This is for the Southern Hemisphere

>> Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ama watched her father inhaling deeply the "fresh sea air" with more than a bit of annoyance.

Back home it was snowing. Snowing! Snowmen, snow angels, and well thrown snowballs right at Hobart's head.

But Ama's parents had decided that a trip down south would be a better idea. It would be something different, and a learning experience she could share at school.

A family vacation-- like for real. Trapped with her parents away from friends with nothing to do but play in the sand without snow. She could've played in sand at home. You know, once she scraped the snow out of the way and stuff.

Really, Ama knew what this was about. Her father had lost his job. He'd been one of two policemen (Hobart's father being the other), and he'd lost his job. Luckily Ama's mom ran the only clothing shop in town, so they were doing great, but her father was at a loss for what to do.

He'd gone more than once to see the mayor, but it couldn't have gone well.

He still didn't have his job back.

Ugh. This was going to be a long week!

"Ama, what're you doing?"

"I'm going to hunt for bugs."

"Don't tell me you brought your entire bug collection."

"What? It's not like it's large. And they're all in the case anyway."

Ama's mom rolled her eyes. "Oh Ama. What if the glass breaks? You'll have dried bug parts everywhere."

Not that the case would break. Ama was not a kid. She was almost a high schooler. She knew how to take care of stuff. But that might actually be kinda awesome to see dried bug parts and stuff-- like when she found old flies on the window sills that had been dried to dust by the sun.

Her mother got her working on finding cool shells in the sand to turn into jewelry while she stood around being embarrassing with her father.

Really embarrassing.

Oh my god, so embarrassing!

Her parents acted like two kids who'd never grown up. Seriously. How old were they?

When her parents were being less embarrassing, they were taking in the local sights and eating local food.

Ama was dying; it was so hot! It was like summer.

"So, Mom, Dad, does this mean that for Summer we'll go to the mountains?"

Both her parents laughed. They thought she was kidding!

When they weren't taking in the sights, Ama was being accosted by locals who were intent on showing her how to do this weird little move.

"Uh, yeah, like this?" Ama halfheartedly imitated her.

"No dude, put your heart into it!" The woman's smile widened. "You have to mean it!"

"Uh, okay. Maybe next time."

"I'll keep an eye out for you!"

The plus side was that Ama totally had her own hotel room all to herself. This small taste of freedom was a lot like being a high schooler, she thought. It was kinda a cool and kinda scary. She could feel responsibility hanging around the corner.

Hobart was already in high school. He'd told her all about it. It didn't sound too bad, but Hobart said it was a lot of work and some of the kids were a little scary. Course, he was really the only freshman, so everyone was older than him. And his fathers had seen fit to give him more responsibility on the farm.

It kinda sounded sucky now that she thought about it. Responsibility and work and reading big books. Ama would be perfectly happy painting forever and having ice cream for dinner.

She giggled at the sound of the official sounding knock on the door. The bellhop from downstairs presented her with a large bowl of ice cream sunday and asked if she'd like anything else. She smiled and handed him the money her mother gave her for his tip.

Luckily, Ama's mother laughed when she saw what was for dinner. It was sort of the plus side of having young parents who acted like big kids. They were gnerally game so long as, you know, no one was hurt and she didn't do anything dangerous.

Maybe her parents weren't so weird or embarrassing. Her mom did make some awesome sand castles that had all the kids on the beach envious.

And maybe it was a little gross that the possibility for a little sister or brother was always present. But well, it could be worse. Ama's own cousin Melanie had been taken recently by her own mother. Ama had heard her father telling her mother that one night when she wasn't supposed to be listening. (Okay, maybe she wasn't ever supposed to listen.)

But her parents really seemed to love each other, and they did love her very much.


Uhm, whoa! I am quite rusty. Or maybe it's just that I am SO not good at writing stuff on the fly. I really need to take my time with it, but what the hell. *throws caution to the wind has it spray back in her face*

I think I am finally ready to END winter! I only have a few more events, so I need to focus and finish so I'll be ready for The Samantha Bradshaw Project!

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What he doesn't know

>> Monday, December 21, 2009

Still here and still have this story rattling around in my head. I know where I want it to go, but don't know if I have the energy or time to continue this and Ruin. But I still love TS2.

So I played a bit this week as a break from "serious" writing, and as always can't resist sharing some of their stories. Especially some of the college kids. (And Ama, but that's for later.)

