Elizabeth at The Wedding

>> Monday, December 29, 2008

Elizabeth relaxed with a book in the study in an old chair she had picked up at the local thrift store. The study was turning into her favorite room. Slowly, she and Aden added pieces of art and furniture until it became their space. They had picked up an old desk with paint splattered all over it which they had sanded down and re-painted all one color. The old fashioned wooden office chair they had picked up also at the same time and with a little bit of paint and a nice cushion, it made a very comfortable chair.

Elizabeth was enjoying her life with Aden. He had just been elected by the people to be a city council member, and he answered directly to the Mayor. Sure, it put a lot of strain on Aden as well as Elizabeth with his long hours and his cranky attitude, but over all it was a good job to have.

She was ready to put their young college behind them and start acting as an adult. Until Aden received an interesting letter in the mail. It was hefty, and had silver guilding on it. Elizabeth's hand had shaken as she held it. It was addressed to Aden, but it was from Green.

Elizabeth sighed in the large loney room as she thought back to the wedding the day before. She had done her best to prepare herself when Aden received the invite. Still, that first moment when she saw Green kiss his bride to be in the garden, she had jumped out of her seat as all the muscles in her body stiffened.

Aden had looked up at her and tugged her hand to have her sit down. "What's wrong?" He had asked when she sat. Elizabeth had only waved her hand as her heart beat in her chest. She was sure she had come up with some reason, but she couldn't remember it now.

Her life with Aden was good. It was great. It was all anyone could ask for. Would she give up her current life to live in that large house on the hill with Green? Did she really think that the "Prince" of Tierra de Legado was going to choose her as his "princess?" Elizabeth shuddered at her own foolishness and selfishness. What would she have done if Green had asked? Would she have left Aden without a word of warning so that he could feel what she had felt on the day Green got married?

Elizabeth promised herself that she would never do such a thing to him again. She loved Aden. And they would be married within the next year. They would have a house and possibly children soon. Life was perfect, she told herself constantly so as not to forget.

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What happened to Green? Part 4

>> Sunday, December 21, 2008

There was a knock on the door and Green poked his head in. He had the classic puppy dog eyes as he looked at her. In a way it made her uneasy.

"I think I love you," he said softly.

Amanda put up a hand and laughed nervously as Ann snickered. "I told you to use friendship. Was your aim off or what?" Green seemed to pay her no mind and only stood there, waiting for Amanda to make a move.

When Amanda caressed his cheek, he shuddered at her touch as if he was working to fight back the urge to pounce her right there in front of his mother. "Well, Green. What made you change your mind?"

Green stepped close to her, his blue eyes in a slight haze. For one so slight, he was very strong and secure in his romancing ability, as if he had often swept female sims off their feet on a whim. He wrapped an arm around her and pulled her in for a kiss she could not resist. "Oh," was all she could say after he let her go.

Their romance moved quickly, and before he left for school again he had asked her to marry him right on the front lawn.

Green stayed at school until the day his father passed. After that day, something in Ann seemed to snap, and she pressed harder for the wedding and made Amanda promise a girl. A girl that she insisted would be especially for Ann. Amanda couldn't help but to feel a bit uncomfortable at Ann's urging, but to her credit she hid it very well.

Amanda found herself slightly worrying that her first child might not be a girl. How would her mother in law react? It already seemed that Ann had split at the seams, part of her had gone with Alec. The part that was left secretly frightened Amanda. But it was not something she could admit to Green without possibly telling him the complete truth which she was sure would break the spell that she had placed over him.

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What happened to Green? Part 3

>> Sunday, November 30, 2008

With Green gone, Ann took Amanda out of the dinning room and to the near by game room to give her a special gift. "I had hoped it would not come to this."

"What is this?" Amanda held in her hands a small black and white doll with pins for hair.

"I call it Mr. Mickles. Do you like Green? Tell me what you think."

Amanda thought about her answer while examining Mr. Mickles. "Well, he is cute. I don't know much else because he don't seem to want to say much else. Talking with him before lunch was rather impossibe."

