The dinner

>> Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Alberta, it's nice to see you here."

Alberta nodded and thanked Mayor Mellon politely. She sat in front of a very apetizing looking salmon which seemed to only make her even more nauseous. If anyone knew of her situation, Mayor Mellon would. After her grandmother passed away, Alberta had to register the cemetary as hers. She had made no contact with Mayor Mellon himself, but she was sure he had to know.

Fortunately, he didn't say anything.

His wife sat down at the table close behind Gabe and turned a warm smile on Alberta that almost cured her stomach enough to take a bite of her salmon. "I'm glad you could come. Please feel free to come visit us any time."

Did she know? If Mayor Mellon knew, then it could be possibly that he had told Gabe's mother as well. "Th--thank you."

Gabe gently patted her hand which sat on her thigh. Alberta glanced around the table to be sure no one had noticed his pat, but everyone was already paying attention to Ily who also hadn't realized that Rich was such a good cook. "I want to have one of the biggest parties on campus when I graduate. Like maybe fifty sims. You could be the chef for it!"

Rich looked shocked at her audacity. Alberta could see Gabe's mother trying not to laugh. "First off, fifty sims? Are there even that many students? And second off, I wouldn't be invited?"

Ily's smile dropped suddenly, and for a moment, Alberta wondered if Ily was being serious. "What? Of course you'd be invited!"

"To cook, right?"

Alberta was thankful to both of them for providing the entertainment for the rest of the dinner. It took any attention away from her. Gabe's parents didn't ask her any awkward questions.

At some point during the dinner, everyone became quiet and focused closely on their food. Alberta took her time with her bites, chewing slowly and letting the flavors bloom in her mouth. Something in the air had changed it seemed, but it was hard to tell what it was with her face in her plate.

Gabe's mother was the first to stand. "Well, girls, it had been a pleasure having some ladies around the house for a change. I hope we can do this again before you leave Ily."

Mayor Mellon also stood with a nod. "Please excuse us."

Gabe and Rich began snickering once their parents were out of sight, and even Ily had to cover her mouth.

"They do this pretty much every night," Gabe explained.

"Best thing to do is stay downstairs," Rich said with another snigger.

Alberta's cheeks burned when her thoughts caught up with their snickers.


Oh ACR. Genesis and Richard are as bad as Lucy and Walter. But they actually get things done. (Like little Doug here-- who I couldn't work into the story.)

Richard is, of course, the mayor, and I'm pretty sure he is aware of Alberta's situation. But there isn't anything he can do unless she asks for help, and she hasn't asked.

Genesis owns the local magazine Legacy Living which I explain in detail here. I actually haven't visited it in a while because I've mostly been caught up in the boys' stories. But it's a pretty good business venture. It can make about 2,000 to 3,000 every time she visits.


Laura June 17, 2009 at 5:14 PM  

LOL, well at least there was plenty to take the attention off of Alberta :)

I'm really curious to see how she's managing on her own! I hope you have something planned ;)

Oh, and do you plan on playing Ily at uni? Do you have the Uni EP?

The Lunar Fox June 17, 2009 at 6:11 PM  

Oh yes! With my university students, I pretty much let them do what they want. Plus, Ily's older brother is already at Uni.

As for Alberta, Gabe has to drive her home after dinner.

Sullivan Sims June 17, 2009 at 6:31 PM  

Yes, I'd love to see how Alberta is managing by herself. Poor kid. If only she'd ask for help.

I'm glad the dinner went well but I can just imagine Alberta's face when she realised what Richard and Genesis were leaving the table to do! How funny!

The Lunar Fox June 17, 2009 at 6:40 PM  

I'll definitely have to work in an Alberta update to show you how she's been doing. Her grandmother at least left her enough money to be taken care of for a while.

LOL. I can only imagine what you've imagined, but you're probably spot on.

sims2fan08/tacy00p June 19, 2009 at 5:24 AM  

Haha, way to end an already awkward meal! I love it. :)


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