Let's see if I can remember approximate ages:

Ily ~ 19
Rich ~ 18

Ethan and Ashley ~ 21

Their very first dinner party together in their own little house. Rich hadn't exactly been for it. He'd tried to talk her out of it, but she'd been determined. And when she had that glint in her eye it was impossible to talk her out of anything.

She'd even tried practice cooking for their very first dinner party.

There's a reason she doesn't usually cook. But if she was that determined, then how could he say no?

Over all it went well. Ily's brother, Ethan, came and brought his girlfriend. Ashley was cute, but a little boring. Rich really had nothing to talk to her about.

Honestly, he tried. Giving Ily and her brother some quiet time to catch up, he followed Ashley to the living room and started chatting with her, but all she wanted was to work on her assignment for class.

Cute, but not the sort of girl he liked. Of that he was sure. Too bookish and shy. It was only a small get together, and she apparently couldn't handle being social for those two hours.

To top off the weird night, Alberta called.

"Ily? She's talking with her brother in the other room. Did you want to leave a message? You need to ask her opinion on something? Maybe I can help. Okay, okay, calm down. I'll tell her you called."

That was another one that mystified him. Gabe and Alberta made no sense to him. He'd told Gabe so more than once. She was young and shy and timid. Who wants to deal with all that? Gabe of course then shot back with his own thoughts on Ily. Definitely drew a stalemate and an agreement to not talk about it.

Ily was having the most fun of the two of them, especially considering the brotherly advice she received from Ethan.

"I'll tell you what you need..."

Ily wondered if Ashley, future librarian, had actually gone along with this plan for excitement. Ily herself hadn't allowed for much more than their messing around in the fitting room.

The furthest they got to doing anything really really naughty in a public place was the couch. And that was after much cajoling on Rich's part. She wasn't going to tell Ethan that though. Not if she wanted him to sit there later.

After having spent a semester with Rich, she still didn't feel it. Whatever it was. She just knew she wasn't feeling it. Rich was cute and had a bright future, and he seemed so into her, stealing glances like they were still sitting near each other in school and hadn't been sleeping together all semester.

It could be the day to day life stuff and how boring it really was. Eat, sleep, do homework, and have sex. Like it was on a list of things to do. She wasn't passive, by all means, though she generally let him make the first move. She went along with it usually hoping she'd get better. That she would love him back.

When he was out at class, she would take time to call one person a day. Her mother and father. Kate. And Water Mellon, her old boss.

It was stupid. Just a crush really. Still, he seemed happy to hear from her and hear about college. Their conversation lasted longer than her phone conversations usually did. In most cases, people just wanted to know she was alive. Water actually wanted to hear how she was doing.

And it made her stomach flip.

There was a very small list of valid candidates as far as Ily was concerned. They had to have a bright future, they had to love her, and they had to be good at taking orders. Rich was all of that. He seemed to generally strive to make her happy.

Did it really matter? Love wasn't something Ily was prone to believe in anyway. It was all about compatibility. And they were compatible. Better than most. Where there was passion, there was a chance for failure. With love came hate.

"Ily, why are you looking at me like that?"

"Just admiring the view. How do you cook so well and stay so skinny?"

"Don't overeat? You're weird, Ily."


I have too much fun with these two. I played through a semester, and Ily only has a crush on him. One bolt of chemistry.

I think these two will cause me trouble when they discover other people.

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Late Night Meeting

>> Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last time we saw the cult-- I mean the Church for Wayward NPCs, Demi Love, partner to Water Mellon and mother of his two daughters, joined.

The last time we saw Joseph (AKA Mr. Big), he was on the run from Sofia Stratton, and so he went to the last place she'd think to look-- her own brother's church. (This update also includes information on the Church as well, for those just starting to read along with me.)

Quiet finally fell over the compound once everyone was in bed at their enforced bedtime.

Joseph couldn't sleep. He never could when they went to bed so damn early. Instead, he lay in bed looking to the ceiling, still half dressed in an undershirt and boxers. Nearby lay a pair of pants he left out and his old overcoat which Tristin had asked him to get rid of.

Joseph was no idiot. He's already gotten rid of his cell phone. Get rid of his clothes and then Tristin would ask him to get rid of his name. Joe was no sad little sim looking to fit in.

Near-by, he heard the girl in the bed next to him softly breathing rhythmically. One of the few plus sides of living out here was that at least Tristin was free with the women. For the most part. It was pretty clear that the one who'd given birth to his child was off limits though he never expressly said that. That only left the two others. And one of those two had a man who was coming around looking for his children.

