Ugly kids, but an adorable family

>> Wednesday, April 9, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

Walter Mellon, Ann Mellon's twin brother, married the maid. It was not the most ideal situation, and most of the other sim in the community did not make much of an effort to hide their contempt. So Walter and his wife, Lucy (née Hanby) moved out to the country to raise their children.

All the kids started out cute, but once they reached teen years, it was clear their faces were doomed to be horribly misshapen!

Poor Stephan was their first child. Here he is as a teen showing the beginnings of the facial deformity that would affect the entire family. Stephan, knowing that no sim would truly love that face, fed himself to a cowplant.

Do not worry. I am not just killing their children off willy-nilly, although I had considered it, I must admit. But their family grew on me. Because Walter and Lucy are so much in love (three bolters, so if I leave them alone for a minute he's singing to her or they're slow dancing), I allowed them to have quite a few children before the oldest became old enough to highlight the deformity. By then it was simply too late. The twins had been born.

Family picture! Left to right: Aden, Lucy,Walter,Daniel Next row: Adam, Ariana, Phillip

I took a family picture of the family today so that I can make them a family portrait to put in their brand new living room!

I built them a new home to live in. It was silly for them to have to "commute" over to Daniel every day to help him with his farm. So now they live right next door to him! Thanks to Phillip's influence (he's our future entrepreneur) the family will now focus on live stock, including fishing.

For fun:

Hard to tell, but the puppy is watching TV. XDD



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