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>> Sunday, April 27, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

I love watching children grow.

Ashley had her birthday yesterday and became a lovely teen. She went out right away and bought herself a new outfit (a tradition with the teens in my hood.)

Now that she's a teen, she has a bit more say in her style. For one, she's stopped straightening her hair. Two, no more pink room deco. And three, she's a messy little teen. But I enjoy playing her house a lot.

Now that Ashley's a teen, her mother had a talk with her and suggested she give Green a call. Green and Ashley hit it off very well on their first phone call. So the next weekend, they went out on their first date (with Kimberly's permission of course.)

Things went really well, and ended with Ashley getting her very first kiss! Now Green comes over and calls her constantly. He hung out with Ashley and her little brother, Aaron, this past weekend, playing video games. (Ashley kicked his butt-- see Aaron's face?)

Ashley also redecorated her room to match her newer more mature outlook on life, while paying homage to her childhood. The flowers are from Green of course.



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