He's been out just that morning. Tristin had asked Joe to stand near-by as he ran the man off again.

It'd been pretty tense. "Where are my daughters?"

Joe had to give it to Tristin; he could be as cold as Sofia. "They want nothing to do with you. Leave, Water."

Luckily a fight didn't break out because Joe wasn't sure what he'd have done. The man had a right to his kids, and frankly, Joe would prefer it if he took the older whiny one who was constantly yelling or crying over everything and anything.

The man left, though he was clearly not happy about it. Joe almost felt bad enough to help (and desperate enough to get the whiny kid out), but he couldn't risk pissing Tristin off. This was the last place Sofia would look for him with the last person Sofia would expect him to be with.

Anyway, it didn't matter. None of it did unless he couldn't get control of the business from Sofia. Right now, he was powerless and moneyless, and without even a damn cell phone. Joe only had his friends left.

Joe sat up carefully, the springs of his mattress squeaking just barely and still sounding too loud in the quiet of the room. He slipped his pants on and threw the coat on over. He'd only have to be outside for a moment. The tricky part was getting downstairs and outside.

The cold air burned the sensitive skin on his cheeks as soon as he stepped outside. A boy stood on the sidewalk waiting close to the doors of the church. He had to be freezing. All he had on was a long sleeved shirt. No one expected it to be so cold so far inland.

"'ey," Joe said casually. Teen boys didn't normally stand out front of churches in the middle of nowhere to pick up girls.

The boy reached out to shake his hand, slipping the tiny cell phone into his palm in one smooth move. Armando had said something about a new boy-- one no one would expect. Something about a boy of pedigree, the mayor's son or something like that. Said he would be useful or was it helpful?

"Thanks kid."

The kid did look pretty sharp. He didn't stick around long enough to chat, and he hardly seemed impressed with Joe. Just gave a nod and walked off down the road casually with out even a quip about the weather.


Woo, sorry, it's been a while. I swear I haven't completely defected to TS3. Mostly, I'm using TS3 to illustrate very old stories, so it's rather easy to get sucked into those again.

But I still have plans for this story! So I'm going to shoot for an update every week or so on this blog.

I'd also like to take this time to invite those of you who enjoy writing to Valley Sun Sims forum. I've already mentioned it to a few people who I knew enjoy writing. It's a nice way to meet people, and find new stories. Plenty of us are using TS3 for stories, but plenty of TS2 people have been joining as well.

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Smoke and Chairs

>> Thursday, October 1, 2009

"It's a chair."

Alberta couldn't think of anything clever to say. It was indeed a painting of a chair. "Maybe it has some extra meaning? Something about carrying something until you become an inatimate object."

Gabe examined the painting for a moment before coming to the same conclusion as Kate. "Pretty sure its just a chair, Alberta."

"Now you know its serious. He agrees with me."

The three stood around the painting staring at it quietly as if they were waiting for it to speak and explain itself. Alberta was sure that she was the only one giving the artist the benefit of the doubt. It could have meaning. It was completely possible that even the fact that a painting of a chair got into the museum is itself a statement of something.

"Chairs," a strange woman said while walking over to them, "are a statement of our own classification and subjegation. Chairs do all the work for us, holding us up at dinner and in front of the TV while we get older and our asses get larger. But no one gives thanks to the chair for just doing its job. No one ever really looks at a chair."

Alberta wrapped an arm across her stomach, gripping her other arm tightly. Both Gabe and Kate were oddly silent watching the girl in surprise.

"Uhm, wow." Kate finally managed to say. "How do you get that from..."

"I painted it," The girl smiled at Kate as the Gabe and Alberta suddenly had to glance away. No one had noticed her standing on the floor before. Was it possible she'd heard them talking? How embarrassing!

The girl looked at the painting allowing Kate to glance away. "Yep. Put a lot of work into it too. Hours and hours."

Kate sucked in a breath which Alberta could swear would have (probably should have) been a curse. "You heard us?"

The girl winked at her. "We're the only ones on this floor you know."

"Crap. Sorry. Music's more my thing." Kate waved at Gabe. "He's got no excuse though."

The girl laughed. "It's alright. I'm partially jerking your chain anyway. I mean, c'mon-- it's a friggen chair in a museum. I had to make something up." She turned to them. "I'm Regina. Wanna go outside for a smoke?"

Alberta could see Gabe was ready to politely refuse. Kate was faster though. "Sure."

