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>> Monday, April 28, 2008

Aurora Stratton, Legacy's resident genius has done it again. She has created the first Android prototypes in their entire Sim World. For an extra 30,000 (depending on the amount of customization) your servo can have its own SynthSim body.

This is Inge Stratton, Aurora's first customer. Now servos have a reason to keep in shape and not eat. Her new and improved body will get fat should she consume food that she doesn't need. The semi-living cells in her new body store the fat from the food as energy. As time goes on she will need less recharging and will be able to actually sleep to recharge.

Will she dream?

Each Android is completely customizable. The facial structure will not change, but hair color, make up, hair style may be selected. The gray outfit both android proto-types wear are to give sims warning that these are androids. Though it is not law, it is something that Aurora does voluntarily for everyone's benefit, including the Servos.

I wanted my servos to move forward into the next century. Since it seems there are no hacks that can be used safely to do this and allow me control over their looks, I decided I would just use SimPE.

To do that though, I needed a sim to clone. So I created The Prototypes, and stuck them in downtown. Using Simlogical's prisoner token, I make sure they stay put. Since I keep them alive and in lock down, I can change their looks as needed for "orders."

Both male and female faces are based off of the Type 1 Maxian face structure. The modifications were minimal. I basically slanted the eyes, enlarged them, and messed with the mouths a bit. The idea was to make the changes subtle so that they would be eerie, but perfectly beautiful (Frankly, the Type 1 Maxian face scares me, and I hate that EVERYONE claims that's the only beautiful Maxian face type.)

Here's Aurora's super secret technique:

It´s always important to backup, if you make mess, you don´t lose anything.

1. Download this skin and add to your game at downloads folder
2. Open the game, go to CAS screen and create a sim using that skin and the eyes you most like - I downloaded some alien eyes to match the robot
3. Save that sim
4. Close the game
5. Open SIMPE, there is a tab called tools -> neighborhood where you browse to open your hood
6. The same tab called tools -> neighborhood there is an options called Sims Surgery, click there and wait, it take some time
7. Select the servo as the patient sim and the droid sim you just made at CAS screen as archetype sim. Click in surgery and wait.
8. It will open a tab showing the servo with its new appearance, click commit and save
9. Save the hood

Close SIMPE. Open the game. Go to the house where lives the servo you just modified. The servo suppose to have the new appearance. Save that house.

If the servo don´t have the correct appearance but have the correct thumbnail, send it to change clothes at a wardrobe and the new appearance should appear. No sims harmed, works perfectly.

That´s it, have fun.



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