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>> Thursday, October 16, 2008

Right now, after some testing, I have found I like four days per season, which is normal. Four seasons per year.

I don’t play in rotation style any more. Now I’m playing more in story mode. I visit a sim’s house when I feel I should, when I want to, and for however long I want to.

There are two house holds right now that I play and use as my measuring stick: The two teacher households, Amberle Silverring and Samantha Kerr. As I see it, they’re the only two people who absolutely must be present at work every day. My students must learn after all.

Those two households will determine the season I’m on and when the year ends.

The stories I write are for my own fun. They are suggested by my characters themselves most of the time. Even pictures that are staged I count as game play. Sometimes they spark new ideas (like the bathroom scene between Alberta and Kate).

Staged scenes also result in real relationships between sims since I have them talking to each other. If they aren't liking my ideas, they let me know. XD



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I'm a proudly nerdy girl who knows too much about X-Men and has stories running through her head when walking. This is really my first real attempt to share just a few of the stories that not only play in my head when walking, but play out when I'm playing my sims. I hope you enjoy. ^___^

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