"This will change that. Take a pin from the head, think about Green, and stick the side labeled friendship."

Amanda held the doll in her hands, closely examining its body. There were different words in different sections, each mapped out clearly. She noticed that right next to the section that said "friendship" lay a section labeled "romance." What if Amanda stuck a pin there? She didn't really believe anything would happen. Where ever did Ann find such a thing anyway? Perhaps Ann planned to use the doll as a psychological device to get Amanda to try talking to Green again.

Still, Amanda would give almost anything to be successful. She refused to allow Green Mellon to reject her. As she held in her mind the image of Green, she pulled a pin out of the head. The doll glowed red and gave off a very small amount of heat as if it were alive. The pin was stuck a little past the side that said friendship. Amanda felt a small jolt, then the doll went cold as it had been when she first picked it up.

Had anything happened? Amanda wondered how long it would take to find out.

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What happened to Green? Part 2

>> Friday, November 28, 2008

A few phases ago, during the college break:

Lunch was indeed an odd affair. Amanda sat down to a fancy plate with a greasy grilled cheese sandwich resting on top.

Ann smiled, "Caliburst," she motioned to the servo, "is very fond of grilled cheese. I will say that no one makes grilled cheese like he does."

Green laughed. "Haha, I've missed these, Caliburst." Caliburst chirped happily at the compliments.

Ann had Amanda sit across from Green so that Amanda could have a good look at him. She eyed him up and down, taking in his blue eyes and his mussy black hair. He was rather cute, although he had an odd yet familiar aroma around him. Amanda hadn't been able to get close enough to smell him properly, but she was rather sure it was the smell of ground coffee beans.

"So, Green," Ann smiled politely, "tell us more about Uni. How's it going out there?"

Green glared at his mother as he responded with only one syllable. "Fine."

Ann turned to Amanda and said, "You know, Green has been without a girlfriend now for two phases."

Amanda turned to Ann, "Really? I can't believe someone so handsome would not have a girlfriend." She doubted compliments would work on him. Certainly something seemed off. But Amanda had never been one to give up until the prize was won. And if it wasn't worth keeping, she could always get rid of it.

Green sat still, glowering in his seat. "Listen, I'm going to see what Dad is up to and check out the rest of the house." He got up, leaving a disgusting half eaten grilled cheese sandwich on the delicate plate that had been before him.

"Ok dear!" Ann smiled at him.

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What happened to Green? Part 1

>> Monday, November 17, 2008

Amanda lay awake with Green resting on her arm. He had been quite tipsy, so he had drifted off to sleep quickly. She hadn't even had time to remove her make up after the wedding. Green had lead her up to the bedroom with one clear intent.

She lay as still as possible as she thought back on the events that lead up to this moment. Amanda had met Ann purely on accident one day at Watermellon's, the restaurant which was owned by her other older son. She hadn't known what would follow. It was a fast friendship, and both women enjoyed sharing gossip about the sims around town.

Amanda could remember the fateful day Ann had called asking to come over. She said she had a "proposition" for her.

Once Ann was there, she was very direct. "I'm proposing a union between you and my son."

Amanda laughed in disbelief. "What?"

"If you marry my son, think of the possibilities. You'd be considered royalty-- we're the chosen line of the founder. We got the best spot on the hill. You'd get that entire house and the reputation."

Amanda had eyed Ann suspiciously. It sounded too easy. And why did Ann even need to find a mate for her son? He had to be hideous. "I'm sorry, but somehow I don't think I'm understanding. And all I have to do is marry your son Green? What do you get out of this deal?"

"Grandchildren that will carry on the line." Ann paused as if she were done, but she could see that Amanda was not rushing to accept. "Look, I do have one grandchild already thanks to my older son-- well possibly two, to be honest, but I want more. The first baby girl you have will be my gift."

"What if I don't have a girl?"

"Well, then, we will see."

Amanda's curiousty was peaked. She had noticed right away that Ann held a high standing in the new society of the city even more influential than the Mayor. "How do you propose we go about this exactly?"

