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>> Friday, February 27, 2009

Amberle felt as if she had been tricked. Again.

Samantha had said that she wanted to discuss lesson plans. That was why she had invited Amberle out. But it became clear right away that Samantha had more on her mind than simply school.

"So, about Henry; what do you think?"

Amberle sighed. "Oh dear. This was a trap, wasn't it?"

Samantha laughed. "Oh, come on. Spill it. You know, he was asking me about you."

It was Amberle's own fault, really, for agreeing to go out with the teacher of high school students.

Amberle looked around the room for the nearest exit in case she found a need. Instead, Water Mellon, the restaurant owner and celebrity chef extraordinaire, caught her eye. He was walking from table to table, greeting people with a smile.

"Samantha..." Amberle said in a quiet and almost mournful tone, but Samantha was only watching Water as he moved closer to their table. Amberle did not exactly want the conversation to return to the topic of herself or of Henry, yet she still asked, "What do you think about Henry? Doesn't something seem, I dunno, weird about him?"

Samantha appeared to fight herself in order to take her gaze off of her former lover and return to the problem at hand. "Weird? Do you mean because he's the most handsome sim ever? Or do you mean because he seems to have an interest in you?"

"Both, I guess. He doesn't know me."

"Good evening ladies." Water Mellon stood at the end of their table, a small smile on his lips at seeing Samantha again. Inwardly, Amberle's heart beat hard in fear for Samantha and for Demi, Water's partner. Nothing good would come of this.

Water took Samantha's hand and kissed it in greeting. At Amberle, he made a small little bow, clearly aware that she was not going to freely offer her hand to be kissed.

"It's good to see you two. How is my daughter behaving in school?" He said to Amberle. "Amália isn't rubbing off on her, is she?"

Amberle tried to smile at the thought of Ama influencing her innocent cousin, Melanie. "Oh dear. Aren't the boys supposed to be the troublesome ones?"

Samantha smirked. "Oh they are once they're teens. Some of the things I put up with. Especially from that Gabe of yours."

Water laughed but with a flirtatious wink. "I think you two ladies deserve some dessert on the house for all the work you do with our future generations."

"Thank you," Samantha smiled up at him, the corners of her mouth curling up sensually.

Water went back to the kitchen leaving the women alone. A small time later, two large slices of chocolate mint cake were sent out to them.

Amberle glanced at Samantha. "You still like him, don't you?"

"Who wouldn't love someone who makes cake like this?" Samantha took another small bite and gently savored it before she swallowed it. "You know, they say how you eat indicates how you have sex."

Amberle swallowed her bite before she could chew it. She was sure her face turned bright red. "You're horrible!" Amberle leaned forward and whispered, "He's basically married."

Samantha shrugged. "Not technically. And not happily. He can't be. She's all wrong for him."


"Anyway, we're here to talk about you not me. Henry and you."

Amberle shoveled a large chunk of the thick chocolate cake into her mouth to give her an excuse to not answer any of Samantha's questions.

Samantha only laughed. "Wow... that was a large bite. So that's how you like it, huh? Perhaps I'll let Henry know."

Amberle gulped down her bite; her jaw dropped in surprise. She couldn't even choke out another "Horrible!" in all her embarrassment.


So I had something completely different to be posted today, but I changed my mind and posted this instead.

There are two main reasons I chose to post this now (among a few others). First off, Water has to be my most handsome sim ever (and all Maxis genes). (Just look!) The second reason I am not going to tell you now, but virtual cookies if you can guess!

I will hint that reason number two is not in the text, it's just the pictures (including the one I just linked to). Oh, that probably only muddies things up more. I'm horrible at giving hints. XD

Next week:

Someone needs to borrow a cup of sugar. Can Amberle hand over the cup without causing an accident?

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After School

>> Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Your house is so... big!" Alberta glanced around Kate's messy bedroom as she absent mindedly moved a shirt from the spot of floor where she sat. "And the view from the hill is gorgeous. I'm surprised they send you down into the city at all!"

Kate only smiled. Alberta was so... innocent. Everything to her was amazing. Kate could picture Alberta's life script containing a lot of exclamation marks and words like, "Wow!" "I'm glad they do. I wouldn't want to stay here all the time. There's nothing to do."

