Uncertainty Part 2 - Pre School Break

>> Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Elizabeth, having woken up before Green for once, brewed some coffee for the both of them. She found that coffee and Green were connected. When she had a cup of a good coffee, straight black, it reminded her of those nights she snuck into his room, past Aden's room, where they would try their best to quietly make love on his twin bed. Half the time they spent repositioning, stopping to listen for any strange noises they thought they heard, and then giggling like children.

Her short green nightie now stayed in Green's room, usually under his mattress. She loved it. It was long enough to cover her, but short enough to suggest it wouldn't. For the first time in her life, Elizabeth felt like a bad sim, and it unfortunately turned her on.

The only thing that had worried her these past nights was that she knew she had to tell Aden. Aden still hadn't managed to spend much time with her. He had morning classes which allowed for her to spend the morning in Green's room with little worry. And she had plenty of afternoon classes with Green. Both were literature majors, so both shared the same teachers and class times.

Green stirred behind her. "Mmmm... coffee. Thanks." He caressed her cheek then softly kissed her on the lips.

Her heart jumped when he did small gestures like that. Why couldn't Aden do that? "I have to talk to him today."

"Who?" Green took a sip of his coffee.


Green had the cup to his lips when she said it. She could see him quickly swallowing his sip. "Oh. Well, that's true I guess." He looked deeply into his cup. "I sort of feel bad though. Maybe it isn't a good time right now. Maybe we should wait until we go home for break."

It was tempting, but then when would she tell him? By phone? Or in person right before he left to be with his family?

"I mean, it could make it difficult living around here. We should get our own place together." Green caressed her cheek.

"I'll think about it. I guess. I do like the sound of our own place." Elizabeth drank from her cup, memories of public trysts in phone booths and in the rec room, the sneaking, the excitement, the guilt and shame. "We'll see."


petalbrook August 28, 2009 at 12:02 PM  

Uh oh. I've got a bad feeling about this.


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