After Dinner

>> Friday, June 19, 2009

"I'll put the dishes away, man." Gabe put a hand on Rich's arm to stop him from grabbing the plate in front of him. "It's only fair since you cooked."

Ily looked at Gabe quickly. "I'll help."

Alberta glanced at Rich in her own surprise to see his reaction. Rich only glanced from Gabe to Ily before he suggested, "Fine. Alberta and I'll be in the game room then."

The darts weighed heavily in Alberta's hands. She'd played the game before with Gabe, but playing with Rich was different. Rich had never spoken much to her at school, as if the years difference between them were a massive chasim that couldn't be bridged.

Now the older boy stood watching her with a smile as she tried her best to aim.

Rich cringed at the dart in the wall. "Uh, Alberta, maybe we shouldn't have you throwing sharp objects at the wall," Rich gently removed the darts from her hands.

Alberta stood back to watch to watch Rich expertly toss the darts. Rich would be heading off to college soon. The next time she saw him, he'd be a proper adult. It was amazing what just a few years between them could do.

Gabe would be leaving for college next year. He'd become an adult and she wouldn't see him until he came back on his break.* She had never dared think about it before, and at the thought her chest painfully pressed against her heart. Gabe would be gone next year, and she would be completely alone.

Well except for Kate. But it wasn't the same with Kate. Kate wouldn't gently pat Alberta's hand if she happened to notice Alberta was uncomfortable. Kate's skinny arms wrapped around her in a hug weren't nearly as comforting as Gabe's muscular forearms wrapping around her shoulders and drawing her near enough to smell the warmth from his chest.

Gabe returned from washing the dishes with Ily following close behind him. His eyes fell on Alberta with a small smile as he put a hand on her hip. "It's getting late. I should take you home so your Grandmother will let you out again."


*A sim goes to college for only two years (I play through two college years in one neighborhood year). The deal is that they can't return home and family can't visit them. Only once in those two years do they get a break where they can come home. It's okay to call and write emails and letters, but the college sims are meant to experience life on their own with no support.

I call the college Vision Quest after the Native American passage into adulthood. It sounded like a good idea for stories. I already have some ideas going on for when Gabe leaves. A two year leave-- will his relationship with Alberta last?


Sullivan Sims June 19, 2009 at 6:43 PM  

I'd forgotten Gabe was a little older than Alberta. Two years is a long time, especially for teenagers. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with this twist!

The Lunar Fox June 20, 2009 at 1:51 PM  

I have some interesting ideas, I mean he is a romance sim. That's asking for trouble. Plus this fall thing will change for him a bit. (heck, after the next update, things will change for him.)

Valneanne June 20, 2009 at 3:22 PM  

*Grin* Well, I still love Gabe, that's for sure. I also adore Alberta but somehow my affection for Gabe is currently in the lead...

Now I'm going to be all curious about what you have in store for him, and worried... But I'm rooting for him anyway *waves small fangirl flag*.

And yeah, two years is a long time when you're a teen. A friend of mine is going to China for three months... Once it's over I know it'll seem as if it was nothing at all, but I know that during those months I (and her boyfriend of sorts) will feel as if it's taking ages, I can imagine that if it feels that way just for three months... Two years will be very interesting indeed... Perhaps it'll be for the best though, give Alberta a chance to come into her own more, become more confident. Goodness knows that when he sees her next (well after he's left for uni and all) she might be a goddess (if she isn't already) :P It'll be interesting to see how things develop, that's for certain. I've become rather attatched to both Alberta and Gabe, though I'm sort of sensing that some distance might do them both some good... Though it's also late and I'm overthinking things xD

Laura June 20, 2009 at 4:38 PM  

Awww, man, college is always a tricky situation when there's an age gap :(

I can't wait to see what happens, and I can't wait to see them at college too!

The Lunar Fox June 20, 2009 at 8:50 PM  

Valneanne, it's nice to have someone in his corner. Within the next year, I'm definitely seeing him possibly coming into his own at least.

Alberta... I don't know where she's heading, but she is still so young. She really does need to grow up some.

Laura, I know this sounds bad, but you totally have me thinking about the sex. XD Told you it would sound bad. It's just that as an added stress, he's seventeen already and a romance sim. And going to college. Oh man... difficult times ahead!

Laura June 21, 2009 at 8:37 AM  

LOL, I've got you thinking about sex! :)

Well, I do have my mind in the gutter about 75% of the time. So I can guarantee you, Gabe, as a seventeen year-old boy, does too! ;)

The Lunar Fox June 21, 2009 at 9:55 AM  

Mind is gutter is a great thing-- especially at parties.

I'm just too used to trying to play nice when I'm writing about my sims. A seventeen year old boy really should have his brain dragged through the gutter. XD


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