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>> Friday, July 3, 2009

Ily and Kate's older brother came to visit. He dropped by early in the morning after a call saying he was bringing a friend.

Everyone had hoped he was bringing his girlfriend, Ashley Stratton.

No such luck. In a cruel prank on his little sisters, he brought home the creepy mascot guy.

"Awww..." He said, his voice muffled by the huge llama mask. "You have some zits; you must really be stressed about goin' to college. Here, a hug will help. We're just one big family there."

"No, really, that's okay." Ily stepped back, but he continued after her until she shoved him away. Was he really the mascott of her college? Really? So now in addition to all the other challenges college students face, she will have to worry about this bozo too?

Ethan and his friend stick around for a while, louging around the house until after dinner when they head off to their hotel. And once Ily and Kate's parents go to sleep, Ily turns to Kate with a mischevious glint in her eye.

"Let's sneak out! These are my last days to be a kid."

"Are you serious? What if we get caught?"

"Hey, every teen deserves to be a little bad. Once you hit college, it's all about responsibilities. You're practically an adult!"

For a moment, Ily worries that Kate won't agree which would leave Ily all alone. Sneaking out on her own seems a boring proposition. She has no where she could go alone. And what if some creepy dude, like the Llama mascot, steals her or something?

Then Kate smiles, and the plan is made.

They start out their night at the little cafe in the slummy area of town. There's aren't too many sims visiting the cafe; most likely they're all at the bar down the street.

Still, there is a stage. "You should go up and sing." Ily shoves Kate towards the mic.

"No way. Right now? With no music?"

Ily sighs in faux exasperation. "Fine. If I get up and do something, will you go and sing?"

Kate laughs. "You're going to do what? Make up poetry on the spot?"

Ily does not back down from a challenge. And it's all for the good of her little sister who needs to take more chances in life. Ily doesn't like the way Kate silently sighs over her lost love. She's only 15, going on 16. She should go out and have some fun.

The poem is horrible. Running through Ily's head when she starts are the words, "There was a little butterfly..." and so she runs with it. Kate sits in a seat cringing and trying not to laugh.

But Kate does stand up before the mic and sings a song of her own creation. Her voice carries throughout the room drawing the attention of the few people who are sitting down with their expressos. A few even clap as Kate takes a bow.

Ily's will always be her sister's biggest fan. Even when there's a cute guy over at the cafe stand serving the coffees.

Eventually, Ily suggests they head over to the park. Ily never played on a play ground before. When she was little, they didn't have things like this. Not until they came to this new land.

But even then, Ily doesn't play so much as sit and think while Kate swings on the swingset.

Out of the corner of her eye, Ily watches the silent green house across the street. She feels slightly stalkerish sitting this close to his house, watching for movement from the windows.

It's already past 2:00am and the restaurant would be closed by now. He'd have already come home, kissed his daughters good night, and laid down in bed next to his girlfriend.

Ily knows she is still young, but there are other things she does know.

Like the way Water Mellon talks mostly of his daughters and never of his girlfriend. The way she watches him flirting with the ladies who visit the restaurant. And the way other ladies look at him when he's pretending not to notice.

It's just a crush, she reminds herself. She's worked for him for the past year as a hostess at the restaurant. But then who could really blame her?

Ily glances over at Kate. "Ready to go?" Kate relaxes on one of the swings, probably day dreaming to herself.

"Yeah, let's go."

There are things that Ily knows but without knowing. Like she can't be sure that Gabe Mellon really is Water Mellon's son. It could be a strange coincidence that he looks just like him. And does it really matter? It's not any of Ily's business if Water Mellon started his relations early and had a kid before he even made it to college. It's none of her business whether Gabe or Water know.

This is one situation that Ily would best stay away from.


This was written on the fly and wraps up a few story ideas I had with Ily that I never could turn into an actual story.

After dinner at Gabe and Rich's house, Ily was following Gabe around. She even followed him into the bathroom at some point, and I was wondering what she was doing. She wasn't flirting with him, just following him to talk while Rich and Alberta were blissfully unaware in the game room.

I sort of forgot until just now while writing this that Ily works for Water, so I mentally made a note (a bad idea all around) that she's noticed that Gabe looks suspiciously a lot like Water. And Ily has a big ol' imaginary crush on Water. (Who wouldn't? He probably talks about "his girls" all the time while flirting the night away.)

There are other sims, one specifically that I can think of, who would also probably notice that Gabe looks familiar, even if they can't place why.


Sullivan Sims July 3, 2009 at 5:43 PM  

Ily and Kate seem to be polar opposites but the two sisters seem to get along pretty well despite it. It was fun reading about their little adventure.

Gabe really does look a lot like Water but I wonder if I only think that because I know. I can't remember if I noticed a resemblance before.

The Lunar Fox July 3, 2009 at 6:23 PM  

I think it came with age. I know when they were younger, Kate really got on her siblings nerves.

Well, if you didn't notice, I think it would just be due to my lack of build up. If I had shown Water's face more often I think it would have been noticeable.

Laura July 6, 2009 at 8:53 PM  

LOL, get stolen by the llama! That llama creeps me out too! This was fun! I enjoyed seeing these two out and having some sister time.

Just curious, what do you mean by "imaginary crush?" Like heart-farting?

That has to be my favorite Sim-terminology, lol, heart-farting :)

The Lunar Fox July 6, 2009 at 9:02 PM  

Ily is fun. She requires much more active writing than I usually do, so I even felt the need to write about her in present tense.

Funny you ask about the imaginary crush, because I was thinking that was vague. I meant that it's all in my head. She's been working for him the past year, and I just imagine she'd have a crush on him.

They're pretty good friends already. When I was playing last night, he got one of those "Hey Water, we should hang out some time" calls from her. Very foreward of her. Clearly, I need to put my phone hack back in.


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