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>> Monday, September 29, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

For her last part of her trip, Ann stayed at the Lakeview Hotel. It's another old house that has been converted into a charming "hotel."

The neat part is that is features a swimmable lake. Which can also be fished out of. (I believe this is another lot by V1nd1care over at MTS2.

On one of her calls home, Ann heard that strange things were going on back at home. Her oldest son told her about a witch who had been haunting his diner, making lightening, rain and cockroaches.

Something new to explore? Ann returned quickly.

Ann's shelf of treasures minus one

Something is missing from Ann's shelf of treasures... Ann went missing soon after for an entire day.

It took a while, but as soon as Ann saw the witch, she knew what to do.

Ann has her own powers of persuasion.

Ann is now a witch! She's working to be more Neutral than good or bad. Who knows what she could do with her powers. Only time will tell. (I don't see her dying any time soon!)

This was funny again. Anytime Ann talks to the males, she talks about Sofia. What is her obsession with the woman? She never gossips about her, Sofia seems to only come up in polite conversation. And this convo here is with a teen.



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