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Gabe and Kate had been playing a harsh game of Red Hands when Alberta got them a table. The set up for the Summer festival was much simpler this year. Just some good simple meals cooked by an actual chef, and fireworks along the beach. Alberta sighed quietly as Kate and Gabe continued to poke each other with verbal barbs casually tossed out like normal conversation topics.

Alberta didn't dare tell Gabe or Kate that she felt out of place. Although she had to admit that sitting at the table with the two of them bickering felt right. If she closed her eyes, she could almost believe she was one of them and deserving to come to their celebration.

Gabe casually glanced around. "Wow, they sure kept it low key this year." He glanced back at the make shift stove behind them and froze.

Even Kate looked concerned when he turned back around and tried to bury his face into his menu. "Uh, what's wrong?"

Gabe looked at Alberta while biting on his lip. "All right," he said much too quickly. "But only because I can't keep secrets from you two. Don't look, but the guy who's cooking-- he's my actual dad."

Alberta glanced over Gabe's shoulder at the man quickly cooking the food at his station. She couldn't see much of him at all besides his black hair and his pinstripe suit.

Kate turned around in her seat to look. "Water Mellon? Isn't he the guy on TV? Seriously?"

Both Gabe and Alberta hissed her name. She turned back to the two of them with a shrug, "What's the big deal? Does he know? You should say hi. Or send me and Alberta in, and we'll say hi."

"I don't really feel like meeting him right now."

"You'll never feel like meeting him." Kate waved a hand in the air as she turned to Alberta. "He's actually very shy despite being a natural jerk."


It was time for Alberta to step in again. From time to time the bickering between Kate and Gabe became serious enough that Alberta would step between them. It required a loud voice, a heavy hand, and some quick thinking to have a suggestion ready to distract the two of them when they became serious like this. "HEY, the sun's about to set. We should head down to the beach. The fireworks are going to start soon."

It seemed to be enough to call a silent truce between the two. The three stood and walked down to the beach without glancing back at Water Mellon.


Our Independence day just passed, and I didn't get to go see any fireworks. Usually, one of the local cities puts on a firework display, and since I live in a bay, you just go to the beach and you can see the show they're putting on across the way. But the one city that does the fireworks show couldn't afford it this year (a sign of the times).

So I had to do a summer festival. I really had Water buy the lot and place the fireworks before I realized that I was going to take Alberta and Gabe down to the beach. Woo for attention to details, but some good simple cooking sounded like fun.


Laura July 6, 2009 at 9:08 PM  

What a fun idea for a festival! Where did you find the fireworks?

I can't remember, do we know who Gabe's real mom is?

The Lunar Fox July 6, 2009 at 9:27 PM  

The fireworks come with the Holiday SP. That one I got for $10 used. So worth it.

No, we don't yet. That's actually what he'll be dealing with next season.

Sullivan Sims July 7, 2009 at 12:26 AM  

Every time I see those sparklers, I briefly consider buying the holiday pack. They are just so cool looking.

I love the relationship between Alberta, Gabe and Kate. I like that Alberta acts as the peacemaker between them. I know someone a bit like Alberta and that's definitely what she's like.

The Lunar Fox July 7, 2009 at 10:18 AM  

They are pretty cool. I end up using the fireworks for a lot of different holidays and college parties.

Really? That's good to hear. So I know she's at least realistic. The three always crack me up because Kate always looks like she's teasing someone, Gabe always is glaring at Kate and Alberta's always getting caught with her eyes closed. XD

heredoncove July 8, 2009 at 7:27 PM  

I love a good summer festival.

Maybe its time for Gabe to push himself and meet his real parents, especially his dad since he knows who he is.

They don't sell the Holiday Pack anymore, you can actually download it for free

The Lunar Fox July 8, 2009 at 7:34 PM  

I agree. It is definitely time for him to meet his parents. He needs to start growing up.

You can download The Holiday pack for free now? Wow! From the official site?


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