Alberta glanced around Kate's room. Her large eyes seemed to take in the room in large gulps. "I would love to live here all the time. It must be so quiet."

"You prefer quiet, huh?" It was the little things, little clues and insights into the inner Alberta that excited Kate the most. It was like hunting for Easter eggs in a large and lush garden. Each clue Alberta let slip, Kate tucked away safely in the back of her mind as she slowly began to paint a portrait of the girl.

"I love it." She turned her large eyes on Kate. They were deeper and darker than the forest at night. Something lurked behind her brown eyes, but since she so rarely looked directly at anyone for longer than a moment, Kate found it impossible to see just what was hidden.

Kate smiled at her as she opened up the invitation she had been meaning to extend for weeks. "Well, any time you feel like coming over, you're free to. My dad doesn't mind giving us a lift back to the city."

Alberta appeared as if she were trying to smile, but it looked more like a grimace. "Thank you, but I can't really come over often. Just, you know, homework and stuff."

She was such an interesting, irregular girl and at her odd grimace, Kate wanted to reach over and hug her. Alberta was shy, but strong willed. She could not be pushed or pulled into doing anything she didn't want. Kate had seen that aspect of her personality right away when she had resisted Gabe's "charms."

So Kate only shrugged and said, "That's ok. It's a never ending invite, so know you're always welcome."

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>> Monday, February 23, 2009

sk8chic: Awesome! Told you it'd work.

2sweet4U: I hate this user name you know.

sk8chic: You'll get used to it.

2sweet4U: Really. It's horrible. Why did I let you pick my name for me again?

sk8chic: Well, you said that you didn't know how. I think you were just being lazy.

2sweet4U: Damn. You're onto me.

sk8chic: Did you just cuss?

2sweet4U: What? It's not like anyone will hear me.

sk8chic: But now I'm *offended.*

2sweet4U: Shaddup lol

sk8chic: Again! Wow. I never knew you had such a potty mouth.

2sweet4U: *rolls eyes*

sk8chic: lol. Hey, I think Ms. Kerr is looking.

2sweet4U: *pretends to work*

sk8chic: Gotcha.

2sweet4U: Cow!

sk8chic: Moose!

2sweet4U: lmao. But what if Ms. Kerr does catch us?

sk8chic: Ah, we'll be fine. She's really laid back. You see Gabe and Rich get in trouble for having that SSX competition that one time?

sk8chic: Oh hey. Speak of the devil. Don't look now, but he's behind you.

2sweet4U: Who?

sk8chic: Gabe, stupid.

2sweet4U: Really? Oh dear.

sk8chic: Want me to switch places with him? I'm sure he'll love your user name.

2sweet4U: That's SOOOOO not funny.

sk8chic: *pinches your cheeks*
sk8chic: lmao. I see you with your head in your hands. Perk up. Things could be worse. Glenda could be following you around school.
sk8chic: So you are coming over today, right?

2sweet4U: Sure sure. So long as you make no mention of this username. To anyone. Ever.

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Embarrassing Amberle Pt. 2

>> Friday, February 20, 2009

"I must say, you are simply ravishing."

Amberle looked down at her clothes. She was wearing her worn out old weekend clothes-- an old tee shirt with jeans that had tears in them. He was definitely over doing it. "Uh.. thank you, Henry. You look quite nice too." The thought made Amberle blush again. She was never quite sure what to say, and this was the first time she had ever been completely honest.

"You are an elf I hear?"

She was quite used to being asked about her ears. And she was used to people asking if she was an actual elf. But something about the way he phrased his question made her hair stand up in warning.

Amberle put weight on the one foot closest to the stairs. "Well, yes. Technically."

He seemed to notice her weight shift as he smiled and planted himself in a position before the stairs that would be difficult to get around. "That is fascinating. I have never seen an elf."

"Well, they usually stay hidden. I'm not so great at that." Amberle smiled at him, but she felt her training from her old life coming back to her in the urge to curtsy before excusing herself. She fought it though she could see where it came from. He stood tall and graceful before her as if he were trained royalty the way Leander's mother and aunt had been. "I'm sorry, but I have class tomorrow, and I have a bit of preparation to do before bed. Please, excuse me."

