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Water didn't realize what he had done. He wouldn't understand either, Demi was sure of it. It wasn't just the suspected affairs, it was everything.

Demi put her head against the cool glass of the taxi's window as she thought back to last fall.

Water had come home late as usual. His restaurant was only open for the evenings, and he often stayed out until two in the morning or later.

Normally, Demi would be sleeping by the time he came home, but she had recently woken to feed the baby, Shannen, and couldn't go back to sleep. She remembered the sight of Water, bathed half in light from the table lamp.

Water had crossed his arms in that serious way of his that usually reminded Demi of a parent reprimanding their child. "I think we need a maid," he had said.

"A maid?" Demi had been a service NPC. She had not liked the idea at all.

"There is nothing wrong with a sim doing his or her job." Water went into the walk in closet to put on his pjs. As he sat down on the bed, he didn't look at her. "Look, I'm too busy, and so are you. Extra hands would be nice. And it just so happens that Kaylynn Langerak came by today looking for a job, but I didn't have any positions open at the restaurant. How about I ask her?"

Such a terror gripped Demi that she couldn't speak more than, "Oh no, not her." Water was not aware that service NPCs (at least during the time Demi had been one) all knew of Kaylynn Langerak. She had tried to plan an uprising on more than one occasion in the old land. Unfortunately, planning an uprising with a group of sims who basically disappear once they are no longer needed proved to be a difficult feat though Kaylynn came close at least once. Most of the Family was unaware of this fact, and Demi was not going to tell Water this because she, like many other past service NPCs, feared Kaylynn.

"Sure, why not?" Water dipped under the covers completely unaware of Demi's thoughts or worries. "Listen, I'm tired. Let's discuss it in the morning."

But Demi knew that meant he had already decided and nothing she could say would change his mind.


Kaylynn's infamous uprising, which petered out when most of the elderly repair men and women could find nothing to fix."

Actually, that was my very first legacy house. It was with only the base game installed, and I had the classic Stuck NPC bug. Since that was before sims had inventories, I had to move the family out and leave everything behind. All of their paintings, and a crystal glass from the wedding of the second heir (the original Richard Mellon) that I had managed to somehow grab completely by luck after a guest set it down.


Laura July 17, 2009 at 7:22 AM  

Oh wow, that's a lot of service NPCs! I never had that bug. It's kind of like that unsavory charlatan bug though, and I did get hit with that one. Did they all create character files in your game?

Anonymous July 17, 2009 at 10:31 PM  

That sure is scary. I like how you use the service NPC. They have their own issues no on is aware of

The Lunar Fox July 18, 2009 at 12:01 AM  

I'm pretty sure they did! By the time I moved on from the old 'hood, I had about 700 character files. Many of those were those darn repair people. Scariest bug ever! Well, besides that BV glitch.

Thanks Heredon. That's what I forgot to mention of course in my last response. Demi hasn't really been written about previously, but from this entry and the society I hope it's clear what Demi might be thinking.

Sullivan Sims August 5, 2009 at 11:06 PM  

Oh, man, I had that bug too! It was terrifying!

I love how you wrote it into the story. Very clever of you!

The Lunar Fox August 6, 2009 at 10:46 AM  

Thanks. ^__^ I figure anything that happens, even a glitch is part of their story.

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