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>> Friday, October 24, 2008

"Wow, Mom!" Jason walked up the stairs onto the porch. "It's perfect. And it's already got furniture and everything."

"Here that, Thomas? Even has furniture. Aren't you glad we decided to keep walking when the others stopped in town?" Cherry did not make an effort to disguise the smugness in her voice. This would show Richard, Jr., the self proclaimed Mayor and Thomas' son from his previous wife. Richard had not been much help to them as they were coming up the bluff and into town. Instead, he slipped into his previous role as Mayor (a Mayor who had inherited the job, Cherry might add) and proceeded to help everyone BUT them.

"Thomas?" Cherry turned around towards her silent husband. He'd been quiet as they had walked down the road that lead out of the city, but she'd also been quiet as she fumed over the treatment she had endured from her son's half brother.

Thomas stood at the bottom of the stairs, clearly having trouble breathing. He started walking up the stairs, but a shadowy form seemed to follow him. Before she could do anything, Thomas fell to the ground clutching at his heart before he'd even had a chance to look in the window.

"Thomas! NO!" Cherry screamed.


bbop May 31, 2009 at 1:23 PM  

Oh no, Thomas!

and I like Cherry's house.


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