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>> Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bonnie is one of those surprise break out sims. I didn't realize just how much I would love her that day her mother gave birth to her in the bathroom.

Even the delivery man ran in to watch

Bonnie's mother was single at the time of her birth, but she had her mother and step father there to help her out. Bonnie's mother, Christy Stratton, had been on edge for a long time. As a family sim, she wanted a big family surrounding her, but all her children had moved away. So having a young child in the house to take care of seemed to help Christy.
Bonnie as a child

Kimberly tried her best, but she was a young mother and she had needs also. I remember the day Bonnie came home from school to find her mother on a date. Kimberly had tried to leave when she realized Bonnie would be home soon, but she didn't quite call the taxi soon enough.

Bonnie threw down her homework in great distress and began to cry on the front lawn. It was then I realized she wanted to know who her father was. Her best friend, Daniel Mellon had a father.

After that, Bonnie was on the hunt.

Bonnie and her distant cousin, Water Mellon

Bonnie noticed how odd it was that she and a supposedly distant cousin looked so similar that teachers at school were beginning to ask them if they were siblings.

Bonnie began to wonder about Alec Mellon, the husband of the Legacy Heir. But she was quite unsure of how to approach the problem. She was only a kid afterall.

Alec Mellon as an adult



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