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>> Wednesday, April 23, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

Since Sofia is out of college, I'm back to my regular playing rotation per family of 4 or 5 days. So I have done quite a bit of experimentation with Sofia and her future business.

The original idea was a brothel. But there are issues with doing brothels at home. Specifically,
I can't force employees to sleep with the clientel unless the employees are part of the household, and last thing I want is to take care of more Townies.

So Sofia volunteered. But Mr. Big was VERY unhappy with that. (Even though I have Pescado's romance mod.)

So we've turned their home into a venue. Free entry is granted to Mr. Big's henchmen, Toby, Peter, and Armando who stand in the back making the counterfeit money.

The fun part of playing Sofia is that there are NO rules. Sofia will do what she wants, and earn money however she likes. The poor guys in the backroom are locked in. So when a fire breaks out, the automatic sprinklers go off, and then the guys are forced back into making more money. Sometimes, I force them to clean up the mess, send them home (by ending the meeting and clearing just those three off) then I call them back.

Don't think Sofia has suddenly become tame though. Sure, Mr. Big is good for now, but Sofia is learning the ins and outs of business and she won't need Mr. Big for long. Having a man hanging on her arm kind of cramps her style.



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