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This is the neighborhood that came before Tierra De Legado.

So the question is, why am I even bothering with this? The last time I tried this, it was a short challenge thread on TSR. I was stressed out of my mind because of a huge medical bill that was hanging over my head, and I needed a release. Writing has always been my release. It just helps that I now have sims to play to help put my mind at ease. ^__^

I don't really know how I will be going about this yet. I just need a place to put down my thoughts and my stories. I also need a way to keep track of my sims. Right now, everything is completely mental, except for notes I take in notepad and pictures, of which I have a semi-complicated filing system. By that I mean, I have a lot of sub-folders, but everything is labeled so even an idiot (read:me) can figure it out and know where to look for pics of whoever they're looking for (so long as they know who they're looking for and the generation.).

A short tour of the Neighborhood

Legacy Proper Overview

In the Main Hood, which we can call "Legacy Proper" for lack of a better name, we can see two distinct areas if we look hard enough. There is "The Valley," the low part where the Legacy House is situated and "Stratton Hill." Each of the homes on the Hill have been lived in by the Stratton family, at least while Christy lived and the children were small.

Highway 0 (zero) Out of Legacy into Legacy Village

Legacy Village is supposed to be the business district for Legacy Proper. And for a while, it did start growing that way. Both Legacy Proper and Legacy Village are connected by a Highway 0, the only highway in or out. A large strip of businesses began to grow along the Highway 0 exit, and it has continued to expand as new businesses appear.

Close up of The Strip off of Highway 0 exit

Towards the ocean is pretty much open space, with some forest. A strange conifer forest grows right next to the beach with a little make shift home that appears to be made from all natural materials. Going further east is the residential area with one of the most expensive homes in the neighborhood.

Ocean View with strange Conifer forest

There is also a small downtown area full of cheap housing. The land was bought as a package deal. Sims can move in with only a security deposit down, but they must pay rent to the owner every three days. On this same strip is the bar known as The Lucky Fox. It's a rather seedy bar, but it's right down the street so it serves as a nice place for sims who live in this downtown area to hang out and meet other sims.

Legacy Village Downtown

All other subhoods are very bland as I just attached already created sub hoods such as Downtown, the three vacation lots, and two Universities (Le Tour and Simstate). My character files are at a whopping 750 or so. Most likely it has to do with the fact that I was playing this hood since the base game, before I knew about character files or the harm they could do.

I've also been having issues with a flattened neighborhood view in the main hood during summer and spring. (it was rather annoying, and I even considered always leaving my main hood in winter so that I wouldn't suffer the lag and the horrible view. So the Main hood didn't have any decorations for a while because I took them all out thinking it might help with the flattened view. Just after installing BV, the flattened hood stopped, miraculously. But more testing is required. Should the flattened hood return... well I've been planning to start over "fresh" so to speak.



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I'm a proudly nerdy girl who knows too much about X-Men and has stories running through her head when walking. This is really my first real attempt to share just a few of the stories that not only play in my head when walking, but play out when I'm playing my sims. I hope you enjoy. ^___^

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