Uncertainty Part 1 - Green and Elizabeth

>> Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Events Previous:

Aden and Elizabeth are a couple. They came over on the ship together and were jammed in with other sims including Green (he is the chosen "Legacy" heir so he's something of a prince), who had been their roomie at the old Uni.

Once they arrived, Green, Aden and Elizabeth spent some time helping to build up the city while Richard spoke and made deals with the locals. There was a college, and Green, Aden and Elizabeth were to be the first outsiders to attend.

A few years ago from present playing day:

Green ferociously pressed his lips to hers as he half lay on top of her on the sofa. Her legs dangerously dangled half off the sofa, so she clung to him, pulling him in closer, matching his ferocity in her attempt to not fall on the ground. Green smelled of musk and fresh ground coffee beans. Elizabeth almost laughed out loud when she realized that he very often smelled of coffee but for his kisses which covered her face, her lips, her eye lids. Aden never kissed her so passionately.

It had started with the ship ride to the new land. Green had hung around Elizabeth and Aden so often when they were on the ship, the three had become close. But her feelings towards Aden and Green had managed to balance out so that she had preferred neither over the other by the end of it all, although everyone aboard the ship accepted that she and Aden were a couple.

Green grabbed her legs with one hand and held her tightly so she no longer felt like she would fall. She threw her arms around his neck and focused only on kissing him; although her mind wandered she did her best to ignore it and focus on Green. Green and his sweet kisses, his hungry passionate kisses.

At the new college, Aden was often away. He enjoyed hiking much more than Elizabeth did. Although he often invited her, she often declined. Instead, Elizabeth spent her time painting, a new hobby she was surprised to find she enjoyed.

Green noticed her painting one day. He had stood behind her a while before he went to his room to do more work on his novel. It wasn't until after dinner that day, when Aden was at class that, out of the blue he leaned in close and told her, "When you get that look of concentration on your face, you look so cute!" Elizabeth had blushed furiously. No one called her cute, not even Aden.

Green lay his full weight upon her. He wasn't heavy in the least, and surprisingly, she found him to actually be rather on the skinny side for someone who spent all his time writing and drinking coffee. His body pressed up against her, warming her bare limbs. She ran her hand up and down his poor cold back. Perhaps the rec room had not been the best choice for this unexpected trist, but the idea that they could be caught--!

"Oh, Green!" She whispered huskily in his ear. Green's kisses came faster and furiouser.

Didn't he have a girlfriend already? Ashley Stratton had been his girlfriend. "She's still a teen." Green had told her numerous times. "She's a kid. I've already talked to her about it, honestly. We're still good friends though."

Green whispered in her ear, "Cmon. Let's go back to my room." Green grabbed their clothes which lay strewn on the floor. He cautiously walked to the door of the rec room and unlocked it. Glacning around, he motioned that the way was clear, and like two little kids sneaking back into a house after staying up all night, they ran over to his room; their bare feet making no sound on the soft carpet.

Green locked the door after she entered. Dumping their clothes on the ground, he gently lay her on his twin bed, then lay on top of her. They spent the night entwined in each other's arms.


bbop June 4, 2009 at 9:17 PM  

wow they're getting it on!

hahahaha that was some powerful writing.

The Lunar Fox June 4, 2009 at 9:51 PM  

lol, thanks Billy. You see why I couldn't post this on TSR? Haha.

bbop June 23, 2009 at 10:34 PM  


They are way uptight with me- deagh has edited two of my posts already- and Saoz deleted one altogether!

But i fixed them. hahahaha

petalbrook August 28, 2009 at 11:05 AM  

Hot stuff, Lunar!

The Lunar Fox August 28, 2009 at 1:46 PM  

lol, thanks!


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