One Last Dig - The end of autumn

>> Saturday, February 14, 2009

Richard sat in an official manner at his seat behind his desk. "We still have the open position for Librarian. Any names come to mind for consideration?"

"What about younger sims that we can groom for the part? Alberta Ferguson?"

Richard shook his head. "Her grandmother is going to pass away soon, and she's going to have to run the cemetery."

The three sat for a moment before Aden said, "What about Ashley Stratton?"

"Oh, there's an idea. Hmm. Let's review her files and send her a note, shall we?" Richard smiled in an official and business-like manner. "Now, Jeanie, how is the construction on the new medical facility going? Are we still under budget?"

"Well, I am happy to announce it is complete. But we were a little over budget. We sill have enough to pay the salaries, but the summer festival will have to wait until after taxes get in."

"Over budget?" Richard still smiled, but his smile seemed to change. Aden could feel Richard's thoughts from across the desk. "What exactly was over budget?"

Jeanie looked uncomfortable. "Well, the building was fine. It's all up to code. It was just the interior decorations."

Richard hid his displeasure well. The new "medical facility director" (which was only a fancy term for their one and only doctor) was a rather strong woman who had already butted heads with Richard on what exactly were the highest priorities for the new facility lay.

Richard seemed to shrug off the entire issue. "Oh well. We just won't hand out any scholarships this year. Any other issues?"

Jeanie and Aden glanced at one another. There was certainly one large issue that Richard seemed intent on ignoring. If either of the council members brought it up, he would wave it away and say that "The Orlandos" had it under control.*

The meeting was called. Jeanie and Aden stood at the same time, but Aden stopped when he caught Richard's eye.

"Aden, we must talk, catch up you know."

Jeanie left rather quickly. Aden watched her go and felt a pang of jealousy like a school boy watching one of the children leaving early for a dentist appointment.

"So how are things? How is the new house?"

Aden fought the truth back from the tip of his tongue. "Good. Things're a little tight is all."

It was only too clear that Richard had not been listening. "Good good. So when is the wedding?"

A sigh ran away from Aden before he could stop it. "Well, it was postponed for various reasons. Mostly out of respect for Green's loss."

"Oh, so you aren't married yet?"

"Is that a problem?"

"Well, it's just that it will have to go into the file. Elizabeth will have to be taxed for half of your new property's value, you know, since she's not a city employee."

Aden could simply not believe the gall of the man. He laughed softly trying to minimize half crazy sound of his gawfaw. "Oh, uhm, right. Well. I had better head home now before she worries."

"I understand completely. I'll see you tomorrow."


* "The Orlandos" is a new one. That would be the city's police force. Orlando Centowski, Ama's father, and Orlando Mellon, one of Hobart's fathers.

This marks the end of autumn. Which means new header picture!

Finally you meet my town's mayor. This same man is also Gabe's adopted father.

Richard was never elected to this post. He calls himself "Mayor," but he sort of created and stepped into the position. No one has objected so far. And Richard does intend on passing this position to his son Richard, the 3rd.

Also, the City Center they're in right now is an actual usable community lot. Richard gives speeches from time to time. And other sims can go to the community lot to meet and talk with Richard.


simstate February 14, 2009 at 6:05 PM  

Your new header is really pretty! It's one of the reasons I got the EP Seasons - just for the anims :-)

Finally we meet Richard the mayor - hmmm, seems to be the type to hide his head in the sand...

Hope the next chapter is about the Orlandos - I'd like to see how they track that renegade vampire down!

The Lunar Fox February 14, 2009 at 7:27 PM  

Thank you. I LOVE Seasons. It's what got me into playing Sims again.

Haha, that's one way to put it. Hopefully he will turn into as interesting a character as he's been to watch in game.

The Orlandos do get a piece on them, but unfortunately probably not for a while. They're on the case though (in the background). Unfortunately, neither were trained for such an odd case.


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