Growing families

>> Monday, June 23, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

Bonnie Centowski gave birth to a lovely baby girl named Amália.

Daniel Mellon became a plant sim. O_O His partner didn't appear too happy about it, but that didn't stop the wedding.

Everyone that was important to Daniel was there. It was definitely the happiest day of his life.

Soon after the wedding, Daniel felt a tickle all over. His nose began to twitch, and ACHOO! He sneezed out an adorable little plant sim that he and his partner called Ivy Mellon. (I know, original, huh? XD)

Next door to Daniel, things at the Mellon Farm have been going really well business wise. Phillip has a great head for business! He suggested his family sell live stock and it's products. So they have renamed The Fish House to The Farmer's Market, and now they sell meat, milk, eggs and fertilizer.
Phillip treated his sister out to a meal at Water's Gourmet Diner.

The cute part was that while they were there, they ran into other sims like their brother Daniel.

I also took note of this:

Cherrie Smith and Jeannie Stratton out to a lunch date together. Jeanie was married into the family first and it turned out she was good buds with the sim who had been stalking my sims for a while. That's when I first became aware of the plight of my NPCs. Now I keep a close eye on them. (See the second paragraph of this post to see what is up with my NPCs.)

Also, I just love this kitchen. Buggybooz added more parts to it since the last time I played. So I had more to play with. It looks so lovely in game.

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Water Mellon Down to Business

>> Tuesday, June 17, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

Water was recently featured in Legacy Living's very first article about the local businesses.

He has been busy!

It all started with the chocolate shop. Water made gourmet candies for a company before he became a celebrity chef. As he was working, he came up with his own delicious ideas involving exotic flavors he'd picked up from his travels. So he thought, "why not?"

The paintings are painted by Water and his father, Alec, who runs a gallery. Water wanted his shop to look good and be inviting. So he leaves out the nectar juice for guests to enjoy.

Women flock to the shop to visit personally with Water. It's all about the show. Nevermind that one small box of chocolates costs $500 and the larger one is $1,000. For the way he makes the ladies feel, it is well worth it.

Water is indeed a romance sim. But he has selected his one, Demi Love. She doesn't help him at the chocolate shop (for good reason!), so that's supposedly why she wasn't mentioned in the article about Water.

Demi loves Water greatly, but although she had promised to help him in his next venture, she found she couldn't. Doctor's orders. She was pregnant!

Water wanted better than the little hole in the wall they were living, so he bought a little shop and turned it into "Water's Gourmet Diner."

It has a homey feel, but you can go and get some really fancy stuff for a pretty reasonable price. Plus, in what other fancy restaurant do you get to meet the chef? Water doesn't want anything between himself and the customers. He wants them to see exactly what kind of kitchen he runs.

To help supplement his earnings, Water sells his famous pies now at the front. It doesn't deter sims from eating there though.

Water has done really well. He started off with nothing, and he's continually won the Best of the Best Award. Thanks to all the cash he's raking in, Water was able to buy a lovely new home.

Just in time too.

Sorry! I hope this wasn't too long. Water is one of my favorite sims. I wasn't sure when he started out with nothing that he'd be able to pull all this off, but this has been what I wanted for him. All of this happened over a five sim day period. So it was like a year for him! Wow, he works fast.

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High school is up and running

>> Thursday, June 5, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

The Students. In front Ethan and Tristin, in back: Ily and Ashley

I played through the high school today. Samantha Kerr is the sim in charge of the high school.

Students arrives around 8 and have a nice little break to chat, use the rest room and prep.

About two or three times a week, students will work on grade work. See the red head (dyed) in the back? She's the hardest worker. Today she had over 150% on her gradework!

Meanwhile, Tristin in the back (see his look of worry?) has a hard time working on his grade work. Samantha had to have a talk with him about it.

I don't know how, but Tristin managed to get on Sam's good side. He told her how he feels his life has a higher purpose, and that he isn't sure school is meant for him. He spends a lot of time praying to a higher power which he's sure will decide his fate.

Sam couldn't really argue with him after he opened up to her about his belief in a higher power (a subject still taboo among these sims, just like marrying service NPCs). So she asked him to make everyone lunch.

When students aren't working on gradework, they have other activities they can do. Some days they might have free time.

This week, they had their very first guest speaker.

Water Mellon came to the school to talk about his sales techniques.

The high school students are only in school from about 8am to 1pm. This is because the other half of the high school is.. da dada daaa~! After School programs!

After school programs can include time spent with other older sims learning skills or time after school working in quality jobs where they learn skills. Richard Mellon, the mayor, actually has a set of rules regarding the after school programs. Namely, students must be learning a skill. They can't just be tidying up all day.

Here is Ily practicing dance with my favorite sim, Ann. When Ann went to college, she earned the dancing scholarship, so she's helping Ily earn a dance scholarship as well. A dancer should know more than just ballet.

Here, Ethan talks with Water after the speech. "Teach me!" I can see him saying. When I play Water next, I'm sure Water will call up Ethan and hire him to work at the shop.

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