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>> Friday, June 5, 2009

Amberle sat alone (at least she hoped) in the forest far enough away from the clearing and the campfire that she was only bathed in moonlight. The only sound in her ears was the gentle whisper of the trees overhead as a breeze reached down to caress Amberle's cheek as if to comfort her.

Her father's people were out here. Possibly keeping an eye on her. She hadn't had time or energy to turn her fury on him and begin to ask him about her mother. Was her mother actually still alive? Had she ran off to be with him and left Amberle behind?

There was a slight rustle of the leaves behind her as if someone who normally walked quietly through the forest were trying to make noise so as not to startle her.

"Leave me alone!" She called out in greeting.

Amberle saw Leander's green eyes before he even stepped out from the trees. Even in the pale moonlight, his large bright eyes shone.

"Would you please talk to me?"


Leander didn't listen. He sat down on the grass near her. "We call your father's people 'the nameless ones.' They are a group of elves that live in the forest." Leander sat quietly for a moment biting on his lip as he seemed to turn over thoughts. She was almost ready to tell him to spit it out when he started talking again. "The problem is that there is bad blood between our people. They've killed elves, Amberle. Our kind of elves. The kind of elf your mother was."

Leander paused again, and this time Amberle let him sit until he was ready to speak. "That's why we told everyone who didn't know that you were half sim. The stigma would still be bad, but it could have been worse." He turned his head so that he was looking her in the eyes. "The council wanted to train you to be a soldier due to your 'heritage'. They foresaw that there could be a war on our hands and they hoped to use you as one of the foot soldiers that rushes in first.

"But I couldn't let them do that. So I convinced them you were bad luck and would bring our ruin if they taught you magic and put you on the battlefield."

His words brought to mind the day Leander, acting on the council's decision, sent her away. That day he had been so strongly insistent that she leave; it was as if he had sliced her chest open with a silver sword. The wound had festered at the thought that her one friend-- the one person who seemed at all on her side-- had wanted her to leave to badly.

Amberle brought her hand to her chest and pressed her cotton shirt against her skin. "You told me in town that the council feared for the elves' safety with me around."

"That's not what I said exactly. I only said that the council feared for our safety. They knew a war was coming. You were sent away in case one of the enemies got their hands on you." Leander glanced over at her. She was sure he was thinking of Henry. "Actually, there is something else I have to talk to you about. To explain." Leander's green eyes flashed in concern, though Amberle wondered if there wasn't also a little bit of guilt. "You know that some elves have special abilities that make them stronger in one area than in others? Like the way some elves can talk to animals? Well, you have that ability too. But you... ah... 'talk' to fire."

Amberle had nothing to say. There were no words. Fire was NOT her friend. If anything, she had spent more time on fire than any other elf. She wouldn't consider that a power.

"Amberle? I can't completely explain it, and it wasn't something we could be sure of until you became older. And by the time we were sure, you were sent away." Leander quietly watched her for a moment. "Will you say something?"

"NO. WAY."

"Was that you saying you're not going to say something?"

"That was me denying everything in two words. NO. WAY."

"Listen, would you be serious? It is a very rare gift among the elves. It is another reason why no one could teach you. There simply was no one else who could. But it doesn't make you immune to fire. You can still die, so it's a very danger--"



"WAY." Amberle stood up. "That's it. I'm ready to head back now. Good bye. I'll see you around."


For the longest time, I have had a story in my head about a girl who could control the wind but was afraid of flying.

Well, sparked by a certain event ("sparked" ahaha-- see what I did there?), I combined the older story with this story.

And Leander is so darn cute! He's always either scowling or looking concerned in game.

Also, sorry for two night time/photoshopped posts in a row. I suppose it's fitting in a way to have the two styles of these last two posts be similar. But with the extra shopping, the dark pictures are so much easier to see!

The tutorial is by Mao and can be found here.


Sullivan Sims June 6, 2009 at 7:43 PM  

The dark pictures look great. They kind have that sort of blue glow you see in movies at night time. It lends a nice atmosphere to this update too.

I am so excited to finally hear about Amberle's heritage. No wonder they sent her away!

I have to wonder about her ability to talk to fire though (especially given her history with it). That sounds very intriguing.

The Lunar Fox June 7, 2009 at 8:15 AM  

I don't know yet what to do with her ability with fire yet. Will she be able to master it? And just who is going to teacher her? XD (See the viable storyline made all these questions pop up and I'll just have to play to figure it out.)

Thank you. I can see a lot of potential with back story about Amberle's parents.

sims2fan08/tacy00p June 9, 2009 at 5:17 AM  

Wow, your story telling just amazes me. Not to mention your ideas! You really do have a lot rattling around in your head, huh? It must be nice! I need pots of coffee just to spark (hehe) some kind of creative story. Geesh, it just took me 3 minutes trying to think of another way to say "creative story" LOL Not enough coffee yet today, apparently!

The Lunar Fox June 9, 2009 at 10:29 AM  

I've always been a day dreamer, since I was little. It was at least part of the reason I didn't get a driver's license until the age of 20-- because I worried I'd get in an accident while day dreaming. (None yet, but when I get old, I am going to have to put the keys down.)

And thank you. I'm glad it's not been too weird a ride. Although some weird is good. :D


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