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>> Thursday, September 4, 2008

These events take place before Tierra De Legado.

Demi and Melanie; Aren't they precious?

Water is always working. In the morning, he goes to his chocolate shop and sells chocolates to everyone in town. Then he comes home for lunch and heads out to the diner where he stays until close to midnight.

All the while, Demi stays home and watches him run himself ragged to afford a fancy home.

Demi has never brought the topic of marriage up. She's allowed him to decide when he is ready to settle, even if this means he is never going to be ready. In the mean time, she has taken up studying a new guide to "lifelong Happiness."

While playing Samantha Kerr, the high school teacher, Water came over to visit. Before he settled down with Demi for sure (ok, mostly at my urging), he had a lot of fun with Sam.

Unfortunately, she wants to marry him. She doesn't seem to realize that at his heart he is a romance sim.

They had a lovely lunch. I refused to initiate anything unless they gave me a sign. For a while, they were completely uninterested in each other. They sat watching TV.

Then Sam mentioned something about meeting new people and marriage. Water looked very agitated as they discussed it. There were quite a few pauses, but they continued to return to the subject.

Water Finally walked out of the house and stood on the front lawn for a bit.

Yeah, how can you resist that strut?

Then Water strutted back into the house. His intent was clear.

It all went down hill from there.

Before Water came along, most of Sam's nights were spent sitting at home alone eating TV dinners in front of the TV. She was so lonely.

It's possible that Sam has some insecurities. Though sometimes she comes off as if she is too sure of herself.

Here she is autonomously bragging about well... you know.



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