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>> Sunday, March 23, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

See this page for Cherry's story-- The Life of an NPC and, you know, the part below that has her name in it.

Basically, Cherry Smith is an NPC, and in my neighborhood to explain away NPCs and why they live forever I have made them into a sub group of sims that don't play by the rules of normal sims. NPCs can live forever and fill in the jobs no one else wants to do. The only reprieve for those NPCs is to get married or to move in with one of the sims I am playing.

Some NPCs are completely oblivious to this. (Poor Marylena Hamilton comes to mind.) But some are acutely aware of the static darkness that surrounds their lives. That would be where Cherry comes in.

So last night I had Cherry open an experimental business for me. It's a massage parlor, but it also has a bar in the lobby so you can have a drink while you wait. Plus it has a kitchen, so Cherry can serve food to her customers while they wait for an available table.

The massage part of the businesses was a success. I downloaded a hack from Sim Wardrobe to facilitate my business. Apparently, Maxis messed up the coding so that it was impossible to assign employees to the massage table.

I sold some massages last night at $500 a pop! Originally, I had wanted to set this up as a venue, but I think I'm going to do away with that aspect until later maybe. The employees who are assigned to the tables come out to select customers who are thinking about buying a ticket.

So definately it will take a little experimentation. What if Cherry gets to run the brothel first?



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