Growing families

>> Monday, June 23, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

Bonnie Centowski gave birth to a lovely baby girl named Amália.

Daniel Mellon became a plant sim. O_O His partner didn't appear too happy about it, but that didn't stop the wedding.

Everyone that was important to Daniel was there. It was definitely the happiest day of his life.

Soon after the wedding, Daniel felt a tickle all over. His nose began to twitch, and ACHOO! He sneezed out an adorable little plant sim that he and his partner called Ivy Mellon. (I know, original, huh? XD)

Next door to Daniel, things at the Mellon Farm have been going really well business wise. Phillip has a great head for business! He suggested his family sell live stock and it's products. So they have renamed The Fish House to The Farmer's Market, and now they sell meat, milk, eggs and fertilizer.
Phillip treated his sister out to a meal at Water's Gourmet Diner.

The cute part was that while they were there, they ran into other sims like their brother Daniel.

I also took note of this:

Cherrie Smith and Jeannie Stratton out to a lunch date together. Jeanie was married into the family first and it turned out she was good buds with the sim who had been stalking my sims for a while. That's when I first became aware of the plight of my NPCs. Now I keep a close eye on them. (See the second paragraph of this post to see what is up with my NPCs.)

Also, I just love this kitchen. Buggybooz added more parts to it since the last time I played. So I had more to play with. It looks so lovely in game.



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