She tried to move past his imposing body to the stairs hoping that she wouldn't trip so he would have an excuse to touch her. But in one swift movement, Henry stood in her path with his dark eyes staring at her in a way that she was unaccustomed to being stared at. She had heard of the word "hunger" used to refer to something other than the hunger one gets in their stomach, but she had never seen a look that made it make sense. Now it made sense. He was looking at her with a hunger.

"I was curious. I wanted to go out to eat at the restaurant down the street, but I would feel foolish going on my own. Would you care to join me?"

Amberle's body felt as if it had split in two. Her heart fluttered at his attention turned fully on her, but her stomach churned.

Her cheeks flushed with confusion at the fighting emotions, she shook her head and said, "Sorry," before she stepped around him in a move much more graceful than she had thought she was capable. "Good night."


I just really like that last picture. I actually made an icon of it:

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Embarrassing Amberle

>> Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Amberle stepped softly down the stairs as if she were trying to sneak up on the night.

She had been in her room thinking when Samantha Kerr had called. Ama had asked her the oddest question today in school, one that Amberle hoped none of the other children had heard for fear that parents might end up calling. But class had continued on as normal with no other odd questions to be asked.

On the phone, Samantha had said in a very insistent manner, "You have to get down here! Come now."

Amberle knew it was something embarrassing. Samantha Kerr enjoyed making Amberle blush. Forcing blind dates and strange men on her was a surefire way to accomplish the mission.

But despite that, it was enough to distract Amberle from her thoughts. It also meant she would not be heading out to the near-by forest on this chilly winter night. So she had resigned herself to being embarrassed with only the hope that it was not someone that Amberle would see constantly like the landlord (again).

At the bottom of the steps, there stood Samantha talking with a man. It looked as if he had been about to go upstairs when Samantha had caught him and kept him busy while waiting for Amberle to show up.

"Ah! Amberle!" Samantha smiled at her as she came down the stairs. "Have you met Henry?"

"No..." Henry turned to face her, and she could only stand there as she took in the full beauty of the man. In the back of her head, she even thought he was more handsome than the most handsome of the elves.

He stuck out his hand to greet her, a smile slowly crept on his face as he watched her. "Hello. I'm Henry. I just moved into the top floor apartment."

His shoulder faced Samantha who took the time to make a quick exit after making a thumbs up sign at Amberle that made her blush.

"Hi." Amberle smiled like a fool, but it couldn't be helped. Something about his eyes pulled her in and almost made her feel giddy as she had never felt before.

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I've got a proper family tree now thanks to Liz M at the TSR forums who offered to help my lazy self.

So now you can see who's related to who for fun.

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"Mr. Big"

>> Monday, February 16, 2009

"So, where were you last night?"

Joseph Hanby looked at her with a face she knew was set to disbelieve anything she could say. Not that she would explain anything. Sofia Stratton did not feel a need to explain herself to anyone. What she did was her own business.

"I was at the club." She had been. After so viscerally introducing herself to her mysterious costumed man, she had found herself surprised to wake up laying nude on the sofa. Her entire body had hurt to move, and now, after sleeping through the day, her body still hurt.

"All night?"

"That is what I said, isn't it?"

Sofia could see the problem in their relationship. He didn't trust her. By nature, he was a suspicious man; it was how he had managed so well in his chosen career. Of course, he had a right not to trust her, but Sofia still saw a problem with it.

They called him "Mr. Big" and treated him as the criminal mastermind of the whole operation. But no one saw him without getting through her first. He spent most of his time hiding away, maintaining his mysteriousness.

Sofia stood up and walked past him to get ready for another night at the club. She left her dirty plate on the table knowing that he wouldn't be able to resist cleaning up after her. That's right, she thought. Remember your place.

Sofia smirked at the thought of Joseph being a mysterious criminal mastermind. He was nothing. And he was beginning to get on her nerves.

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One Last Dig - The end of autumn

>> Saturday, February 14, 2009

Richard sat in an official manner at his seat behind his desk. "We still have the open position for Librarian. Any names come to mind for consideration?"

