Mellon + Orlando = Hobart (adopted) and Ivy Mellon (Though technically, her genetic matierial is only from Daniel)

Aden Mellon + Elizabeth Kauker = Not married yet, No children

Extra Characters

Amblerle Silverring

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About this Blog

>> Monday, January 7, 2008

Welcome! This blog is my fun and silly experimental Sims 2 story blog. Feel free to start reading along with current entries, a basic summary is down below.

Current Season: Spring 3

This Season the storyline is Rendezvous. A few old characters meet up and a few new characters step into the picture.

So Far...
A group of sims sailed across the sea in hopes of a better land than the one they left.

Since they settled in the new land, there have been three mysterious murders (1) which have yet to be solved. It doesn't help that the two man police force is currently under suspension due to the accusations of one of their prisoners.

Meanwhile the elf, Amberle Silverring, is dealing with her own problem-- she's dating a vampire who has explained that in the past creatures like him ruled the land. If he woke up, then others must be waking soon too and they are not going to peacefully join society after having been Kings and Queens

Please feel free to join along reading current entries!

If you'd like some back stories, please visit the library to read previous story lines.

If you would like to start from the beginning you can start here and click "newer post" at the bottom of each post to progress through all the stories. (I would actually not recommend this.)

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The Society of Tierra de Legado
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I'm a proudly nerdy girl who knows too much about X-Men and has stories running through her head when walking. This is really my first real attempt to share just a few of the stories that not only play in my head when walking, but play out when I'm playing my sims. I hope you enjoy. ^___^

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