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>> Sunday, August 31, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

Bonnie and Orlando cleaning up the old place

Bonnie and Orland were the first of my sims to move into a proper apartment. The home I had them living in was more meant to be a store front than an actual home. So I converted it into a community lot. (This of course means that other sims will be able to stop by and buy custom creations from Bonnie's shop when I'm not playing Bonnie.

The apartment is much more spacious than the old place. Everyone has their own rooms, and they now have a proper kitchen and dining room. The place is about $2,000 a week (which is every Monday.) Perhaps this will change my rotation time line since rent might be forgotten on Mondays.
The apartment building has this lovely playground attached. Bonnie and Orlando are on the first floor to be close to the playground.

This is Amália's new bedroom.

Amália also had a birthday in the new home.

Amália as a toddler. It's hard to tell because her hair is brown, and her mother's is black, but she looks just like her mother.

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>> Saturday, August 30, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

Green and his cousin, Aden, are having a time in college!

Green has been working on his first book more than his school work. (As always. He was a horrible student in high school, and often had to be pushed to do his work.)

To help him stay up late, Green prefers a nice mug of strong black coffee. No girly espressos for him! I think he just likes the weight of the mug and the serious look it give him when he sips from it.

Green finally finished his book by the time his first semester was over. Poems for A., a set of poems he wrote for his sweetheart, Ashley, actually did really badly.

Green still gave her the book though. He was quite proud of it after all. He is already starting on his next book.

Aden Mellon, the unfortunate soul who is not only a middle child, but also has the misfortune of a horribly deformed face like his brother Stephen, is coming into his own. In other words, he's really growing on me.

Aden is more laid back. Originally, his parents had him running the store until his brother Phillip became a teen and decided that he was a fortune sim, and he wanted experience running a store. Thank goodness Phillip took over because Aden was seriously depressed. He hated running the store. He even hated going in with Phillip to help out.

Now at college, Phillip enjoys star gazing with the telescope (he's hoping to find the aliens again), and he's gained the attention of a cute young woman from his dorm.

Early one morning, he invited her out on a hike. Unfortunately, he lead them through a poison ivy patch, and they both came home itching. It took a while with all the itching, but Aden finally managed to get his first kiss.

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Ann's vacation day 3

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

The next place Ann stayed was at the Old Winery and Mill. Once again, another place that had been family owned and was converted into a hotel.

Once she checked in to her hotel, Ann went across the street to the Town Square to have a lovely lunch.

After lunch, Ann sat down at a small cafe and ordered her first Greek Coffee. (Which only looks a lot like what she calls espresso.

See Ann in the window?

Ann then walked over to a neighboring cafe and bar. She was still full from lunch, so she instead had herself a proper drink.

The lovely thing about this place though, is actually coming for a romantic dinner at night.

Ann was alone, and had no one to have a romantic dinner with, so she snapped a pic of this guy

Ann went back to her hotel and called her family. Once again she started talking about Sofia. I suppose of all the sims, Ann is onto Sofia. It wouldn't surprise me if she didn't trust her.

For an elder, Ann managed to pack a lot of stuff into one day! And she walked everywhere too. Puts me to shame.

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