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>> Tuesday, April 8, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

Well, my mother gave me a new computer, so my entire neighborhood was moved over to this shiny new computer with the 22" monitor! Just in time too, my poor laptop which I had been playing on died yesterday. (I am certain it is fixable, but I have no money at the moment.)

So to celebrate with my sims, I have not only gone on a downloading spree and not only worked on renovating the Legacy home, but I bought pets too. I never really needed it, and since I worried about my old computer being able to handle it, I just haven't bothered. But I must say I am glad I did. I had a lot of fun playing the Mayor's family tonight. The mother is probably a bit harried between cooking dinner, feeding little Gabe, and making sure to remember to take the doggy outside when it's time for potty, but it was all quite adorable.

Ann recently completed her travelogue about Twiki Island. It sold for a nice penny.

Here is Green meeting Ann's old friend, Kimberly. The history between Kimberly and Ann is slightly awkward, but the two women have worked it out. Ann has this plan in her head that her youngest son, and the heir, Green would be a good match for Kimberly's second daughter, Ashley. Why? I'm not sure, but it is kind of wrong considering who the father of Kimberly's oldest daughter is. (Which is not the same father as Ashley's.)

Here the two are bonding, but as you can see, Ashley is still a bit away from getting past the boys being yucki stage. They had an awful conversation, then sat down to some blueberry pie.

Here is Aurora Stratton and her youngest, Katherine. Right now Katherine is still a toddler in my game, but she has lived multiple lives and been a model for me. Her life is already planned out, but will she follow the path I have set for her? I never know. I just love how much like her mother she looks. <3



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