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Amberle stared at the fire as it jumped and sputtered throwing sparks into the air before her. She sat in the middle of the woods alone with a blood-drinking vampire and in front of a fire no less. She didn't like any of it one bit, even though it was to such a point of absurdity, she was almost ready to laugh out loud at her own luck.

"I would explain if I thought you would listen," Henry said softly. So far, he had kept his distance from her, but she could feel his eyes on her as if he were waiting for her to make a get-a-way.

"Why wait? Can't you just 'suggest' that I listen?" She cringed inwardly at the childishness she heard in her own voice.

"There are some it will not work on."

She dared to glance at him to see if he were watching her, but his eyes remained fixed on the fire before them.

Did he mean that she couldn't be dazzled? It made her curious, but as her own voice refused to co-operate with her stubborn tough elf image, she refused to ask anything about it. Instead, she tried to remain angry. Henry left her to her angry silence; this time he didn't bother to try to small talk her as he had on the ride up.

The silence helped her anger stew. It wasn't long before she finally blurted, "What is it you want from me anyway? Why am I here? That's the only reason why you even started bothering with me, isn't it?"

He glanced guiltily at her. "In the beginning, I did try to suggest to you. I had hoped to avoid stretching things out. But you are surprisingly-- refreshing."

For a moment, she worried he might be referring to her scent. She tried to keep the horror off her face.

"I think you are quite unique and for more than just your eyes."

The direction of the conversation was making her uncomfortable, so she jumped on the new conversation topic despite it being the weakest thread. "What's that about my eyes?"

He looked at her in surprise. "You haven't noticed how unique your eye color is, even among the elves?"

Amberle shrugged. "Not really."

Henry sighed. "How often have you seen lilac colored eyes besides when you look in the mirror?"

Amberle scowled. "I don't know! Who cares? What is this all supposed to mean anyway?"

"It has to do with the most sought after commodity that very few are aware of-- magic."

Amberle was thoroughly confused. She had no magic. Her teacher and every adult had told her so and had refused to train her. When ever she used magic, it often backfired on her and anyone near by her until she feared to use any innate powers she did have. "What are you talking about? I have no real magic, and any magic I do have is cursed."

Henry raised an eyebrow. "None at all? I have heard that you created a home out of dust and dirt when you first arrived across the sea. And that when you needed it, you created an entire nursery set for your special guest."

Amberle threw her hands up in the air. "That wasn't me. That was a magical place. It had a wishing well."

It was clear that Henry did not believe her despite her protests. "Who gave you the idea that you have no magic? Was it the adult elves? The ones who should have taught you?"

Amberle looked into the fire, but she said nothing.

"Amberle," Henry's voice became low even as his eyes sparkled with surprise. "Have they never told you?"

"Told me what?"

"Who your father is?"

There was a golden glow that errupted behind Henry, almost blinding Amberle with the sudden brightness cutting through the dim light from the campfire.

"Let her go." Leander stood with magic crackling at his fingertips. "Now."


I have to admit I'm kind of excited about this storyline. It was really fun to take the pictures, and the sims (in general) were pretty co-operative. It was the game that was not always working with me.

I hope these pictures aren't too dark. If they are, let me know so I can fix them because the next four Mondays will all be part of this one night.

I also thought this random picture was cute, but didn't fit in anywhere. Doesn't Leander look thrilled?


Sullivan Sims May 12, 2009 at 7:04 PM  

No, not too dark at all! Very clear.

So Amberle took care of Gabe when he was little. I didn't know that! I was wondering if the Gabe and Amberle storylines were more linked than I realised and I guess they are!

When you said in Gabe's profile that Amberle shared some her life force with him, is she even aware she did that? Is she in denial about her powers or is she just pretending in front of Henry?

The Lunar Fox May 12, 2009 at 8:21 PM  

Y'know, even I didn't think about that connection between Amberle and Gabe when I chose to focus on those sims in particular.

Since that was a much older story, sort of a throw away story, it hasn't really been important yet.

Part of the thing I had with elves to explain how they can live for a long time and have children is to explain that when a parent chooses to raise a child, even if that child is not blood relation, they share their life force.

Amberle is aware she has done it and that it aged her (not really anything we'd notice though). But the effects are unknown.

As for her own powers, she has issues. She grew up being told she was a beast (being not full elf) and that she couldn't learn how to do magic properly like a civilized elf.

Laura May 13, 2009 at 5:02 AM  

The pictures are perfect! Not dark at all!

Hmmm, I'm wondering why he can't dazzle her? Is it because she's an elf, or some other reason?

Oooh, who is her father? :) I was wondering, if she's only part elf, then what is the other part? Can't wait to find out.

The Lunar Fox May 13, 2009 at 6:37 AM  

He's probably wondering why he can't dazzle her too.

And that's a mystery that'll be solved soon. ;D


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