"Oh god, that's so good. The woman who runs the place wants me to be here to present my paintings. Told me to look nice. I think I look nice. She didn't think boots and a sun dress were appropriately 'nice.' Bitch."

Alberta really couldn't see the problem. "I think you look nice."

"Oh you're sweet. A bit innocent though, aren't you? Hopefully someone's watching out for you. Oh geeze," Regina held out her carton of cigarettes. "Did either of you want one? I'm going to guess that Innocence here doesn't smoke."

"Sure." Kate bravely reached out and took a cigarette from the carton. Alberta hadn't known that Kate smoked. Yet there was Kate, taking a cigarette like she had always known Regina and lighting it without stopping to think about it.

There were so many things she felt she didn't know and hadn't experienced yet; it almost made her feel a little out of place until Kate took her first drag and started coughing as if she would die.

"Kate, are you okay?" Alberta could see Gabe out of the corner of her eye crossing his arms over his chest and laughing.

Kate held up her first finger in response to Alberta's question as she fought the coughs, her eyes a tiny bit teary. She then shoved her lit cigarette at Gabe, "Here tough guy. You take it then."

"Your lips have been on that. I'm not taking it."

Regina held out her carton to Gabe. With a tiny roll of his eyes, he grabbed one cigarette, deftly lit it with Regina's lighter, and took a puff on it.

"Crap. Stop showing what a burn out you are."

"Do you want me to teach you?"

"No." Under her breath, Kate mummbled, "Jerk."

"Are they always like this?" Regina asked.

"Generally. This is them being nice, if you can believe it."

Regina laughed. "I can bet what you put up with."

Alberta didn't want to pepper Regina with a ton of questions, but there was so much she was curious about. Kate appeared interested too. Once she'd decided to just ignore Gabe and his teasing, she turned back to talk with Regina. Kate didn't worry about peppering Regina with questions; she asked the questions in the same way she'd acted as if she could smoke.

"Look, I will tell you this much. I'm eighteen and I have my own house. If you wanna know more, you'll just have to come over some time." Regina winked at Kate. "I better be heading back. See you all later."

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>> Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chapter 1 for the other story is up. Oh nerve wracking!

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Sims 2 hiatus?

>> Monday, September 14, 2009

I sort of hate to say that, but I didn't play this weekend at all like I had planned.

Lately, I've been writing a lot. About a year or so ago, I ran across my old 3.5 floppy disks (circa 1995-- that's way longer ago than I remember it) which were all neatly organized in an interestingly surreal way that would only make any sense to me. The stories on the disks were boring. Very snooze worthy, but the world and the characters were different. (I think that's a good term for it.)

So I've been doing a lot of work, rethinking old ideas lately. And after a bit of inspiration, I decided that I would give Sims 3 a shot as a story telling vehicle since I wasn't playing it as a game very well. So boom, the two ideas crashed together and I thought I would use Sims 3 to try and tell at least one re-worked story from this world I create so long ago.

This project has totally consumed me. Now I could have tried using Sims 2 to tell the story, but there are certain advantages to using Sims 3. For one, the body shapes. It's horrible that I can't adjust the heights, but I think body shapes are a little more important right now. And two is that the facial expressions are actually very complex at times. They're also very very creepy at times. But over all, they are complex as I can sometimes read multiple emotions in their faces. Their traits affect the ways they express themselves during interactions, so it's actually really fascinating...

Ahem... anyway. Nerdy gets the better of me at times.

This story will have an ending (it's looking like it's going to be about 12 or 13 chapters right now), so once I finish writing the chapters, my boyfriend is going to take me out to get a delicious burger at my place of choosing because I don't finish stories. Ever.

My sims 3 blog which I am using to document the trials and tribulations of working with Sims 3 as a story telling vehicle.

From my test shots:

Edy says, "You're mean!"

Poor Michael can only shrug, "What do you want me to do about it?"

I will give it a journal of it's own and put up a mature warning. Genre? Science Fiction Fantasy Horror. I mean, if you want to label it. XD

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Amberle says Hello

>> Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Samantha walked around the classroom, her heels clicking on the linoleum. She scanned the back of heads and peeked over shoulders checking their work.

Sam passed by Gabe. He wasn't very far along. Clearly something was on his mind. Samantha had watched him closely these past few years that he had been her student. These years before a sim became an adult were an amazing period where a child grew into an adult. Each year after summer, she was surprised at the change they had each taken.

