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>> Friday, June 12, 2009

Ages: Alberta - 15 Gabe - 17 Rich - 18 Ily - 19

Alberta sat back in the chair letting the sun hit her pale legs and arms. Normally, she wouldn't feel comfortable sitting so exposed, even in a one piece, but she was determined to relax and have fun-- and bond with Ily if she could. The older girl, Kate's sister, had pulled Alberta over in one of those girl moves that Alberta was only familiar with from watching other girls. She had suggested that they sit in the sun and relax while "the boys" played. Although Alberta really wanted to play, she felt it was a good opportunity to thank Ily for helping her get ready for the dance which had brought Gabe and her together.

Ily sat quietly taking in the sun each time Alberta glanced at her, trying to find something to say. Ily looked more comfortable in her two piece than Alberta did wearing clothes. The confidence simply oozed off of her in a way that made Alberta completely understand what annoyed Kate the most about Ily.

"She's freaking Ms. Perfect!" Kate had confided. "She knows it too. She is so annoying."

Rich climbed out of the pool, and Alberta watched as Ily turned her head in his direction. Rich noticed too, and with a wicked smile flicked water at her. "You should get in the pool. We can play a game of Marco Polo."

"Are you serious? That's a kid's game." Ily sounded serious. Alberta worried that she really wouldn't play a game as childish as Marco Polo. Was it childish that Alberta wanted to play?

Rich flicked more water at her. "I don't joke about games. And you're going to play later." He winked at Alberta as if he knew that she wanted to play right before he jumped back into the pool. Alberta seriously hoped that he wasn't insisting on playing the game because Alberta was so young. At the thought, she cringed.

"Boys," Ily said to Alberta with a smile that betrayed her snide tone. "They're like children. Always."

Alberta tried her best to not seem like the child she was, but she didn't really know how to make herself seem older. Gabe's playful side was what she loved most about him, and she could match him for immaturity. Most surprising was to see the usually studious Rich, future mayor, flicking water playfully at Ily, then cannonballing into the pool.

"So Gabe really likes you."

Alberta didn't know what to say with Gabe only feet away wrestling to give his brother a noogie in the pool.

"I knew it! You like him too." Ily leaned in, "Here's my tip to you though. Don't let him have his way-- it's all part of the game."


"Oh my god, you're so cute and naive. No wonder Gabe's so smitten. You know, guys really want one thing from us girls, and it's our mission to make them want it more, but make them wait while not being a total tease. That's the game."

Alberta made sure to blink while trying to take in Ily's advice. She could see right away this was not a game for her. Maybe it was an older person's game? Ily did have quite a few years on her as did Rich. But then Gabe was closer to Rich and Ily's age. He had never said so or done more than kissing her, but what if he did want more? How could she ever satisfy him?

At Alberta's silence, and possible look of confusion, Ily pried farther. "Oh, c'mon. Surely he's tried something-- a hand down your blouse? Undoing your bra? I mean, it's Gabe."

Alberta shook her head. She wondered what Ily would know about it. What did she mean by "it's Gabe." Had he ever made a move on her? Or maybe he made a move on someone she knew, and that was how Ily would know how Gabe should behave around a girl.

"Oh, Alberta! You're so cute... and weird. Somehow that works for you."

Rich called from the pool, "C'mon, let's play before it gets too late.


Rich was it.

Alberta thought she was SO sneaky. But she slipped and fell into the pool with a big splash. (Actually she did a cannon ball-- which is a silly thing to do after trying to be so sneaky so I'll pretend she slipped.)

Rich was on to her. Ily pretty much stayed back and out of the way, and Gabe clearly had other things on his mind so only Rich and Alberta seemed to take the game seriously.

For all her sneakiness, she still ended up being it next.

Alberta was the last person I expected to cheat.


Sullivan Sims June 12, 2009 at 5:46 PM  

Ugh, I don't know what to say about Ily. As if Alberta doesn't give herself enough things to worry about, without Ily adding to them!

LOL at Alberta cheating! I love Marco Polo.

The Lunar Fox June 12, 2009 at 6:20 PM  

Oh, somehow I didn't even think of it that way. Isn't that weird? But that's true. Darn it Ily! I imagine it's something she's rather innocently done.

Laura June 13, 2009 at 5:22 PM  

I love Ily's bathing suit - it reminds me I need to download some more ;)

I'm with Alberta, I'd be playing Marco Polo with the boys! Who wants to sit around and get skin cancer when you can be in the water with a bunch of half-naked dudes??? ;) (Though, I'm sure that's not her reasoning behind it, lol)

But, hmmm, I'm also curious what Ily knows about Gabe...

The Lunar Fox June 13, 2009 at 8:12 PM  

I'm pretty sure that Ily's swim suit is from Simply Styling. I don't have a lot of their stuff, but their swim and undies are kinda cute.

Alberta is going to have to learn to take advantage of half naked dudes. Seriously! (I swear she will one of these days.)

As for Ily, I don't think she's privy to any inside info-- I'm pretty sure anyone that knows Gabe and Rich might have the same ideas that Ily has. Maybe.


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