Embarrassing Amberle

>> Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Amberle stepped softly down the stairs as if she were trying to sneak up on the night.

She had been in her room thinking when Samantha Kerr had called. Ama had asked her the oddest question today in school, one that Amberle hoped none of the other children had heard for fear that parents might end up calling. But class had continued on as normal with no other odd questions to be asked.

On the phone, Samantha had said in a very insistent manner, "You have to get down here! Come now."

Amberle knew it was something embarrassing. Samantha Kerr enjoyed making Amberle blush. Forcing blind dates and strange men on her was a surefire way to accomplish the mission.

But despite that, it was enough to distract Amberle from her thoughts. It also meant she would not be heading out to the near-by forest on this chilly winter night. So she had resigned herself to being embarrassed with only the hope that it was not someone that Amberle would see constantly like the landlord (again).

At the bottom of the steps, there stood Samantha talking with a man. It looked as if he had been about to go upstairs when Samantha had caught him and kept him busy while waiting for Amberle to show up.

"Ah! Amberle!" Samantha smiled at her as she came down the stairs. "Have you met Henry?"

"No..." Henry turned to face her, and she could only stand there as she took in the full beauty of the man. In the back of her head, she even thought he was more handsome than the most handsome of the elves.

He stuck out his hand to greet her, a smile slowly crept on his face as he watched her. "Hello. I'm Henry. I just moved into the top floor apartment."

His shoulder faced Samantha who took the time to make a quick exit after making a thumbs up sign at Amberle that made her blush.

"Hi." Amberle smiled like a fool, but it couldn't be helped. Something about his eyes pulled her in and almost made her feel giddy as she had never felt before.


Valneanne February 19, 2009 at 5:13 AM  

Well, well, well, this could certainly become very interesting! At least the fellow doesn't strike me asm malicious, Amberle is far too cute for that sort of stuff!

simstate February 19, 2009 at 5:14 AM  

Romantic interest! I'm happy for Amberle - hopefully this new guy has no connections to that vampire! But Amberle should be empathic enough to tell, I think?

Do your elves have special powers? Just wondering... they shouldn't be like normal sims, right?

The Lunar Fox February 19, 2009 at 7:37 AM  

Amberle needs someone to notice her. The girl has never even kissed anyone so far as I know!

(Wait till Weds. when you actually see him. What a cutie!)

My elves are different from normal sims. They live longer than normal sims. They also are quite powerfully magically in a way no other sim is at the moment.

Amberle has always seemed a defect though. With her luck, casting a spell was hazardous.

When Amberle first arrived, she was very connected to the earth and able to use magic. But she's sort of drifted away from that. (Though she tries to stay connected. Her apartment is filled with plants.)


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