Picture day!

>> Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I've been wanting to take some fun pictures of my various sims. Lately, it's been ever present because of the song "I Kissed a girl" by Katy Perry which reminds me of Sofia just for the line "You're my experimental game/ Just human nature."

So here she is, the best pics I took last night I think.

I call this one "Empress" because it suits her. See her haughty smile? Yes, she is better than you, and if you turn your back she'll take your boyfriend and leave him a crumpled mess in the street for you to pick up.

There is a darker side to Sofia. She is pragmatic, and yet the occult fascinates her. No one wants a pragmatic woman with the powers of the occult on her side.

Sweet and innocent... yes that's her too. Sometimes I think that she doesn't really know what she's doing is wrong. As far as she's concerned the world owes her.

As bare natural as she'll get. I have to admit it was a little embarrassing getting this round of pictures because her raw sensuality just shined through. My boyfriend was in the room with me at the time and I was sure he was going to turn around at some point and accuse me of making pornography!

Yes, we're ending on a wink. That's Sofia for you. She just never quits.
Plans are in store for her. She's really just turning into a fun character to play.



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I'm a proudly nerdy girl who knows too much about X-Men and has stories running through her head when walking. This is really my first real attempt to share just a few of the stories that not only play in my head when walking, but play out when I'm playing my sims. I hope you enjoy. ^___^

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