One day by the sea

>> Monday, May 4, 2009

Moonglow sat staring out over the sea and giggling to herself as if someone were telling her jokes only she could understand. Ann smiled at the young girl. Moonglow often sat laughing at things that only she could see. She was truly a magical child.

Ann bent down to dig in the dirt. She was looking for a particular piece of sea glass that was to be dropped into a new beauty potion she was cooking up. The baby's laugher rang through the air. Ann could tell she hadn't moved from her spot.

The sand moved easily beneath her fingers until her fingernails scrapped along the wet bottom layer. The sand became more difficult to move then, and Ann had to work to dig deep. The piece of glass she needed was just under her fingertips. Ann stopped. Something was wrong.

The absence of Moonglow's laughter left a void that stopped Ann's heart.

Ann turned to see the baby was crawling recklessly towards the sea as if she were expecting arms to envelope her.

Ann's feet stumbled through the sand too slowly to reach the baby in time. The waves lapped at her hands and feet, sucking at the sand beneath. Ann flung herself at Moonglow, grabbing her with both hands and lifting her high from the water.

As it slowly dawned on Moonglow that something frightful had happened, the baby began to cry in Ann's arms. The unthinkable had almost happened. Ann had almost lost her first true heir to the sea which had helped name her.

Ann knew then that she could stay no longer. There was something afoot, something that Ann could not sense herself because her own innate magical ability was weak.

She had to find them a new home in a place no one would find them.


And here's the kick off for the next season (Summer 3)!

This promises to be the oddest season yet.


Laura May 4, 2009 at 12:04 PM  

Wow, your story has so much more history to it than I ever realized! I'll have to work on digging through it some time :)

This was very mysterious and intriguing. And the new background pictures are neat! I'm probably supposed to know who those people are, aren't I? LOL!

Tanja May 4, 2009 at 1:35 PM  

When I went though all of your old post, I was wondering when we would here something about this family again.
I still can't wait to read more! So much intrigue!

The Lunar Fox May 4, 2009 at 2:21 PM  

LOL Laura. For the people in the background, you might recognize one, but for the most part they are yet to be introduced. ^__^

And there is a lot of history to this 'hood (mostly played, but now I've gone and made some up). That's part of the issue I had with even starting a blog as I wasn't sure where to start. But each post is tagged with the full name of the sim featured (or sims who make an appearance) so you can click on links for Moonglow and see her previous entry. I try not to do too much crossing of storylines unless they cross in a way that I can make clear so that those who don't read every post can hopefully still enjoy the story.

Hi, Tanya! I keep this family pretty well hidden. Even when I play I don't see Ann around! XD

I'm sorry, this is such a slow moving storyline. I don't really know where it's headed yet or what will happen.

Sullivan Sims May 4, 2009 at 7:11 PM  

Oh, I was so scared for Moonglow! I'm glad Ann managed to grab her in time. And now I'm wondering where Ann and Moonglow will end up now.

I think for such a hood with such a rich history, you've done a great job keeping the right things mysterious without the rest of it becoming confusing.

The Lunar Fox May 5, 2009 at 2:48 PM  

Thanks, Sullivan. That's really good to hear. There's a lot of stories going on in my head. I have to work to keep them in order and then hope that they make sense once I put them down. XD


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