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>> Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"I wanna take one last swim before we go back," Kate said. She looked at Alberta, "Hey, you didn't swim at all today."

Alberta shrugged. "I don't have a suit."

Gabe and Kate looked at each other quickly. A mischievous smile crossed Gabe's face. "Hey, there's a way around that, y'know."

Alberta felt both of their eyes fall on her. "Oh dear."

Gabe's smile widened. "I'm just sayin'. Heck, I'll even go first--"

Kate threw her hands up. "We don't wanna see none of that!"

Gabe shrugged, but he turned his smile on Alberta.

Alberta had to act quickly and rashly before the fleeting feeling of daring completely left her. "All right," Alberta said softly. "But you have to both turn around!"

Kate and Gabe looked at each other again. Gabe put his hands in the air helplessly as he started to say, "But that takes away the whole point--" Kate jabbed him with her elbow and pushed him so he was turned around.

As Alberta took off her shirt, she saw Gabe reach over and pull one of the strings in the knot of Kate's swim top. Kate smacked him and Alberta had to try not to laugh out loud nervously.

Alberta pulled off her pants and the salty sea air hit her legs making goose bumps rise. When she looked back up, she saw Gabe had already taken off his swim suit. The sight of the back of him made her entire head feel as if it were on fire despite the cool sea air that slapped her cheeks.

Kate had a hand over her eyes and Gabe was teasing her. "You know you wanna look." "Just stay away, pervert!" "Are you going to run to the water with your hands over your eyes?" "Screw you, buddy! Alberta," Kate almost whined. "Are you ready yet?"

Alberta covered herself with her hands even though there was no one around but Kate who had her hands over her eyes, and Gabe who was still turned away. "Hey, you still have your suit on!"

Gabe almost turned his head at the sound of her voice coming from behind him, but Kate shoved him with one hand while the other stayed over her eyes. "Pervert, keep your eyes to yoursel!"

Gabe shoved her back. "All right then. Alberta and me on three." "What about me?" "You still have your suit on, chicken." "Because I don't want you to peek."

Alberta laughed and yelled, "Three then!" She ran for the water. Somehow Kate was ahead of her, throwing off her top as she dived.

Kate glared at Gabe as he swam near Alberta. "Don't you try no funny business, buddy! I'm watching you."

The two of them splashed water at each other, but stopped when they noticed Alberta deep in thought.

"Hey, what's the matter?" Kate asked.

"I didn't think this all the way through..." Alberta turned towards the shore where their clothes lay. "How will we dry off?"

Gabe snickered while muttering something about having to wait to dry, then quickly swam away from the violent and vengeful Kate.

"Just so long as neither of you take my clothes!" Alberta shouted after them. "That would SO not be funny!"


Those first few pictures, I just had to say that I didn't set those up. I simply had Kate and Alberta talking, and Gabe had that cute smile on his face while watching Alberta.

I love her "Oh dear" expression; especially since Gabe's in the background with that smile.

Also, Gabe butt! He is not an outgoing sim, so he would never think to do this on his own. Oddly unhairly, isn't he? But I now have the male body hair overlay object. Unfortunately, it was a bit too late for these shots, but slowly he's becoming a grown man.


Laura April 15, 2009 at 12:37 PM  

LOL @ Alberta's "Oh dear" face :)

It looks like they all had fun. Will we see if/how they manage to get back out?

And ooh, I want! Do you have a link for that body hair overlay? Does it apply to all males, or can you choose? I think I'd like to have some dudes with hair on their chests! You know, since most dudes do ;)

The Lunar Fox April 15, 2009 at 2:51 PM  

lol, that'll actually be Friday's story.

I'll throw up this link. It's at Sexy Sims 2 though. But I figure you have to have an account anyway to see anything, so no one who isn't already registered and claiming to be 18 will see anything they shouldn't.

It's really nifty. You have five selections to make which are all different amounts and types of hair. Plus it will go based off of the genetic binning I believe. So I gave Gabe light body hair, and it's black like his hair. Even if I change his hair, it should stay black.

Seasons is required.

Laura April 15, 2009 at 3:31 PM  

OMG, I love LOVE LOOOVE it! :) All my dudes are about to become men, lol!

Sullivan Sims April 16, 2009 at 12:09 AM  

Oh, wow, I found a body hair overlay at GOS yesterday but this one is much better. I like having the option of light or heavy hair.

The "oh dear" face is fantastic! I love when those little things just happen - you can't plan them and it's so great when it works out perfectly!

The Lunar Fox April 16, 2009 at 10:44 AM  

It is amazing. Using the same overlay idea, over at MTS2, you can also get tattoos that overlay onto the skin.

I love when those little things happen too. It's so fun, and give me an idea of what the sim is like.

simstate April 20, 2009 at 1:39 AM  

Skinny-dipping! ha ha - I love how relatively innocent they still are ...

My internet provider refuses to let me in sexy-sims anymore. Somehow it got classified as a "bad" site. Oh, well, so no overlays for me.

The Lunar Fox April 20, 2009 at 6:10 AM  

They're still kids, really. That's why I can't wait until they get older. This is like paradise right now.

I didn't know your ISP could even DO that! Well, I'd be willing to send it to you. I'll message you on your site and send you my email.


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