1. Joan

>> Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A long long time ago...

The other members of our small secret group watch me expectantly. The second in command (now the leader) has just read my father's last testament.

"Well, will you, Joan? It won't be easy, and we will do our best to prepare you for your journey."

I don't see that I have a choice. It would be impossible for me to say, "No. The human race can rot, I'll take my chances living with the mermaids."

So I nod like an idiot.

I had seen magic. My father preformed it for us and had us practicing in the basement under his pub after hours. We had to be sneaky. If other humans saw us, there was always the possibility that we could be turned in and severely punished.

We live in the Kingdom of the Mermaids. For the most part, the mermaids are very hands off. They could be as cruel lords and masters as the Vampires and Werewolves, but often they don't care to be so. It is only when they want something that we are called to do something for our masters.

To the mermaids, we are nothing more than a commodity. They use us as they please. More than once, whole cities of humans have been lost to attacks from the neighboring kingdoms. The Mermaids simply forget to check on their humans.

Our own mermaid lord recently died. We are only aware of this because the new lord (we assume it is the son of our old lord) has been seen wandering the land, checking production. The last sighting was the small community next to us. One of the merchants traveling back and forth trading goods heard this and passed on the news to us. It is now or never.

We are all certain he will want a place to stay. During the night, he is fine thanks to the cold moisture in the air and the water he carries with him. But after sunrise, it will be too warm for him to continue his tour. He will want to stay at the inn above my father's pub. The one I now run since his passing away.

The new lord has been seen gathering a small group of women who go with his human guards when they were picked. A gathering of women means most likely one thing. He is planning a gift for one of the neighboring kingdoms' lords. We are guessing that it is most likely for the Werewolf King who could properly appreciate the maidens.

The new lord would be here tomorrow night. Somehow, I am to get myself included in his gift. My mission: gather magic users to help fight for the freedom that we are rightfully due.


So, here's where I get weird. This storyline is something that came out of a playful free write.

I don't want it to be confusing, so I am trying to make sure everything you need to know will somehow be mentioned in the posts. (Because you really won't need to know everything yet.) Feel free to ask what you want, but I reserve the right to not answer. ;) At some point, I will put up a detailed post that explains what I've got worked out so far, but for now, to hopefully cut out the confusion, I will let the story carry what info you absolutely need.


Sullivan Sims May 13, 2009 at 5:59 PM  

Mermaids! I can honestly say I was not expecting mermaids to crop up. :)

Are these members of the secret group mermaids themselves? Mermaids that have been cast out for one reason or another? Or something else? I gather they're not human.

So they're looking for magic users. I'm wondering if one magic user will be Amberle (she was born a "long time ago", right?) or maybe one of her parents.

I'm not confused, only intrigued and eager to read more! ;)

The Lunar Fox May 13, 2009 at 6:10 PM  

Mermaids is sort of random. It came out of the free write, and so I figured, "Why not?" XD

If you are confused, it would be because the text wasn't clear enough.

This is in what I'm calling the "Deep Past." So this is a very very long time ago. Amberle is actually a young elf, so you won't see her here. You will see someone else that we know though on Friday.

The members of the secret group you see here are human, but they live in the mermaid kingdom. You'll see a mermaid on Friday. They're very distinctive.


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