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>> Saturday, March 22, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

Ann and her youngest son, Green went on vacation together. Green wants to be a writer just like his mother, and since he's actually been keeping his grades up, Ann agreed to take him with her on one of her trips.

Here they are at the witch doctor's house. Clearly, he needs a bit of help here.

Ily (That's ILY like Smiley ^-^) Stratton has discovered a love of music and dance. Looks like I have my future dance teacher.

This is Ily's famly before the birth of the youngest, Katherine. We have Isaac and Angie (the elders), Ash and Aurora, and Ethan and Ily, in her mother's arms. This family has become one of my most enjoyable to play. This family is one of those kind of families that's wealthy and influential, and each member is a genius in some way. Ily is great at music and dance, and Ethan is a sports fanatic.

This is also the kind of family that has pictures everywhere! Pictures of Ash and Aurora's wedding have been up in their home for a while. Since the kids are now older, pictures of the kids will begin to decorate their home. (Whatever will I do with all these pics? I may have to make a museum to contain all the "relics.)

On the coffee table next to the TV is the wedding album.



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