When Gabe had been a freshman, he had been so quiet and introverted. By the end of that year he discovered girls. The next year, after summer, he had turned his quiet introvert nature into a mysterious cool that even Glenda Stratton had noticed. She was sure that he'd spent that year quietly not getting caught causing trouble with Rich who was an entire year older than him.

This year, without Rich and with Alberta, his girlfriend (Sam would dare even say his first real love), there seemed to be something off about him. His mysterious cool was gone, but he was no longer a quiet introvert. There was something almost angry about him. When he fell into his own thoughts during the lessons, his eyebrows often knitted together folding the skin between them. It was a remarkable change after only one summer.

Sam was sure that he knew. Water had told her that he'd just found out, and that he knew exactly who was Gabe's mother. Gabe had to know.

It was five minutes until class was over. All of the students were becoming distracted. "All right, turn in your workbooks everyone. I think you all deserve to start the weekend early. Just remember! I want to see you all at the opening of the Museum this weekend. It's an assignment!"

Kate groaned loudly and Aaron laughed at her over-reaction.

As the children piled out of the room, Sam softly called out to Gabe. "Gabe, can I speak with you a moment?"

He glanced at Alberta and even Kate as both girls stood looking at the two curiously. "Oooo," Kate softly murmured.

Alberta poked Kate softly, "We'll be outside."

Gabe stood as tall as she did now. She would never get over the change a sim took in the four years they came to visit her. "Yeah?"

She hadn't fully thought out what she could possibly say to him. She wanted him to know that someone was there for him, but she wasn't sure that he would open up to her. "I saw Amberle over the weekend. I'm supposed to tell you that she says hello."

"Oh, well, uh, tell her I say hi back." Gabe looked at Sam in slight confusion. She was sure that he would let Alberta and Kate know that their teacher was crazy.

"Well, that wasn't all. She said that she hasn't seen you in a while. She'd like you to come visit her one of these days, you know."

"Um, sure. Okay. Bye, Ms. Kerr."

"Bye, Gabe." She was sure he'd think her weird now for sure. As for Amberle, she hadn't exactly said any of that, but she would have if Sam had told her that Gabe seemed a little off and her own thoughts on why. Though Amberle hadn't really heard from Gabe since he was a very young boy, she still at least cared.

Sam would have to be sure to tell Amberle to expect a visit from Gabe. Not that Sam was sure he would even take up the offer, but she did hope.

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>> Sunday, September 6, 2009

He had seen her in the flesh. She hardly looked older than Gabe. The image that came to him when he heard the word "mother" was not some woman in a slinky dress working in a night club ordering around men who almost seemed to fear her.

His other biological parent was hardly any better. Water Mellon was just as much of a mess as his mother was. The tabloids reported frequently on his activity since he was the biggest name in town. The man seemed to shrug off losing his "love" and his family like it was no big deal. He'd moved into a penthouse apartment on the fancy side of town where "numerous" women were seen entering and exiting. Some hardly older than Gabe.

Gabe rolled his eyes at the thought. Was he doomed to become like his biological parents? It was possible that he was heading down the same path as one of his parents now. Did that mean that at some point he'd do the same to Alberta as Water had done to his wife?

He glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. It was weird the way he felt about her. He found himself thinking about her at the oddest times wishing she was there with him or wondering what she was doing. Sometimes he found himself worrying about her, but he stopped himself when he noticed himself doing it since it was the last thing she had wanted. If he worried about her and she knew it, then she wouldn't tell him when she had other problems.

The more he knew about himself, the more he felt less worthy of her. Even with her experiences, she wasn't bitter or depressed. If anyone had the right to be, it would be Alberta.

He had just learned of his heritage, and he couldn't help feeling bitter about it. Of course knowing that your own mother hadn't wanted you in the first place (and your father probably wouldn't have wanted you, nor would his family) sort of had that effect.

"All right, turn in your workbooks everyone. I think you all deserve to start the weekend early..." Gabe didn't hear much more than that. He packed his books quickly into his back pack as Kate groaned from the other side of Alberta.

Then Ms. Kerr softly called to him. "Gabe, can I speak with you a moment?"

As a refresher, I'll throw up this link about the society of my little hood. We know that Water Mellon is his dad, but what may easily be forgotten (because he never thinks about it so it would rarely be mentioned) is that he was in the running for Legacy Heir which I'm holding onto as a tradition of their old life in the old land. Gabe is pretty sure that he would not have been wanted in that family because of the woman who gave birth to him.