"Green will be home in a few weeks on break from college. I would like you to come have lunch at our house and meet him. At the moment, he has no romantic prospects that I have heard of, and I am sure he will take a liking to you right away."

Amanda nodded; it couldn't hurt to try. "Sure. I'll at least meet him."

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To the Prince!

>> Friday, November 14, 2008

Present playing day

"To the 'Prince'!" Everyone raised their glasses to Green in salute. The term "Prince" made him blush. It had started out as a joke on the ship. The Legacy household was compared to a castle, and Ann was the Queen. Everyone had great fun pretending to be peasants and calling Ann "Her Majesty."

Behind everyone, his beautiful bride smiled at him as she sipped from her glass. She had also mercilessly teased that she was marrying a Prince, and that once they were married, and Ann moved out, they would be the King and Queen. She loved to joke about it while he squirmed at the idea. He really hated being heir, and secretly, he wished Water were heir instead.

Richard, Jr., the Mayor, never one to be without attention, tapped his glass to quiet everyone for his toast. "Four phases ago, we crashed upon the rocky shore. Now here we stand together for this joyous occasion." As Richard began talking of the various projects and the hopes for the city, Green tuned out. It was just like Richard to use a public event to plug his various projects to drum up support. "And so, to the newlyweds!"

Green was getting a little tipsy. He kept an arm around his bride who solidly stood next to him. Everyone had seemed about done until his mother, Ann, picked up the tray that held the bottle and poured herself a glass then passed the bottle around so everyone could fill their glasses and those of their neighbors once more.

Ann turned towards Green with her glass raised. "Here's to all our wishes coming true. You have a truly beautiful and cunning bride. Her daughter will only be more so. To the future!"

Green was slightly tipsy, but the words she had chosen seemed off to him. He wasn't quite sure why or what was wrong with her speech. She had always made it clear she wanted lots of grandchildren. But his older brother, Water, already had one child, little Maddy. Why was she in such a rush?

After Ann's toast, the party began to wind down. Sims that had come to the top of the hill just to take part in the wedding were slowly heading home. Eventually, Ann sent the two newlyweds off with the promise that she would see everyone out.

Green wasted no time taking his lovely bride upstairs to his bed.

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Ama's morning

>> Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Present Playing Day:

Amália Stratton scrubbed her face thoroughly as the morning sun shined in through the bathroom window. She planned on a big day today.

Last night, she received a call from Orlando Mellon, her friend Hobart's father, asking her if she wanted to come visit the farm after school. Surprisingly, her mother said she could go. "Well, they do have the bus up and running now, and the trolley is working, so it should be ok."

Ama took out her toothbrush and blobbed toothpaste onto the bristles, smooshing it with her finger. It was going to be a busy day. It was her first trip to the farm since she had moved in. Hobart never had much to say about about the farm, even when she asked him.

Hobart's other father, Daniel, had been her mother's best friend since they were kids. They were so close that they were almost family, and Ama considered Daniel to be her uncle even though she didn't get to see him often. He always made sure to send gifts and letters to her on her birthday and holidays.

Daniel was a plant sim. Her mother said he hadn't always been that way, just happened one day when he was an adult. But the idea of being a living plant was neat.

Ama could imagine the head of the local Garden Club's reaction to the well grown walking and breathing plant. The image made Ama giggle.

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Uncertainty Part 6 - The End

>> Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When the phone rang, Elizabeth stood at her easel practicing her painting. She was almost in the zone, she could feel the edges of it blurring her vision and sending her into a trance. At least, until the phone rang.

Green sauntered past in his robe as he usually did even before the school break and over to answer the phone. He appeared the same as he ever had before-- still smelled of coffee, went to class in his robe, and spent all of his time writing. But there was something different. Much of his time was generally spent on the phone, and usually he would take it away from where Elizabeth stood working on her painting so that he could whisper into the phone out of her ear shot.

So that was it. Probably while on break, he had met someone else, and so he only pretended to not know her so that he could avoid the messy break up that would have been involved.

Elizabeth's cheeks flushed as she furiously dabbed at her painting. So foolish to think someone who kept their relationship secret actually loved her.

