I said to watch out for Sofia

>> Thursday, April 17, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

Sofia's mother, Lydia Stratton, the movie idol, passed away today of natural causes.

Sofia was granted $4,500 through her mother's insurance company who agreed that it was definitely natural causes not anything else that killed her mother.

Sofia was comforted by her mother's boyfriend who is known only as Mr. Big. Sofia moved out of her little house downtown to join Mr. Big at his
lovelier, more expensive home.

Mr. Big made sure to make her new room nice and comfortable for her. It is a little bare right now, but the money they will make from future business prospects promises to fill the room with lots of... stuff.

If you look closely, you might be able to see an extra edging around the dresser. That's the door to the backroom.

Yes, the backroom. It is filled with counterfeit money making machines. Mr. Big calls in his thugs (all of them poor enslaved NPCs) and locks them in while they work at turning out money. Mr. Big hasn't been caught yet, but then Legacy doesn't have a proper police station, yet.

Welcome to the life, Sofia. I'm sure you'll make a lovely partner in crime! Here Mr. Big warns her of the danger of the two of them in cahoots.



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