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>> Friday, April 11, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

With the family farm house, I wanted to make a gift for a family of sims that I have come to enjoy. So I wanted a house that I would also enjoy.

I know it is silly to give a token to a sim family like that, but they are my pets since I can't have a true pet.

So I started with the kitchen. I scoured web sites with sim content to find the perfect start to Lucy's kitchen. In the old house, the family seemed to spend a lot of time together in the kitchen. And not always eating. The kitchen was right by the front door, so if guests called on the family, everyone would end up in the kitchen chatting, kids dancing, and Lucy and Walter taking turns serenading each other.

I found the perfect set for Lucy's kitchen. This basic set at MTS2 by buggybooz was perfect. I didn't want a country kitchen again, I wanted something different, something basic but natural.

For the family table, I use MsBarrow's country buffet table so that everyone can sit down comfortably together. Family meals are an important tradition in my hood.

The wall paper is from Tamalfra at TSR, and is the only country kitch I let Lucy get away with. The rest of the house is done in basic colors (except for the children's rooms, they get little murals for fun.)

Here's the living room, complete with a family photo!

Living room

Everyone gets their own room. Upstairs we have four rooms and a bathroom. Each room is fitted for each child with a bureau, a side table, bed, desk and chair and each in different styles that are appropriate for the sim who will be using it. This is something else that I felt was important for the family. Before, in the cobled together home, everyone was two to a room with a spare bedroom downstairs and behind the house.

Children's rooms

Here are pictures of the little old stable where they keep their animals. (The blocky thing there is a fish packing station from Paladin's Place. This family also sells fish by the carton on the strip.)

Here is Ariana feeding the cows. The cows were a great success. They reproduce quickly, so quickly that the family has to take them for meat, after taking their milk of course. Then everything is sold at The Fishmarket which should be renamed "The Farmer's Market" now and placed closer to the highway.

Most importantly, the family is now next door to Daniel. They can help him with his farm and he can come over for meals.



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