The Dress

>> Monday, November 3, 2008

The knife sliced through the red bell pepper making a quick clack each time the knife hit the cutting board. His hand gripped the knife as it violently cut through the delicate pepper. The scent of dry spices tickled his nose as the snapping of the meat browning in a pan filled his ears.

It was all therapeutic. Water was convinced that there was nothing good cooking could not cure. His spoon twirled in the pan, turning over the meat and revealing the brown side. The sweet scent of the cooking garlic and onions filled the little kitchen. This kitchen was not as lovely as his old kitchen in the old land, but it would do for now, until he could find a larger house with a large kitchen.

Water added the other ingredients to the pan while stirring. "You don't like my dress?" Demi had seemed surprised. Did he like it? Why ever would she think that? True, she had looked lovely, but she always looked lovely. The way her tousled blond hair swept across her face, even after she brushed it. The way the dress had hugged her curves and pinched in at her waste with a thin little belt... but the dress itself left much to be desired.

"Bonnie gave it to me. She found it in the rafters of her new shop and thought I would like it." Water would have to remember to give Bonnie a call to thank her for that. The dress was all flowers and lace. It had an ugly collar similar to a man's dress shirt.

"You don't like it!" Water stirred the beans into the chili vigorously as he thought about his reaction and Demi's reaction to him. "You know what, just forget it. Would you leave please? I still have some cleaning to do."

The chili became dark red as the spices spread out, touching everything in the pan. "Demi, why are you acting this way? It's just a dress!"

The strong spicy chili smell hung in the air slowly filling the house. Perhaps it might even reach upstairs. She had to be hungry. "It's more than just the dress. God Water, are you that dense?" Tears angrily fell down her cheeks and she furiously started wiping at them. "Just go!"

Water placed the bowl in front of the empty chair then sat down with a bowl himself to wait.


bbop May 31, 2009 at 1:26 PM  

hmmmm... are they married?

well, I liked Demi's dress!

great screenshots, btw.

The Lunar Fox May 31, 2009 at 2:41 PM  

Thanks. The screen shots get better later on.

And actually, they aren't supposed to be married. He's a romance sim. But when I brought them over, I had to marry them in CAS so they'd both be the parent of their daughter.


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