She heard Green say, "What?" His mouth fell into a frown. "Oh god, I'll be right there!"

"Green?" Elizabeth turned her head to face him even as he picked up the head set again to dial another number.

"My father passed away. I have to get home." She wasn't sure if he was talking to her at that point or to the taxi service because, after a short pause, he rattled off the dorm address then ran off to his room to pack.

Aden, sensing that something was wrong, came over to Elizabeth to ask her about it. "His father passed away."

Later that day, Green hopped into a taxi loaded with his things and left.

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Uncertainty Part 5 - Decision

>> Monday, November 10, 2008

Still a few years ago

"Aden!" Aden had been watching a chess game between the other two dormies when he heard Elizabeth's voice coming from behind him. He turned slightly to welcome her back, but before he had a chance to utter a word, she had her arms around him and kissed him passionately, as if she hadn't seen him for years.

Aden was taken aback. "Elizabeth? Is that you?" Her long hair had been cut short and was in a simple but stylish ponytail. Her lips were painted red to match her nails, and her eyes had a touch of eyeliner to them which made him think of a cat.

A bit of the old Elizabeth shined through as she looked up at him shyly, "Yes. I just... I mean we're almost adults, right? I needed to start looking like one to feel like one."

Aden smiled at her as he gently caressed her and kissed her on the cheek. "You look beautiful! Well, you always do of course. You could have shaved your head and you'd still be the most beautiful girl in the room."

"Oh, Aden." It sounded as if her voice had warbled just a bit and looked as if her eyes teared up. Aden hadn't seen her ever get teary before. If telling her how beautiful she was made her get teary eyed, Aden would have to make sure to do it more often.

She dabbed at her eyes, trying not to ruin her make up. "I am starving. How about we drive into town and go get something to eat?"

"Town" was an hour away, and having just returned from break, Aden didn't really want to drive back. But looking into her eyes, that comfortable smile, the way she seemed so warm to him after the last semester when she had been so distant, he felt that he simply couldn't refuse.

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Uncertainty Part 4 - After Break

>> Sunday, November 9, 2008

A few years ago

"Oh, Green! I missed you!" Elizabeth and Green stood together in the rec room. It was late at night, and most everyone had gone to bed or at the very least their room, giving Elizabeth private time with Green.

She reached over to hug him, to smell his odd musk and coffee beans scent, but he pushed her back. "What're you doing?"

Elizabeth stood still. Her hand burned where he had touched her. "Green, what's going on? You've been acting weird since you got back from break. This isn't funny."

Green's eyebrows furrowed as he stood before her. "What are you talking about?" When no words came out of her mouth and her eyes started to sting, Green brushed past her to head back to his room.

Elizabeth's feet wouldn't move. Her face flushed as the first few tears filled her eyes. Somehow, she wasn't sure how, she was back in her room with her door locked, crying into her hands. The parts of her body where Green had touched her burned with the memory, and she tried her best to wipe away his imaginary touches.

What had happened over break? She had no way of knowing and no one she could ask. Aden had told her exactly what he had done on the farm visiting his family, but he wasn't going to share what Green had done unless she out right asked.

Since Green had returned, he hadn't spoken to her more than a curious "hey" back to any of her greetings. Could he truly have forgotten her? Or was it all a lie?

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Buying a wedding dress

>> Saturday, November 8, 2008

Present playing day (because Uncertainty is supposed to take place a few years ago):

One of the shops that I have is simply called Bonnie's. It's a clothing shop that sells off the rack and home made items.

The plus side of this is that I can send sims shopping, such as this mysterious sim which I sent out for a wedding gown.

First I had her try it on to make sure that it looked good.

Then she spoke with Bonnie to tell her exactly what she wanted. Bonnie looks so excited, doesn't she?

So Bonnie set to work in the back room making the gown while her customers waited in line. (They weren't happy with the wait, but then I have a hack that won't allow them to throw their bags down.)

When Bonnie was finished, she wrapped the dress and gave it to her customer.

