Elizabeth at The Wedding

>> Monday, December 29, 2008

Elizabeth relaxed with a book in the study in an old chair she had picked up at the local thrift store. The study was turning into her favorite room. Slowly, she and Aden added pieces of art and furniture until it became their space. They had picked up an old desk with paint splattered all over it which they had sanded down and re-painted all one color. The old fashioned wooden office chair they had picked up also at the same time and with a little bit of paint and a nice cushion, it made a very comfortable chair.

Elizabeth was enjoying her life with Aden. He had just been elected by the people to be a city council member, and he answered directly to the Mayor. Sure, it put a lot of strain on Aden as well as Elizabeth with his long hours and his cranky attitude, but over all it was a good job to have.

She was ready to put their young college behind them and start acting as an adult. Until Aden received an interesting letter in the mail. It was hefty, and had silver guilding on it. Elizabeth's hand had shaken as she held it. It was addressed to Aden, but it was from Green.

Elizabeth sighed in the large loney room as she thought back to the wedding the day before. She had done her best to prepare herself when Aden received the invite. Still, that first moment when she saw Green kiss his bride to be in the garden, she had jumped out of her seat as all the muscles in her body stiffened.

Aden had looked up at her and tugged her hand to have her sit down. "What's wrong?" He had asked when she sat. Elizabeth had only waved her hand as her heart beat in her chest. She was sure she had come up with some reason, but she couldn't remember it now.

Her life with Aden was good. It was great. It was all anyone could ask for. Would she give up her current life to live in that large house on the hill with Green? Did she really think that the "Prince" of Tierra de Legado was going to choose her as his "princess?" Elizabeth shuddered at her own foolishness and selfishness. What would she have done if Green had asked? Would she have left Aden without a word of warning so that he could feel what she had felt on the day Green got married?

Elizabeth promised herself that she would never do such a thing to him again. She loved Aden. And they would be married within the next year. They would have a house and possibly children soon. Life was perfect, she told herself constantly so as not to forget.


T.Irwin December 30, 2008 at 8:13 AM  

oooooo....this left me wanting to know more.

bbop June 29, 2009 at 10:14 AM  

Once you said life was perfect, that's when you know it's about to become not.

The Lunar Fox July 1, 2009 at 10:05 AM  

lol, true. If you have to tell yourself in case you forget, there is definitely a problem! XD


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