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>> Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last time we saw Amberle

"So wait... he bought you a house? Just what exactly did you do on that vacation?"

Amberle gulped as she thought it over carefully. It wasn't what she had done, but what Henry had put her through. "It's certainly not what you think."

Sam smiled wryly. "Well then, at least tell me what happened. What did he do? What'd he say? What'd you do?"

Was there any way to explain the trip so that it wouldn't sound as if Amberle were making the whole thing up? She could imagine Samantha's reaction when she heard that Henry was actually a vampire. Sam would scoff at Amberle's confession and say, "You just don't want to tell me the juicy details."

And of course if Amberle decided to head down that road, she might have to explain about the Elves, this land, and Leander.

"Well, it was kind of a weird trip. We were driving home when he stopped here. It was late, and I wasn't in the best of moods..."


"Where are we?" Those were the first words Amberle had spoken to him since they had left the mountains. The entire drive down, after he had attempted to speak to her at the beginning, had been a completely silent ride with only the music from the radio to fill the void between them.

Henry had barely glanced at her when he stepped out of the car and walked around it to open her car door for her.

Amberle stepped out onto the dark sidewalk to stand before the lighted house. In the dark, she couldn't tell much about it, but it seemed there were no strangers looking out the large living room window. She was at least glad for that; the last thing she wanted was to be embarrassed too. "So, it's a house. Can we go home now?"

"It's yours."

Amberle turned to glare at him. "What?" There were plenty of thoughts rolling around her head. Her house? How? And when did he do this?

He pushed himself off the car and handed her a silver key that shined in the light of the living room window. "Aren't you at least curious?"

"No." But she was, and so she walked into the house.

"There is a fireplace, but please do me a favor and wait until there is someone else here with you when you light it."

She peeked out the window in the upstairs study. There was a small backyard and plenty of forest. She hadn't been so close to the forest in a very long time.

"Your father would never visit you at the apartment. He would never enter a building."

"So you're saying he can stalk me now?"

"You will need to talk, don't you think?"

He followed her when she went to view the bedroom.


Sam looked around the little living dinning room. "Well, I will say he seems to have pegged your favorite color and obsession with potted plants." She picked up her wine glass and raised it in a mock toast. "So he had to have been doing this while you were with him in the mountains." Sam sighed, "Why does such a good man waste his time with you? Did you at least ‘thank' him properly?”

Amberle shifted uncomfortably in her seat and gently cleared her throat. “Well, I told him that this didn’t get him off the hook for what he did.”

Sam almost dropped her glass. She set it back down on the table. “You didn’t! Amberle Silverring you had better be joking. Tell me that you did forgive him. You must have, right? I mean, not everyone gifts their sweethearts with homes you know. If you had him leave while still angry with him, I won’t be able to forgive you.”

Amberle glanced away, heat suddenly rising to her face and turning the thin tips of her ears red.

Samantha laughed. “Oh my. Well, so long as you did thank him properly, I won’t hold the house against you.”


The house is this one from MTS. No CC, and it's cute and tiny without a lot of the stupid tricks that builders resort to that often make a home buggy. It really is perfect.

Also, kittens! I've been rather distracted lately in the evenings. When Trouble, our timid kitty who hides under the seats, crawls into my lap to kiss me and fall asleep, I don't argue. I'll sit still for as long as he wants.


T.Irwin July 25, 2009 at 4:54 AM  

I love your custom content! I've always had an older computer, so I've resisted downloading furniture and such...
Thanks for sharing your story. It's been fun to follow.

heredoncove July 26, 2009 at 1:37 PM  

I'm still laughing at the "I won't hold the house against you"

The Lunar Fox July 26, 2009 at 1:56 PM  

Thanks, T. I highly recommend Buggybooz furniture (which is most of the furniture in this entry) and the Annie modular couch by Blake Boy. They are SO versatile and there are a lot of recolors of all their things.

Thanks, Heredon. You know, I don't even remember writing that last line, but it's definitely something Samantha would say.

Laura July 27, 2009 at 9:33 PM  

LOL, yes, it looks like she thanked him just fine ;)

I can't wait to see what she and her father have to say if/when they meet again.

Sullivan Sims August 6, 2009 at 1:36 AM  

Almost everything I was going to say has been said but I wanted to add that I like how most of the action in this update is a flashback. You might have done something similar before but I enjoyed this one in particular, for some reason.

The Lunar Fox August 6, 2009 at 10:37 AM  

Thanks Sullivan. I totally had a different idea for this piece until I started playing then all the parts fell into place. :D


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