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Present day-- Last time we saw Amberle

Leander didn't even bother to ask Amberle if she was in distress before he tossed a magic spell at Henry. Amberle heard herself beginning to growl an insult just as the spell dissipated against Henry’s chest. The words sat unspoken on her tongue when she saw Henry's glare and a flash of teeth.

Henry leaped, using his larger body to knock Leander to the ground.

"You should know something about your enemy before you try to attack," Henry had a hand to Leander's throat. "Vampires are immune to magic."

Amberle could only think to do one thing. She pounced on Henry, knocking him off Leander and onto the ground.

As far as Amberle could tell, Henry was surprised. He did not fight; he only put one hand gently on her arm and gazed into her eyes.

“Whoa Amberle…” Leander’s voice came shakily from behind. "It's okay. I can handle him." Amberle recognized that tone of voice right away. It had been the tone he would use when she was a little girl and she had become angry at one of the other elves who had mistreated her.

“What? Don't use that tone with me! I just rescued you in case you didn’t notice.”

Henry rolled his eyes, though Amberle wasn't clear at who. “You haven’t told her, have you? You haven’t told her why they and you fear her for something she didn’t do and has no control over.” Henry growled so his fangs showed purposely. “Tell her.”

Amberle looked over her shoulder to Leander even as she still straddled Henry, “Yeah, tell me.”

Leander opened his mouth to sigh and, hopefully, begin to explain when he gasped at a shadow that stepped out from the tree line.

Amberle was too surprised to fight Henry when he gently moved her off of him so he could gracefully stand up between her and the hulking form. Amberle fell back on her behind as she watched Henry make a graceful bow to the large creature with the wild hair.

Henry sounded exasperated. “Ah, now you appear. I’ve been waiting.” Henry stepped to the side just enough to reveal Amberle and still stay close enough to step in front of her in case the creature attacked. “I suppose it’s Amberle you really wish to see. Amberle,” Henry hardly turned towards her. “Meet your father.”


Laura May 18, 2009 at 2:57 PM  

Ah-ha, things are starting to become a little clearer now! I can't wait to find out the reason for their meeting.

I like that Henry is still protecting her. I'm still really wanting to like him, and I hope he isn't entirely a bad guy.

Sullivan Sims May 18, 2009 at 5:57 PM  

Well, Amberle's dad looks like an interesting character! So Amber is part elf, part something else, right? I'm wondering if he's the something else.

And Henry knows him. You've got me all curious about their connection.

The Lunar Fox May 18, 2009 at 6:18 PM  

I'm having a lot of fun with Henry. Mostly because originally he was going to be a bad guy, but now I'm not sure exactly where he's headed. It's kinda a fun game to play. Like that wheel on the game of life.

Sullivan, or Henry knows of him. ;) They might not actually know each other personally, but then I haven't really thought that through.

Definitely Amberle is part something else.


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