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>> Friday, April 25, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

Moving on to another family...

Genesis Mellon, wife of the mayor, started Legacy Living, the town's first magazine!

Here is a glimpse of the upstairs offices. You can see Genesis working away in the back.

This is Genesis' office. It's made to be comfortable and inviting. The writers are free to gather in her office to hang out and watch a game after they get some work done.

Down stairs there are comfy chairs, a buffet, and a small shop that sells... what else? Magazines, including Legacy Living. Right now, Genesis is working hard to earn notoriety and respect. Right now she has very few employees and they make only about $2,000 a day.

How is this all possible? With Monique's hacked computer of course. ^___^



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I'm a proudly nerdy girl who knows too much about X-Men and has stories running through her head when walking. This is really my first real attempt to share just a few of the stories that not only play in my head when walking, but play out when I'm playing my sims. I hope you enjoy. ^___^

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