"What about younger sims that we can groom for the part? Alberta Ferguson?"

Richard shook his head. "Her grandmother is going to pass away soon, and she's going to have to run the cemetery."

The three sat for a moment before Aden said, "What about Ashley Stratton?"

"Oh, there's an idea. Hmm. Let's review her files and send her a note, shall we?" Richard smiled in an official and business-like manner. "Now, Jeanie, how is the construction on the new medical facility going? Are we still under budget?"

"Well, I am happy to announce it is complete. But we were a little over budget. We sill have enough to pay the salaries, but the summer festival will have to wait until after taxes get in."

"Over budget?" Richard still smiled, but his smile seemed to change. Aden could feel Richard's thoughts from across the desk. "What exactly was over budget?"

Jeanie looked uncomfortable. "Well, the building was fine. It's all up to code. It was just the interior decorations."

Richard hid his displeasure well. The new "medical facility director" (which was only a fancy term for their one and only doctor) was a rather strong woman who had already butted heads with Richard on what exactly were the highest priorities for the new facility lay.

Richard seemed to shrug off the entire issue. "Oh well. We just won't hand out any scholarships this year. Any other issues?"

Jeanie and Aden glanced at one another. There was certainly one large issue that Richard seemed intent on ignoring. If either of the council members brought it up, he would wave it away and say that "The Orlandos" had it under control.*

The meeting was called. Jeanie and Aden stood at the same time, but Aden stopped when he caught Richard's eye.

"Aden, we must talk, catch up you know."

Jeanie left rather quickly. Aden watched her go and felt a pang of jealousy like a school boy watching one of the children leaving early for a dentist appointment.

"So how are things? How is the new house?"

Aden fought the truth back from the tip of his tongue. "Good. Things're a little tight is all."

It was only too clear that Richard had not been listening. "Good good. So when is the wedding?"

A sigh ran away from Aden before he could stop it. "Well, it was postponed for various reasons. Mostly out of respect for Green's loss."

"Oh, so you aren't married yet?"

"Is that a problem?"

"Well, it's just that it will have to go into the file. Elizabeth will have to be taxed for half of your new property's value, you know, since she's not a city employee."

Aden could simply not believe the gall of the man. He laughed softly trying to minimize half crazy sound of his gawfaw. "Oh, uhm, right. Well. I had better head home now before she worries."

"I understand completely. I'll see you tomorrow."


* "The Orlandos" is a new one. That would be the city's police force. Orlando Centowski, Ama's father, and Orlando Mellon, one of Hobart's fathers.

This marks the end of autumn. Which means new header picture!

Finally you meet my town's mayor. This same man is also Gabe's adopted father.

Richard was never elected to this post. He calls himself "Mayor," but he sort of created and stepped into the position. No one has objected so far. And Richard does intend on passing this position to his son Richard, the 3rd.

Also, the City Center they're in right now is an actual usable community lot. Richard gives speeches from time to time. And other sims can go to the community lot to meet and talk with Richard.

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Sofia Stratton

>> Thursday, February 12, 2009

It had taken a while, but Sofia finally managed to shut down the night club and get everyone out. It was the worst part of her night trying to get the drunkards out. For that she relied on the cook and bartender who usually swept the place clean as she dealt with getting rid of the light weights. If a customer was too troublesome, she usually saw it right away and had "friends" she would call in to help her take care of her problem.

Sofia thanked the guys who had stayed to clean up by handing them each a $100 tip. Once they left, she was finally alone.

Sofia was rarely alone. When she did find herself with some quiet time, she celebrated the silence. Tonight, she felt a drink was in order.

She walked towards the bar to pour herself a glass of her best whiskey when out of the corner of her eye she saw a movement from one of the more private booths which contained nothing more than a sofa.

"What are you doing here?" She said angrily. "We're closed."

Then she recognized him. He had been the stranger she had met earlier in the night out front of the club when she had stepped out to get a few deep breaths of the slowly chilling fresh air. He looked like no one else she had seen before. He wore what had to be a wig, and his clothes looked like a costume of some sort.