The customer then went into the back room, where Monique's computer is set up for such occasions, and she transfered $5,000 to Bonnie.

And the transaction was done!

Bonnie runs the shop well when I have sims visit. She suggestive sells, chats with customers, rings up quickly, and, the cutest thing to me, she sews when she isn't doing anything else.

I found out during this transaction that she's making pot holders like mad! (I watched her complete another one last night when I sent some other sims for a visit.)

This is the face she made when I told her to scrap her pot holder so that she could start right away on the dress. Gah, she's so adorable!

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Uncertainty Part 3 - Distance

>> Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Break was fast approaching. Aden had asked her if she wanted to come home with him. Could he feel it? Their distance?

"Well..." She looked down at the ground. Aden had just come back from one of his hikes. He was dusty, and smelled of fish from the ocean. "I do, but I'm going to do some extra work here. Some of the teachers have asked me to help building and prepping the college for the other students."

Aden gently caressed her cheek. "Aw... but I understand. It's important work."

At his touch, Elizabeth almost cried. She grabbed his hand and gently nuzzled it. "I have to go to class."

"Now? You don't have class for another two hours."

She turned away and began walking towards the door. "I have something that I need to do before class."

Aden followed her to the porch even as she hurried away. "I can walk you to your class."

"No, that's ok. I'll see you tonight!" She called back without looking over her shoulder, leaving him standing beside the porch.

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Uncertainty Part 2 - Pre School Break

Elizabeth, having woken up before Green for once, brewed some coffee for the both of them. She found that coffee and Green were connected. When she had a cup of a good coffee, straight black, it reminded her of those nights she snuck into his room, past Aden's room, where they would try their best to quietly make love on his twin bed. Half the time they spent repositioning, stopping to listen for any strange noises they thought they heard, and then giggling like children.

Her short green nightie now stayed in Green's room, usually under his mattress. She loved it. It was long enough to cover her, but short enough to suggest it wouldn't. For the first time in her life, Elizabeth felt like a bad sim, and it unfortunately turned her on.

The only thing that had worried her these past nights was that she knew she had to tell Aden. Aden still hadn't managed to spend much time with her. He had morning classes which allowed for her to spend the morning in Green's room with little worry. And she had plenty of afternoon classes with Green. Both were literature majors, so both shared the same teachers and class times.

Green stirred behind her. "Mmmm... coffee. Thanks." He caressed her cheek then softly kissed her on the lips.

Her heart jumped when he did small gestures like that. Why couldn't Aden do that? "I have to talk to him today."

"Who?" Green took a sip of his coffee.


Green had the cup to his lips when she said it. She could see him quickly swallowing his sip. "Oh. Well, that's true I guess." He looked deeply into his cup. "I sort of feel bad though. Maybe it isn't a good time right now. Maybe we should wait until we go home for break."

It was tempting, but then when would she tell him? By phone? Or in person right before he left to be with his family?

"I mean, it could make it difficult living around here. We should get our own place together." Green caressed her cheek.

"I'll think about it. I guess. I do like the sound of our own place." Elizabeth drank from her cup, memories of public trysts in phone booths and in the rec room, the sneaking, the excitement, the guilt and shame. "We'll see."

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Uncertainty Part 1 - Green and Elizabeth

>> Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Events Previous:

Aden and Elizabeth are a couple. They came over on the ship together and were jammed in with other sims including Green (he is the chosen "Legacy" heir so he's something of a prince), who had been their roomie at the old Uni.

Once they arrived, Green, Aden and Elizabeth spent some time helping to build up the city while Richard spoke and made deals with the locals. There was a college, and Green, Aden and Elizabeth were to be the first outsiders to attend.

A few years ago from present playing day:

Green ferociously pressed his lips to hers as he half lay on top of her on the sofa. Her legs dangerously dangled half off the sofa, so she clung to him, pulling him in closer, matching his ferocity in her attempt to not fall on the ground. Green smelled of musk and fresh ground coffee beans. Elizabeth almost laughed out loud when she realized that he very often smelled of coffee but for his kisses which covered her face, her lips, her eye lids. Aden never kissed her so passionately.

