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>> Sunday, March 30, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

Lots of work done today!

My dear Daniel Mellon graduated just the other day. Daniel is the child of Walter Mellon (Ann's twin brother) and Lucy Hanby, the maid. He is the second oldest of four other siblings (the eldest brother passed away due to a mishap with the cow plant) and grew up in a cabin out in the woods.

He went away to college to study agriculture. (Ok, so he went to college mostly because of pressure from his mother...)

But having a large family pays off! Daniel was having a hard time getting his farm started. For one, he couldn't care for all the plants on his own. Two, he has to pay rent to Cherry Smith each week, so he needs to find a way to make some money until his crops grow. Three, he could not afford to pay someone to help.

That's where his family came in! I use Simlogical's meeting controller to call his family over to his house in the evening for a few hours to help care for the plants.

To make money while his plants grow, Daniel has also become a bee keeper using PC Sms Beehive, which can be picked up at the sims 2 graveyard. I learned about it from Windlebridge.

Test business on the front lawn. Daniel now sell them from his garage so as not to clutter up the lawn.

Now selling them out right nets you $25. BUT if you sell them at an average price using OFB, you can get almost $100 per bottle of honey! And you can collect honey multiple times a day. So Daniel has almost paid off his $10,000 loan which he used to buy supplies to start his farm.

Ily Stratton became a teen today!

She is very much a girly girl.

I've never said, but the name I-L-Y (like Miley), which stands for "I Love You" was my niece's invention. I thought it was cute and gave my next girl that name.
Beautiful, no?

Bonnie's shop has been redecorated.

And the last bit, Bonnie is no longer Bonnie Stratton. She is now Bonnie Centowski. Yes, Bonnie is an honest woman. ^__^



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