His smile disarmed her with its charm, but there was the barest hint of danger that made the fine hairs on her arm stand up. Perhaps it was the way his eyes traveled down her face to the tight gown covering her body. Or maybe it was the way he almost appeared to lick his lips as his eyes wandered back to hers. "I hope you will forgive me. I only wanted to see you before I left."

She found herself smiling at him now. His dark brown eyes seemed to dig into her, holding her steady. "I'm sure I can." Her own voice seemed far away as if it wasn't her speaking. The only thing she could see were his eyes.

One of his arms slipped around her waist, pulling her body close to him. Slowly, he leaned down to kiss her very bare neck as his free hand traced down to her shoulder. The lace of her dress scratched over the hard curve of her shoulder as his hand deftly slipped the scrap of fabric down. Against her exposed skin, she could feel the embroidered silk of his costume. A glance at the couch behind them was all the permission he needed. He had her gown off by the time they took the step back. His own costume lay in a pile on the floor by the time they sat down.

There was no time to think and hardly time to breath. His kisses were fierce and strong, but never strong enough. She pulled him towards her ferociously, surprising herself. Her head swam; was she breathing? Her vision became blurry and dark around the edges, but she refused to stop pulling him closer.

As the darkness began to drop over her vision, Sofia took a last glance at his eyes. There was a sudden clarity as the light hit his eyes from a different angle. They were not normal human eyes, but something much more malicious and frightful. And it was already too late for her.

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Kate's Warning - For the Love of Alberta

>> Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Alberta stood in front of the school in her PE outfit, letting her eyes wander across the front lawn. Her eyes came to rest on the basketball court where Gabe and his brother, Richard, were playing a rough game of basketball.

Alberta felt a pull to watch as Richard made a basket then playfully teased Gabe by grabbing him in a headlock and giving him a noogie. Gabe pushed him away roughly, but he was laughing when he turned his head in Alberta's direction. His laugh seemed to fall away, but it left a smile so soft and sweet Alberta blushed and turned away.

Kate came up behind her and poked her in the shoulder. "Watch out with Gabe, okay? He acts sweet here, but let me tell you he's anything but!"

Alberta's heart thumped so hard she could hear the rush of blood in her ears. She had wanted to ask Kate about Gabe, but never had for fear of giving away much too much information. "Really? What does he do?"

"Oh he's horrible. He goes through girls, like, constantly. Plus, you know the bar in the slums?"

Alberta nodded in what she hoped was an innocent answer to the question. She definitely didn't want to tell Kate that she lived in the apartment building next to that bar. It was a scary place even when it wasn't open during the day.

"He visits there frequently. He drinks. And he smokes. And he plays cards. His poor brother usually goes along with him to keep him out of trouble."

Alberta's mental image.

Alberta dared to glance over at the basketball court again. Based on what Alberta had heard and seen, Richard was being groomed by his father to be the next mayor.

But if Richard was being groomed to be someone as important as Mayor, what was Gabe being groomed for? Alberta watched him as she wondered about his home life. Did he ever feel ignored or unwanted? Did he ever feel out of place too?

Kate elbowed her. "So, space cadet, you wanna come over to my house after school?"

Alberta squirmed. "I'd love to, but I have to ask permission first. Maybe some other time?"

Kate's smile suddenly became huge. "Sure! Some other day. But, hey, we should probably start throwing this ball back and forth before Ms. Kerr sees us."


Extras: Just thought this was cute.

LOL at the two boys in the background. What ARE they doing?

Both Gabe and Richard are a little on the mean side (Ok, they are both grouchy sims with only one nice point), so it's noogies galore with those two.
It seemed the plan they hatched on this free day I gave them was rather simple. Richard wanted to talk to Kate (I would guess to distract her). Gabe stood by Alberta waiting. Kate refused to stop throwing the ball back and forth with Alberta. So Gabe, with nothing to do, grabs Richard and noogies him.

Well Alberta must have been paying attention because later in the girl's bathroom (despite being a nice sim):

Alberta noogied Kate.

Alberta then noogied Glenda who she hasn't really even talked with yet. (I can tell you she'll pay for that later.)

I hope this isn't a trend. XD

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