It had started with the ship ride to the new land. Green had hung around Elizabeth and Aden so often when they were on the ship, the three had become close. But her feelings towards Aden and Green had managed to balance out so that she had preferred neither over the other by the end of it all, although everyone aboard the ship accepted that she and Aden were a couple.

Green grabbed her legs with one hand and held her tightly so she no longer felt like she would fall. She threw her arms around his neck and focused only on kissing him; although her mind wandered she did her best to ignore it and focus on Green. Green and his sweet kisses, his hungry passionate kisses.

At the new college, Aden was often away. He enjoyed hiking much more than Elizabeth did. Although he often invited her, she often declined. Instead, Elizabeth spent her time painting, a new hobby she was surprised to find she enjoyed.

Green noticed her painting one day. He had stood behind her a while before he went to his room to do more work on his novel. It wasn't until after dinner that day, when Aden was at class that, out of the blue he leaned in close and told her, "When you get that look of concentration on your face, you look so cute!" Elizabeth had blushed furiously. No one called her cute, not even Aden.

Green lay his full weight upon her. He wasn't heavy in the least, and surprisingly, she found him to actually be rather on the skinny side for someone who spent all his time writing and drinking coffee. His body pressed up against her, warming her bare limbs. She ran her hand up and down his poor cold back. Perhaps the rec room had not been the best choice for this unexpected trist, but the idea that they could be caught--!

"Oh, Green!" She whispered huskily in his ear. Green's kisses came faster and furiouser.

Didn't he have a girlfriend already? Ashley Stratton had been his girlfriend. "She's still a teen." Green had told her numerous times. "She's a kid. I've already talked to her about it, honestly. We're still good friends though."

Green whispered in her ear, "Cmon. Let's go back to my room." Green grabbed their clothes which lay strewn on the floor. He cautiously walked to the door of the rec room and unlocked it. Glacning around, he motioned that the way was clear, and like two little kids sneaking back into a house after staying up all night, they ran over to his room; their bare feet making no sound on the soft carpet.

Green locked the door after she entered. Dumping their clothes on the ground, he gently lay her on his twin bed, then lay on top of her. They spent the night entwined in each other's arms.

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The Dress

>> Monday, November 3, 2008

The knife sliced through the red bell pepper making a quick clack each time the knife hit the cutting board. His hand gripped the knife as it violently cut through the delicate pepper. The scent of dry spices tickled his nose as the snapping of the meat browning in a pan filled his ears.

It was all therapeutic. Water was convinced that there was nothing good cooking could not cure. His spoon twirled in the pan, turning over the meat and revealing the brown side. The sweet scent of the cooking garlic and onions filled the little kitchen. This kitchen was not as lovely as his old kitchen in the old land, but it would do for now, until he could find a larger house with a large kitchen.

Water added the other ingredients to the pan while stirring. "You don't like my dress?" Demi had seemed surprised. Did he like it? Why ever would she think that? True, she had looked lovely, but she always looked lovely. The way her tousled blond hair swept across her face, even after she brushed it. The way the dress had hugged her curves and pinched in at her waste with a thin little belt... but the dress itself left much to be desired.

"Bonnie gave it to me. She found it in the rafters of her new shop and thought I would like it." Water would have to remember to give Bonnie a call to thank her for that. The dress was all flowers and lace. It had an ugly collar similar to a man's dress shirt.

"You don't like it!" Water stirred the beans into the chili vigorously as he thought about his reaction and Demi's reaction to him. "You know what, just forget it. Would you leave please? I still have some cleaning to do."

The chili became dark red as the spices spread out, touching everything in the pan. "Demi, why are you acting this way? It's just a dress!"

The strong spicy chili smell hung in the air slowly filling the house. Perhaps it might even reach upstairs. She had to be hungry. "It's more than just the dress. God Water, are you that dense?" Tears angrily fell down her cheeks and she furiously started wiping at them. "Just go!"

Water placed the bowl in front of the empty chair then sat down with a bowl himself to wait.

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