And Alberta would be seen closer to a townie by any sim snotty enough to care about such things. Not that Gabe cares, but he's sure that there are sims who have probably mistreated her for it.

And before I forget, let me share another blog I've found that's really awesome and is using Sims 3 to tell a really good story. Marooned on Tuesday She's not too far in yet, and I think some of you might like it.

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How I select couples

>> Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lately, I have just noticed a lot of bloggers noting ACR scores for their couples, and so I started to think about that myself.

I am mostly going to blame Water Mellon (And by proxy Samantha and Demi) for this post because I was sitting and thinking about those three characters in particular. They are the perfect example of how I hook up sims.

Water was in college, being the Big Man on Campus, when he got fake arrested for the Secret Society. The police officer who arrested him was none other than Demi.

As soon as I saw her, I simply wanted her in my game. It was love at first sight-- for me. I didn't really care what Water or Demi felt chemistry wise. (It was a plus when I saw they did have at least one lightening bolt, but that wasn't until a bit later when they actually got to know each other.)

I could see Water being absolutely fascinated by her. They'd shared a car ride and a fake arrest. A girl who'd fake arrest somebody as a side job would have to be interesting, right?

The fun part came when it was time to find her. I really did have him call the police station hoping she'd show up. When they stopped showing, I had to reload the lot and try some more. But no, we didn't find her that way. He actually ran into her again one day and that's how we got her.

Well, after that sort of chase, how could he not fall in love with her and give her some life? (referring to my poor restriction on the NPCs of course-- in game they live forever unless one of the playables "marry" them to bring them to life) Their chemistry wasn't the best, but I imagine that he really did/does love her.

For the most part, this is exactly how I pick out sim couples. It's like a whisper from a sim muse in my ear (or possibly from the sims themselves while I'm playing).

It sort of makes for interesting relationships. Like Water's mother, Ann Mellon, and his father, Alec. They had no bolts (though they didn't have negative bolts either), so I imagine that they were best friends throughout their lives. They just happened to get lucky that they never found the kind of chemistry that Ann's brother Walter has with Lucy.

Anyway, just thought I'd share because I'm thinking about it now and I always find it interesting to see how other people play their games. Ever have couples where you just feel they must belong together in each other's lives despite the chemistry?

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Autumn Extra- Haphazard

>> Monday, August 31, 2009

"How did I let you talk me into this again?"

Ily let her new adult woman laugh bubble up from her throat softly as she handed him the hanger with the outfit she wanted him to try. "I said it would be fun."

"Right... clothes shopping." Rich looked at the outfit dubiously. "I get to pick out an outfit for you too, right?"

"Of course." She shone her most charming smile at him, making silent promises that swore it would all be worth it later. Maybe.

"Ily, you can't be serious. I look like a teacher."

"Or a future mayor."

"I'll definitely be outlawing outfits like this not wearing them."

When it was Ily's turn, she took her time in the fitting room slowly peeling off her dress. The one he picked out was something she wouldn't be caught dead wearing, but she was sure he didn't really pick it out for her to try on. She'd been working all her charms on him all morning until she was sure she'd driven him mad enough that he'd do anything to get her.

She was right. Rich wasn't horrible, but he wasn't the best lover. Not that she had anyone to compare him to. He was her first after all and her only so far. People could call her anything they wanted, but slut was definitely not one that they could use against her.

It was only their second week of college. So technically, she'd only been not a virgin for about a month. Right before they left for school, Rich had invited her over one last time.

Ily had been the one to make the first move for once. Well, physically anyway. Rich had been the one to call her and he had been the one prepared.

What ever experience he had was all high school girls who were also inexperienced. Ily would honestly have preferred someone older and wiser with more experience than her, but she needed some experience of her own first. She would not play the helpless maiden in bed.

Maybe her charms worked too well. Sometimes she felt like a tool Rich used for his own pleasure. His hands worked so haphazardly running along her curves and her breasts that she sometimes has to stop him to explain what she would like.

But mmm... it is a nice fantasy that older man who's had a few woman who would touch her in ways she can only dream about right now.


Time line wise, this was of course towards the beginning of Autumn, but I just played them last night. These two are actually WAY more fun to play than the other three students I have who are a year ahead of them.

Right before they were to leave for college, Rich made a booty call. It was a very clear, "Why the hell not?"

As for the last picture, it's been a while since I've seen someone reject the make out interaction. But he's in love with her, she's not in love with him at the moment because they had recently aged up. I thought it was fitting and totally confirmed the voice I heard in my head.

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