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>> Monday, March 24, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

My Legacy Heir, Ann, as an elder

Ann is just a stinker.

She's a popularity sim, and she's always had a mind of her own. She was the first sim that I actually worked with to grant her Life Time Want, simply because I knew she'd be unhappy if I didn't.

Ann as an adult. Pretty, no?

As most popularity sims do, Ann often came up with wants that were counter to what I wanted for her. At her wedding to a sim I had chosen, she had the want to get married to her professor who she had her first woohoo with. And for a while into her marriage she wouldn't give it up. She wanted to call Prof. Ron, flirt with him, kiss him until the day she became an elder. (Although, he still makes surprise appearances in her wants from time to time.)

Ann as a young adult. She looked wild, but she spent all her time writing.

The first time she had a want that coincided with what I had planned for her was when she was in Uni. I wanted her to be my writer. I knew she had it in her. As soon as I sat her down at the computer and had her start writing, she rolled the want to write a great novel. And she's been writing them since.

Ann holding Water Mellon when he was a baby

Since I've gotten Bon Voyage, she's become a world traveller. Her vacations give the two of us more time together and give her more time to work on her books. For that reason, she has a vacation home in every vacation destination.

Ann's Family as it is now. From left to right: Green, Andrew, Ann, Alec (her husband) Caliburst. Front: Water

I used to be terrified of her becoming an elder. But for some reason I loved her even more once she had her full on birthday. Now she's like that spunky grandmother you hear about. The one who travels to odd places and has crazy stories to tell. You know, the one who openly speaks her mind and then says, "What does it matter? I'm going to die soon anyway."

Although, she won't if I can help it. (I think I will be truly sad on the day she passes away!)

Ann on her wedding day



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