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Demi had spent as much time avoiding Kaylynn as possible. When Kaylynn was downstairs, Demi was upstairs playing with the girls. If Kaylynn went upstairs, Demi found reasons to go downstairs.

Until that glass of water. Demi had been warm from playing with Melanie (who spent most of the time telling Demi "That's not how Daddy does it"), so she went downstairs for a drink despite knowing that Kaylynn would be downstairs.

"You know you're only holding him back." Kaylynn, with dirty soap suds up to her elbow, barely glanced at Demi and yet her words hit deep to the core of Demi's being.

Demi gasped as she lifted the glass of water to her lips, hoping the cool water would wash away the flavor of the salty tears she could almost taste.

"It's true. He should be living on The Hill. He was the oldest brother."

Kaylynn's shoes scuffed along the linoleum as she stepped closer to Demi like a snake charmer to a snake. Demi could feel her presence; it was suffocating.

"I have to go." Demi placed the glass on the dining room table and turned in one swoop so that she was heading towards the kitchen door.

"I know somewhere you can go," Kaylynn said in a low voice. Demi's legs simply stopped so that she was shoulder to shoulder with Kaylynn. She heard herself whisper, "Where?" As soon as Kaylynn spoke the answer, Demi realized that it had been on the back of her mind for a long time. She had known the answer. It would be the place where she would finally find peace.

The cab pulled to a stop as the driver muttered, "We're here."

Demi paid the driver, then stepped out with her suitcase in hand. She stepped through the door to enter the first building on the left where they had agreed to meet.

His diamond colored eyes took in the entire sight of her and rested upon her large suitcase in her hand. His gentle smile warmed and comforted her twirling emotions. Finally, she felt at home.


For any new readers and as a refresher, find out more about Tristin and his cult-- I mean church here.

I've always had a soft spot for Kaylynn. She's always been in the background of my game, just doing her job, and once leading that rebellion at the Legacy Household.

In the old 'hood, I noticed she did a lot of standing around and fuming. Perhaps it's just a coincidence, but the new Kaylynn also does a lot of standing around fuming. I like to think that perhaps she does have a little life, and the clone remember the indignities of her former life cleaning the toilets of the other sims while not being considered an equal.

In the new 'hood, it's probably impossible for her to get a respectable job with one of the shops. And it doesn't help that she sill wanders around in her maid uniform. (She should really see Bonnie, but she probably doesn't want any pity.)


Sullivan Sims August 6, 2009 at 1:30 AM  

Oh, no, the Cult! This may not be good!

For Demi anyway. It's good for me, because I've been wanting to hear more about the cult!

The Lunar Fox August 6, 2009 at 10:38 AM  

Haha, I do have some ideas for the cult coming up. They have a couple characters to watch right now. (Remember Mr. Big, Sofia's live in boyfriend, is out there now too. He's been laying low.)

I just have to find the time to play them!

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